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Gender: Female
Hometown: Ohio
Home country: USA
Current location: Bedford OH
Member since: Wed Jul 13, 2011, 07:37 AM
Number of posts: 35,942

Journal Archives

Get up and take it back. This is the United States of American there is nothing we can't do...

Joe Biden you bring hope to this beleaguered nation-savaged by Trump and his Republican cronies...I know you will kick Trump to the curb and fix what these barbarians have broken so we can once again hold our head up and be proud to be Americans.

The sample size of the poll in New Hampshire was 255 people from Nate Silver, I was unaware of this.

I am sure the Warren campaign is breathing a sigh of relief in hearing this.


Have you no sense of Decency? NO the White House and the GOP henchmen don't possess a consicience

particularly Gym Jordan who allowed boys as young as 14 to be sexually molested in Ohio...he is a disgrace to my state and our nation.


Republicans putting Obama on trial, parsing words and going for confusion...

They have no honor.

I did want to post the individual polls at Real Politics so here they are...


RCP Average: Biden 28.3% Biden is clearly the front runner. It appears that Warren has declined

beginning in October (after the debates?) and continuing into November

Biden is leading in the RCP average in all states except Monmouth where he is tied. Great news for Joe...he is as I stated before clearly the front runner and will go on IMHO to be our nominee in 20...Trump will lose in a landslide!


The Quinnipiac poll showing Warren in the lead sampled self identified registered voters not likely

voters. This explains this outlier...but even here most expected that Biden would beat Trump most easily....

"This survey uses statistical weighting procedures to account for deviations in the survey
sample from known population characteristics, which helps correct for differential survey
participation and random variation in samples. The overall adult sample is weighted to
recent Census data using a sample balancing procedure to match the demographic makeup of
the population by region, gender, age, education and race."

The polls are the polls of course but using self identified registered voters ...random calling and statistical methods which I think are questionable call into question the accuracy of this poll . The folks they call claim to be Democrats and maybe most are but who knows...Since this poll is an outlier, it is my opinion that the methodology explains why this is so...and we shall see but I doubt its veracity.

I would also add the internals are not very well defined. Democrats from lists of Democratic voters and likely voters should be used particularly in a primary for polling and not random calling which ended using self identified registered Democrat and 'Democratic leaning voters'. Next the data was massaged using two methods which I find disturbing...but IMHO, the voters called did not produce and adequate sampling of Democratic voters and the way the data was manipulated disturbed me.


Biden supporters and anyone who wants to...just donated to Joe...if he needs money

so we can beat Trump, I will find it. Please donate. Ruin Trump's day, month, year etc.

Updated to include both supporters and anyone else who feels moved to donate.

Well, we are laid off too-GM strike- ...entire company shut down...more companies shutting

down tomorrow...sigh...it sucks.

Update Layoffs in Cleveland...GM and UAW settled temp workers and are close...strike over soon...tha

is the word. I pray it is true.

My husbands plant will lay off all workers except 1st shift and maintenance due to the GM strike.
These are not high wage workers and will face terrible times...please send good thoughts and prayers if you will for these folks and their families. I pray this strike will be over soon or many of us in my area including my husband and myself will face unemployment. I have to go out but will answer posts upon my return...hoping for an end to the GM strike. The economy is weakening with manufacturing at its lowest since 2008...I hope to God we are not facing a recession. Of course if you lose your job then you are in your own personal 'recession'. Stay strong!

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