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Member since: Mon Oct 18, 2010, 08:13 AM
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If you're going to buy something online

-- especially at Amazon-- don't forget to click through the affiliate links at your favorite liberal sites. It will cost you nothing extra and you will be supporting liberal and progressive voices by giving them a commission of your purchase.

Some of them I could find are:

bartcop.com (not sure if the site is still active)
alan.com (Alan Colmes)

Just look for the link to Amazon (or their "store" on any of the above websites.

Another way to support liberal and progressive causes is to use a site called GoodSearch.com For every valid search you do, your chosen cause will get a donation. Each donation for each search is small - one penny - but they add up-- especially if a lot of people choose that cause. And every bit helps.

You can do a search to find your cause. I've seen many NPR and PBS affiliates come up. The cause I've chosen was WBAI Radio NYC (wbai.org) - They provide many great programs one of which is Economic Update with Dr. Richard D. Wolff.

Of course, this is not for everybody but I will update and bump this thread from time to time to help remind people who are interested.

Not enough of you liberal and progressive websites have Amazon affiliate links so get 'em up there! I will be looking for more to add to this list!

Thank you very much!
Posted by Shankapotomus | Sat Jun 21, 2014, 05:10 PM (30 replies)
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