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redstatebluegirl's Journal
redstatebluegirl's Journal
October 12, 2015

I have been wondering about something the past couple of days.

Do you think we would have the amount of angst in our political process in Washington and in our states, if there had never been a Fox news? Would the Tea Party have taken off the way it did without Fox?

It just seems that having Fox feeding this small faction of right wing zealots has made it so much worse.

I'm sure someone will find fault with this, but I am really wondering what others think about this.

September 18, 2015

Are there any pictures of the nut who asked Trump the question last night?

He was at a public forum, I honestly think this guy should be shown so his neighbors and employer know what kind of person he is. He was talking about a form of genocide, the hatred was dripping from his right wing lips. I find it interesting that in this day and age of photos everywhere there isn't one of him asking the question.

August 27, 2015

Dachshund pain management.

Hi everyone, I have always gotten good advice on this forum and I have a question. I have standard longhair doxies, we have always had that breed, right now we have three a 2 year old, a 7 year old and a 10 year old. The young one had surgery at a very young age to repair the ulnas in his front legs. They were not growing properly and he had developed a serious limp. Our vet sent us to an ortho surgeon and he seemed so much better after rehab here at home (I am now a doxie PT expert .

Now he is experiencing arthritis, as we were told could happen. He is taking carprophen each day , half a tab and we are giving him glycoflex III and vitamin E per our vet. He is doing much better but he comes out of his crate every morning very stiff and clearly uncomfortable. We have the traditional pad in there, the one that came with it. Does anyone know of a better option to make him more comfortable?

We don't have children, so these fur babies are our family...I want him to be comfortable if we can help at all.

Any comment on his drug/supplements would be welcome as well. I should know the drill after having these long dogs all my life but this has been something new, it is not really his back but his legs.

I am headed to work so I may not get to check this until after I get home this afternoon. Thanks in advance!

August 3, 2015

Has anyone dealt with Rhumatoid Arthritis?

I saw my pain management specialist today and she has ordered tests for RA. The pain in my joints has been increasing. It is clearly not related to my back issues. Hopefully not RA but wanted some information. Is it easy to diagnose? Should I seek out a different doctor for this?

July 29, 2015

What type of training do University Police Officers get?

My experience with ours is not much. Most of the ones I have dealt with are pretty quick to anger and have huge chips on their shoulders. This is just my experience with the ones on our campus but I don't understand why they are needed. Why not let the city they are located in police the campus?

April 15, 2015

The squeezing of the middle class.

I know there have been many posts about this issue but after having breakfast with a few friends between the ages of 50 and 65 this morning I wanted to see what the DU community thinks.

All of these friends are female, one is a nurse, one a retired school teacher, two of them work as staff at the university here in town, and two are retired staff from a hospital, one on disability and then me a 60 year old who took early retirement due to illness.

Every single one, even the ones who are married, are barely making it financially and feel what one of them described as "the squeeze". We all agreed that our government doesn't care about the working people in this country any longer. We are disposable, especially after we reach "an age", get busy and die already one of my friends said this morning.

Most of us took a beating with the financial meltdown prior to President Obama. My retirement portfolio did not have time to recover by the time I was forced into retirement by a bad back. My portfolio lost almost 40 percent during that time, one of my friends took an even worse beating because her husband had been taking chances to increase their retirement.

What is normally a fun Tuesday morning breakfast turned into a pity party that made me depressed. All of us are educated, all of us have worked since our teens and for that we still have mortgages, old cars and a Wednesday breakfast is considered the highlight of our month.

One thing I noticed is how angry everyone has become over all of this. They brought up something I think is important, is there any candidate that has declared who truly cares about us? What would we have to do to take back our country? All of us vote, we all work for our party to try and change what is happening but nothing happens except the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

It is really apparent here in Oklahoma, go to the upscale mall in OKC and you see the oil money live and in color. People dripping in money, high school kids driving luxury cars parking next to a school teacher driving a 14 year old car.

I truly believe we are going to see some kind of uprising in this country if this doesn't stop. I may not live to see it, I need to die quickly to satisfy the 1 percenters , but I do believe the masses are getting very angry.

Am I alone in this thinking?

February 26, 2015

My Grandfather used to say

Republicans and Democrats spend the same amount of money, it is what they vote to spend it on that makes the difference. Republicans spend and vote on corporations and "things", Democrats spend on people. BIG DIFFERENCE! I thought about this after reading Ted "Joe McCarthy" Cruz talking about Net Neutrality.

BTW Grand Daddy died in 1976. The more things change the more they stay the same.

February 20, 2015

Where are the people who are polled when it is time to vote?

You see all of these polls that show people are in favor of gay marriage by a large margin, do not want their education dictated by religious institutions, believe in separation of church and state but yet when it comes to electing the morons who vote against what the majority wants, they vote for them!!!!

So much angst down here in Oklahoma over the AP History curriculum bill put forward by a Baptist minister who got elected to the legislature and runs around dressed like a Patriot from the 1700's, but somebody voted for this nut! I have even talked to Republicans here who can't believe what they are seeing out of him and Sally Kern, but when push comes to shove they vote straight ticket Republican. It is almost like they are unable to ever vote for another party or become informed about what the candidate and the party stand for.

There have been Democrats here I have not been able to vote for because I could not handle their views on issues I care about. I left it blank because the alternative candidate was worse. I have voted for Republicans, back in Illinois where there were some moderates that I could handle. Those do not exist any longer.

People voting against their own interests and ideals.


February 11, 2015

This country has become so angry.

This morning I saw two people in their 50's almost get into a fist fight at breakfast in a small mom and pop restaurant. The topic, the death of 3 Muslim students in North Carolina. I did not hear all of it, but what I heard was Fox talking points, some from Rush and the other man trying to speak about how not all Muslim's are violent crazy people, any more than thinking all Christians burn abortion clinics and kill doctors. It did not take long for dishes to hit the floor and a couple of other men close by came in to calm the situation down.

It seems like all of us are on the edge all the time. Financial pressure, the way the world is at this moment when fueled by tv and radio nuts on both sides keep this country and others a spark away from explosion.

We have a violent past as a nation, the way African Americans were lynched and burned leading up to the civil rights movement, and since. The way Native Americans were treated and are treated. Violent reaction to things we don't like is not limited to Muslim countries.

These two men, looked like my Dad at that age, just normal guys out for breakfast. What a mess.

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