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Member since: Sun Nov 20, 2011, 02:18 PM
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Keep it simple stupid.

I don't believe for one second that the post election talking points will be about the economy.

Absolutley, positivley, without a doubt.........

The post election talking points will be about the gender gap.

Of course in mid November, folks will say "Well everyone knew that." I'm here to say that not everyone does.

We often get sidetracked on foreign affairs, Bain Capital, "Obamacare", the 47%, the 1%, unemployment, stock prices, "apologizing" to the Muslim brotherhood, etc., etc., etc.

In the end, it is all about the women, and it isn't just about the office of the President. This is about Congress, State Houses, and the GOP in general. The GOP is losing the women and this will be the primary talking point for all political pundits in mid November.

"10 Ways Church People Fail Their Pastors"

10 Ways Church People Fail Their Pastors

Even if you don't like it. Even if it offends you. Even if your mind wants to tell you the man is resisting the Lord and that nothing about that sermon is in answer to your prayer. Give thanks to the Lord for that message. Believe that God is at work. After all, He does not finish His reconstruction of a man's preaching in one fell swoop. It takes time.

At every opportunity, I tell deacons and other leaders of churches that they are sent to obey Ephesians 4:3, keeping the unity of the Spirit in the bonds of peace. They should be the first to notice threats to the unity of the church and quick to confront troublemakers. If they leave it to the pastor, he is placed in an awkward spot since despots usually direct their diabolical activities toward him. For him to have to oppose them makes him look defensive and self-serving.

Let the lay leadership of the congregation rise up to those causing trouble and hold them accountable.

But this is about you, church member. You will stand before the Lord some day. Better to be safe and to have been faithful and supportive of those sent by the Lord as your shepherds and overseers (see Acts 20:28), than to have made their lives miserable by your incessant carping.

To Washington State DUers

I know you vote by mail.

Here is a handy link to use while you do it.


That is all.

Non Tax Payers by State

When will the Tea billies ever "get it"?


According to this map, the Obama States pay more, the Romney states are the "freeloaders"

I am proud that my state is blue...in more ways than one.

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