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USAFRetired_Liberal's Journal
USAFRetired_Liberal's Journal
February 27, 2021

Why does CPAC and the Value Voters Summit get so much MSM coverage

But the Liberal counterparts (if there are any) don’t?

February 20, 2021

The filibuster is such a joke

And even the “tradition” of it that people like Manchin and Sinema like to cite for not wanting to change it really isn’t a long tradition...the filibuster rules have changed drastically and has made it too easy to filibuster without any consequences

I read this history on the filibuster (yeah it’s Wikipedia, but whatever)....these were the highlights for me:

1. If the minority filibustered in the past, that filibuster held up all other Senate business...so senators didn’t filibuster as much...this rule changed in 1970 which then allowed senators to filibuster without holding up other senate business

2. In 1975, they instituted a rule that you had to have 3/5 of all senators to end debate instead of just 3/5 of those present...that meant that a minority senator could filibuster even if his minority colleagues weren’t around

3. They removed a rule in which you had to stay on the senate floor and talk during your filibuster

So all this talk about filibuster tradition is bull crap...and eliminating these 3 rules made it easier for the minority party to do it....if Manchin and others who care so much about the filibuster then at the very least they should put these rules back in place to make it harder to do


February 19, 2021

Their voters always have an excuse for them

Republicans love to talk about how the Democrats are supposedly for the elites when everyone really knows that it’s the Republicans...but even when they even show that they are elite, their dumb voters forgive them and give them a pass...Trump doesn’t pay taxes, they say “he is smart and who wants to pay taxes anyway”, Cruz goes Cancun “so, he can afford it, I would do the same thing if I could”....that’s why I don’t even bother with this voters because they cannot be reached.

February 19, 2021

A thing I haven't seen mentioned about Cruz's trip

Even if we took him at his word, why is his school age daughters going to Mexico during a pandemic and were they planning on attending school on Monday?

February 18, 2021

The responses in this twitter thread about Ted Cruz

Proves my earlier post about him being able to do it and not losing voters.

Note - I went to FoxNews because that’s where I was going to find his type of voter.


February 18, 2021

Biden needs to address this Texas fiasco before Republicans start blaming him

Yes he declared it an emergency, FEMA is down here and I am sure he and the federal government are doing a lot behind the scenes, but in today’s technology and media world perception is reality, and by him not saying anything people (not me) will take this silence as inaction...next thing you know people are posting on twitter and Facebook that he is not helping, the FoxNews/Newsmaxes/OANNs of the world will start amplifying it, next thing you know they are having a both sides segment on CNN and reporters are having faux reactions at the Press Secretary daily briefings....this is definitely a Republican failure that doesn’t need to be turned around as a Biden Administration failure

February 18, 2021

Prior to the internet

Prior to the internet, Facebook, twitter etc...pre 2000’s....I thought most people were smart and rational....now I think most are idiots

February 18, 2021

The reason why Ted Cruz can go to Cancun in the middle of a Texas freeze

he knows people are going to vote for him regardless because he has an ‘R’ in front of his name

February 18, 2021

Freedom of speech

When the founding fathers crafted freedom of speech they didn’t foresee a political party that was going to use it to create propaganda, sow hate and division, tell straight up lies and distortions, make up conspiracies, demonize their political opponents as un-American, and have a media apparatus (24 hour cable channels, radio, websites) to push all this crap....one of their pioneers died today, but there are plenty more of him out there and they are already embedded in our political discourse...they are the reason for the Texas power fiasco, the Capitol riot, the reason Covid is still out of control, the reason why our infrastructure sucks, and I can go on...we will never get anywhere with their well oiled propaganda machine.

February 17, 2021

Don't like seeing the RBG and Limbaugh death comparison on twitter

On Twitter, I see both conservatives and liberals comparing the deaths of RBG and Limbaugh talking about how the other side treated the other’s death....It’s a terrible comparison either way because RBG shouldn’t be compared to that evil man...this is not an opposite sides argument where these two individuals just stood on different sides of the political spectrum

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