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CNN on Townhall: Hillary Had "Moment of the Evening" & Her Stopping Trump Answer was "Home Run."

The moment of the evening came when Clinton was asked about her support for the death penalty. The question came from Ricky Jackson, who spent 39 years in prison and was on death row before being exonerated. Face to face with Jackson, Clinton appeared off her game and at a rare loss for words. She managed to state that she wanted to keep the death penalty "in reserve" for crimes like terrorism and mass killings.

When moderator Roland Martin followed up by asking Jackson if he was satisfied by Clinton's answer, he affirmed that he was. 

When asked to name three specific ways in which she could help stop Trump (a question Sanders faced too), she answered it well. She reminded people that she is the only candidate to have received more votes than Trump, that she is well-tested on the political battlefield, and that she is uniquely qualified as a former secretary of state to make the case for a president with sound and serious judgment. Home run.


Another great night for Hillary!

Samantha Bee on the Flint Democratic Debate

Axelrod backtracks on Hillary criticism, says she was on "right side of history" on TARP vote.

Enraging as was the greed and connivery on Wall Street, the collapse of the financial system almost certainly would have ushered in a second Great Depression. Had GM and Chrysler not received support from TARP when they did, they likely would have folded before the Obama administration ever had a chance to meaningfully intervene.

Presidents are often faced with galling, imperfect choices, particularly in these times of deep polarization and divided government.

Hillary was on the right side of history with her vote, even if she crossed the line in her retelling of it. Bernie was wronged in the debate, but his vote raises questions about how a political "revolutionary" would deal with the realities of governing.

I should have made this point, as well.

The character of some arguments simply can't be captured in 140 characters.


Samantha Bee Rips Bernie's Interrupting & Hand Waving!

The whole video is gut busting funny, but she addresses Bernie's interrupting and his finger starting at the 2:00 mark:

And of course, there's this classic bit she put together making fun of his hand waving:

NYT: Who Won the Debate? Hillary Clinton Is Given the Edge

Commentators and pundits shared the opinion that there were no campaign-altering moments, though Mr. Sanders, who was on the attack throughout, occasionally seemed to lose his cool and stumbled a bit when discussing race. Mrs. Clinton managed to stay on her game and stirred excitement by taking some shots at Donald J. Trump. In the end, Democrats were most satisfied that their candidates mustered more decorum than the Republicans.

“I think Hillary Clinton got the better of it tonight. Counterpunched better in key moments. Sanders better on God, fracking and closing statements.” — Dante Atkins, contributing editor to the liberal website Daily Kos

“Clinton came prepared to the CNN debate and more than held her own, preventing Sanders from the clear victory he needs to change the trajectory of the race ahead of Michigan’s primary on Tuesday.” — Alex Seitz-Wald, MSNBC political reporter


In Michigan, Clinton lays out plan to boost American jobs

DETROIT - During a wide-ranging speech on the future of job creation here Friday, Hillary Clinton proposed rescinding federal tax breaks given to American companies who ship jobs abroad.
If you aren't going to invest in us, why should taxpayers invest in you?" Clinton said.

The "clawback" is the third piece of tax reform that Clinton has proposed during her campaign with the goal of repatriating jobs that have shifted overseas. She has also proposed the creation of an exit tax for companies that relocate their headquartersoutside the United States, through what's known as an "inversion," in order to lower their tax burden.

Clinton has put raising American incomes at the center of her campaign.



While the other candidates are busy slinging mud, Hillary is offering intelligent plans to help Americans live better lives.
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