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Member since: Sun Jun 5, 2011, 07:28 PM
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When does 2022 start?

It's already started!

Message for Q Anon...

... FuQ (eom)

Pro-Trump rally overshadowed by group seeking to tally every vote in Philadelphia

Source: Washington Post

PHILADELPHIA — Mail-in ballots are steadily being tallied in Philadelphia, a blue stronghold in a swing state vital to both presidential hopefuls. As of early Thursday, Biden held 79 percent of the votes vs. Trump’s 20 percent, with 97 percent of the divisions reporting.

Outside the downtown convention center, where workers have been counting votes around-the-clock since Tuesday night, about 100 people were waving signs Thursday that read, “Count every vote.” The mood was gleeful; a DJ played Kenny Gamble and James Brown while activists danced. “We’re out here to bring good vibes,” organizer Nelini Stamp said. “We want to show the masses that we want every vote to be counted.”

Across the street, about a dozen more subdued pro-Trump supporters questioned the legality of mail-in ballots being counted. “We’re very concerned with the integrity of the election,” said Dercy Teixeira, an organizer with FreedomWorks in D.C. “We agree every vote counts, but only every legal vote.”

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/elections/2020/11/05/trump-biden-election-live-updates/#link-PE5J7WKU75EI3B7O7YG5GP7FJA

I know its way too early...

... But on the wapo results page FL just flipped for trump to Biden ahead!

Alleged Michigan plotters attended multiple anti-lockdown protests, photos and videos show

Source: Washington Post

On April 30, outside the Michigan Capitol, protesters gathered to demand that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer end the business closures and other measures she had imposed to slow the transmission of the coronavirus.

Speaker after speaker denounced the Democratic governor. One Republican congressional candidate told protesters they were “the tip of the spear” in the fight against tyranny. Another aspiring official said that by supporting conservative candidates they could “slap Gretchen Whitmer right across the face.”

In the crowd that day, according to photos and videos, were Adam Fox and at least five others who are now charged in the plot to kidnap Whitmer or, in related cases, providing material support for a planned terrorist act.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/2020/11/01/michigan-kidnapping-plot-coronavirus-lockdown-whitmer/?arc404=true&itid=hp_alert

'I shot two White kids': Records detail Kyle Rittenhouse's surrender to police, origin of gun

Source: Washington Post

The teenager accused of killing two men during protests in Kenosha, Wis., in August used an assault rifle that a friend had bought for him, according to police records made public Friday.

Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, enlisted the friend’s help several months earlier because he was too young to legally buy the gun, an AR-15, himself, the records say.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/10/30/kyle-rittenhouse-extradited/

A Florida man stole a bulldozer, knocked down a fence and stole Biden signs, police said

Source: Washington Post

Residents in a predominantly Black neighborhood in Haines City, Fla., knew something was off on Saturday when they saw a young White man driving a bulldozer on the street. As he made his way down the block, the man began running over every lawn sign in sight supporting Joe Biden.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/10/26/florida-man-bulldozer-biden-trump-sign/

Florida man - Beer - Bulldozer - What could go wrong?

George Floyd protesters most often charged with misdemeanors, available data shows

Analysis of arrests in 15 cities reveals most George Floyd protesters were charged with misdemeanors and lived within the metro area where they were arrested. Protesters arrested after the May 25 death of George Floyd were a diverse, young group of people who demonstrated close to home and were charged largely with nonviolent crimes, according to a Washington Post review of data on more than 2,600 people detained in 15 cities.

The data contradicts suggestions by President Trump and other officials that those who took to the streets were mostly agitators from out-of-town, committing felonious acts.


PSA: Washington Post Press Freedom Partnership

The Washington Post Press Freedom Partnership is a public service initiative of the Washington Post to promote press freedom and raise awareness of the rights of journalists world wide who are in pursuit of the truth.


GOP starts forging a alliance with QAnon

The QAnon world is no longer simply a social media community trafficking in conspiracy theories. It’s increasingly a new constituency for the GOP — one that’s fired up like the rest of the MAGA movement, warring with tech giants and ready to battle through Election Day on behalf of a struggling president.

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