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Gender: Female
Hometown: Ohio
Home country: USA
Current location: Bedford OH
Member since: Wed Jul 13, 2011, 08:37 AM
Number of posts: 46,729

Journal Archives

Bernieís road ahead: Three options for the sunset of his campaign

If youíre shocked by the fact that Bernie Sanders didnít acknowledge Hillary Clintonís historic clinching of the Democratic nomination Tuesday night, you probably havenít read the captivating new article in Politico, this week, ďInside the bitter last days of Bernieís revolution,Ē in which itís clear that Bernie isnít anywhere near the headspace required to give Hillary the credit sheís more than earned today. He congratulated her, and that was it. We might not see anything more than that, at least until next week at the earliest ó if at all. Weíll circle back to this presently.

If the reporting in Politico is accurate, Bernie isnít a happy revolutionary these days. The once noble, principled champion of the people has apparently been consumed by ego and bitterness, and itís not all surprising to those of us whoíve been following along with an objective eye


Warren For VP! Screw it, Hillary Clinton should definitely pick the Massachusetts senator...

Going nuts because such face-to-face meetings in someoneís home during campaigns are frequently the harbingers of a running mate announcement. Warren is wildly popular amongst Democrats, especially those who put a priority on fighting income inequality and the shenanigans of Wall Street and other capitalist vultures who have done so much damage to our economy. Because of this, thereís been chatter for months about Warren as a potential running mate for Clinton, to shore up Clintonís image as a true progressive and to keep these issues at the forefront of the campaign as Bernie Sanders does his fade-out.

But thereís also been a chorus of skeptics, and Iíve been one. Not because of any objection to Warren herself! On the contrary, Iím a massive Elizabeth Warren fangirl who pins gold stars and hearts to her picture that I have hanging over my bed.

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