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Within national parks is room—glorious room—room in which to find ourselves, in which to think and hope, to dream and plan, to rest and resolve. —Enos Mills

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Facing US lawsuits, opioid makers eye new market In India

Facing US lawsuits, opioid makers eye new market In India

By sarah varney | kaiser health news

NEW DELHI — Aug 31, 2019, 11:44 AM ET

PHOTO: Storefront for-profit pain clinics like Delhi Pain Management Centre are opening by the score across Mumbai and other cities in India. After decades of restrictive narcotics laws, India is a country ready to salve its pain.
Sarah Varney/KHN
WatchNews headlines today: Aug. 30, 2019

In the crowded waiting room of Dr. Sunil Sagar’s clinic, in the working-class neighborhood of Bhagwanpur Khera, a toddler breathes from a nebulizer. Fever is widespread, and the air quality in Delhi has reached “severe-plus emergency.” The patients sit, motionless, but there is somehow tremendous noise. The clinic is a squat cement building draped in wires, a red cross on the door. Sagar sits behind a desk in a small, open room, as a squad of assistants escort patients to him. He seems utterly unflappable.

A father with a troubled look sits down next to the doctor, holding a baby. Sagar listens to the baby’s chest with a stethoscope, pulls out scrap paper and writes a prescription. The father hands over a few rupees, and Sagar places the bills into a money drawer under his desk. The entire exchange takes perhaps two minutes.

Medicine in India is transactional. A well-liked doctor hands over a prescription at the end of every visit. Why else have I paid cash to see the doctor, if not for relief? The precariousness of daily life leaves little room for downtime.

As the Indian government reluctantly loosens its prescription opioid laws after decades of lobbying by palliative care advocates desperate to ease their patients’ acute pain, the nation’s sprawling, cash-fed health care system is ripe for misuse.
The sheer size of India’s system — tens of millions of doctors and pharmacies spread across the subcontinent — makes oversight difficult but presents a tantalizing opportunity for India’s burgeoning pain industry and multinational pharmaceutical companies seeking new markets...............................................

Delhi's Chandni Chowk market, which dates to the 17th century, is a popular spot to purchase bulk drugs. Inside the stalls, boxes of medicine are stacked floor to ceiling.

New tariffs on shoes, TVs, diapers and other Chinese-made products take effect Sunday

Source: Providence journal

Posted at 1:17 PM Updated at 1:46 PM


At 12:01 a.m., U.S. customs will begin collecting a 15% tax on products such as clothing, footwear, pens, pencils, diapers, Bluetooth ear buds, televisions, golf clubs and fishing line. The official list of affected items runs 114 single-spaced pages.

“This is the first time U.S. consumers will see the costs quite directly, right as we head into the busiest shopping time of the year,” said Edward Alden, an economics professor at Western Washington University.

Even as he braces for potential consumer irritation over higher prices, the president on Friday accused business executives who oppose his tariff strategy of blaming him for their own failures.

Leaving the White House for the presidential retreat at Camp David, Trump said poorly performing companies were using tariffs as an excuse. “Badly run and weak companies are smartly blaming these small Tariffs instead of themselves for bad management...and who can really blame them for doing that? Excuses!” he tweeted earlier in the day......................

.............In implementing the new fees, the president brushed aside pleas from 160 business groups that wrote the White House this week asking him to hold off. The new tariffs “come at the worst possible time, right in the middle of the busy holiday shipping period,” said the letter from the Americans for Free Trade coalition......................................

Read more: https://www.providencejournal.com/zz/news/20190831/new-tariffs-on-shoes-tvs-diapers-and-other-chinese-made-products-take-effect-sunday

Fox host Stuart Varney says Trump Has Never Told a Lie

and the sad thing is that so many #MAGA cult believe this fool!!

PoliticsVideoChannel @politvidchannel
this is just unbelievable:

Fox host Stuart Varney says Trump Has Never Told a Lie

Walsh: "Do you believe Trump's ever told the American people a lie?"

Varney: "No."



DeVos tightens rules for forgiving student loans

Source: Politico


08/30/2019 08:24 PM EDT

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Friday finalized rules that make it more difficult for federal student loan borrowers to cancel their debt on the grounds that their college defrauded them, scaling back an Obama-era policy aimed at abuses by for-profit colleges.

The rules, which the Trump administration weighed for more than a year, set a more stringent standard for when the Education Department will wipe out the debt of borrowers who claim they were misled or deceived by their respective colleges.

The overhaul of the rules — called “borrower defense to repayment” — is a response to conservative criticism that the current federal standards, set by the Obama administration, are too lenient and expensive for taxpayers. The Obama-era rules were written following the collapse of for-profit college company Corinthian Colleges in 2015, when tens of thousands of former students flooded the Education Department with requests for loan forgiveness.

DeVos previously said those standards allowed students to raise their hands and receive “free money” from the government. For-profit colleges have also long criticized the rules as unfair. .....................................

Read more: https://www.politico.com/story/2019/08/30/devos-forgiving-student-loans-1697959

Without sane AG's many are doomed.


Attorney General Becerra: Secretary DeVos’s Spineless Replacement for Borrower Defense Rule Designed to Benefit Predatory For-Profit Schools, Not Students

Press Release Attorney General Becerra: Secretary DeVos’s Spineless Repl…

Friday, August 30, 2019
Contact: (916) 210-6000, agpressoffice@doj.ca.gov

SACRAMENTO – California Attorney General Xavier Becerra today issued the following statement in response to an announcement by the Department of Education of its proposal to replace the Borrower Defense Rule. The proposed rule would make it more difficult for college students to seek relief after being defrauded by for-profit schools:

“Secretary DeVos’s spineless replacement rule stacks the deck in favor of predatory, for-profit schools and lenders over the students she is sworn to serve,” said Attorney General Becerra. “Far from defending the rights of borrowers, this rule makes the process of seeking relief more difficult, if not completely impossible. Secretary DeVos’s utter contempt for students under her watch is disgraceful. We’re prepared to fight this rule and to defend students against an agency that continually fails to protect them.”

Attorney General Becerra has relentlessly fought for the rights of student borrowers and elevated the issues within the Department of Education under the watch of Secretary DeVos. In July 2017, Attorney General Becerra joined a coalition attorneys general in filing a lawsuit against the Department of Education for unlawfully delaying the implementation of the rule. Later that month, he criticized the department for proposing a new rulemaking process to replace the rule. Attorney General Becerra then filed a lawsuit on December 14, 2017 against the Department of Education and Secretary DeVos for refusing to process debt relief claims under the rule submitted by tens of thousands of students who took out federal student loans to attend Corinthian Colleges. In July 2018, Attorney General Becerra decried the Trump Administration’s attempt to gut the original Borrower Defense Rule and in August 2018 he led a coalition to submit comment. In October 2018, and again in August 2019, Attorney General Becerra called on Secretary DeVos and Federal Student Aid Acting Chief Operating Officer Jim Manning to address the 99 percent denial rate for Public Service Loan Forgiveness applications. This program helps student loan borrowers who aspire to give back to their country or community by working in a public service field. In May 2019, he sent a letter urging the Department of Education to discharge the student loans of tens of thousands of veterans who were disabled as part of their service, by developing an automatic discharge program.
# # #
State of California Department of Justice - Office of the Attorney General
State of California Department of Justice
Office of the Attorney General

Trump appears to taunt Iran with tweet that raises concerns he disclosed classified information

I really am starting to be fearful with Trump blabbering his mouth off

Trump appears to taunt Iran with tweet that raises concerns he disclosed classified information


By Nicole Gaouette, Barbara Starr, Zachary Cohen and Alex Marquardt, CNN

Updated 5:56 PM ET, Fri August 30, 2019

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump claimed Friday that the US had nothing to do with the explosion of an Iranian rocket Thursday, tweeting a photo of such high resolution that it prompted questions about whether the President had publicly released classified imagery.

"The United States of America was not involved in the catastrophic accident during final launch preparations for the Safir SLV Launch at Semnan Launch Site One in Iran," Trump wrote, and added what appeared to be a sarcastic sign off. "I wish Iran best wishes and good luck in determining what happened at Site One."

Even as geospatial analysts observed that the granular level of detail in the image appeared far superior to capabilities the US has published previously or publicly admitted to in the past, casual observers were pointing to another anomaly. A shadow on the image and a bright spot of light seemed to suggest someone -- possibly the President -- had taken a photo of the image that very probably was not meant for public consumption.

No comment

A US official told CNN that the image appeared to come from a satellite operated by the US intelligence community and noted that the US was not likely to send a drone or manned aircraft into Iranian airspace, given regional tensions.

The CIA, Director of National Intelligence and State Department referred questions to the White House.
At the White House, the National Security Council declined to comment.

Dave Burbach, a professor at the US Naval War College, noted that the "quality of image Trump tweeted appears beyond the capabilities US has previously been willing to demonstrate to public."........................................................................


Replying to
Yup, if Iran needed confirmation as to who did it, Trump just provided it.
Pé Resists
Yes, because whimsically pointing out Trump is the most dishonest President in US history is totally me being "sympathetic to Iran"...

Are you seriously this idiotic? (Looking through your timeline... yes, you are.)


Trump may have revealed US military secrets by tweeting a photo to taunt Iran

Alex Lockie


Trump may have revealed US military secrets by tweeting a photo to taunt Iran

Screen Shot 2019 08 30 at 2.30.00 PM President Trump tweeted out a high-resolution image of the launch pad where one of Iran's rockets blew up. White House

Analysis banner

President Donald Trump looks to have shared a photograph of an intelligence briefing that could have exposed US military secrets to the world while taunting Iran over Twitter.
The image Trump shares appears lifted from an intelligence briefing and is much more high-resolution than anything commercial satellite image providers have produced.
At first blush, it looks like someone took a photo of this surveillance product with a smartphone, rather than being prepared by the intelligence community.
The Kennedy administration famously presented spy plane images showing Russian nuclear missiles in Cuba. But it would be highly unusual for a president to declassify an image captured by a non-public military asset to mock another country...................................

'Your numbers are fake': Puerto Rico newspaper slams Trump for touting hurricane aid claim

Source: usatoday

Published 10:12 a.m. ET Aug. 30, 2019 | Updated 10:16 a.m. ET Aug. 30, 2019

Hurricane Dorian is now a Category 2 hurricane and is expected to continue strengthening over the weekend. Forecasters expect Dorian to become a major hurricane Friday and make landfall on Florida's east coast on Monday night. (Aug. 30)AP

WASHINGTON – ...................................................

El Nuevo Día, which traditionally publishes its articles and newspapers in Spanish, printed an English version of its front page on Friday.

"Mr. President: Your Numbers Are Fake," the headline reads.

"Although some politicians in Puerto Rico have indeed mismanaged funds and have let their constituents down, Mr. Trump's claims about the amount of money that has actually been assigned to the island are incorrect," read the the front page. .

Hurricane Dorian pushed past Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin and British Islands earlier this week when it was a tropical storm. Parts of Puerto Rico's eastern and southern coasts experienced some heavy flooding as a result of Dorian..................................

Congress has approved about $42 billion for Puerto Rico recovery after the island was hit by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017. The newspaper reported that Congress, along with the executive branch, has allocated the country a total of $49.4 billion with $20.5 billion paid out so far................................................

Read more: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/08/30/hurricane-dorian-puerto-rico-newspaper-el-nuevo-dia-slams-trump/2162162001/



Westerhout was also one of six WH officials found to have violated the Hatch Act in 2018.

Trump's personal assistant abruptly exits White House after sharing details about President's family

By Jim Acosta, Kaitlan Collins, Noah Gray

.................Westerhout was also one of six White House officials found to have violated the Hatch Act in 2018.


6 White House officials found in violation of the Hatch Act

By Ellie Kaufman, CNN


Updated 6:21 PM ET, Mon December 3, 2018


The six officials are White House principal deputy press secretary Raj Shah, White House deputy director of communications Jessica Ditto, executive assistant to the President Madeleine Westerhout, former special assistant to the President and director of media affairs Helen Aguirre Ferré, press secretary for the Vice President Alyssa Farah and Office of Management and Budget deputy communications Director Jacob Wood.

The Hatch Act limits certain political activities of federal employees in an attempt to prevent the federal government from affecting elections or operating in a partisan manner. This includes sending partisan messages from social media accounts used for official government business.

All six violated the Hatch Act by using their Twitter accounts, which they use for official purposes, to tweet messages considered partisan by OSC................................

OSC found that these messages violated the Hatch Act because they use the political slogan of a current candidate, President Donald Trump, who has announced that he will be running for re-election in 2020. Tweeting those slogans from an account used for official purposes as a federal employee is considered political activity, the letter states. In Shah's and Ditto's cases, they highlighted research conducted by a political party, which OSC considered engaging in prohibited political activity....................................................

........Nine Trump administration officials have been cited for violating the Hatch Act as a result of complaints from Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington , including Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, deputy assistant to the President and communications Director for the Office of the First Lady Stephanie Grisham and White House director of social media Dan Scavino, according to a news release from the organization.


Trump's personal assistant abruptly exits White House

Source: CNN

Updated 10:45 PM ET, Thu August 29, 2019

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump's personal assistant, who's been with him since the start of his administration, has left the White House, a source familiar with the situation told CNN.

Madeleine Westerhout resigned as executive assistant to the President on Thursday after Trump learned she had shared information with reporters at a recent off-the-record meeting, during which she didn't say her comments were off-the-record, according to sources familiar with her departure. Westerhout had discussed White House affairs during the session, which a reporter disclosed to White House staff.

A former White House official told CNN that Trump was close with Westerhout -- whose office was directly in front of the Oval Office -- but discussing personal information about his family was a red line.

The New York Times was the first to report Westerhout's exit. Citing a source with knowledge of her departure, The Times reported that Westerhout was considered a "separated employee" Thursday and would not be allowed to return to the White House on Friday..................................

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/29/politics/trump-personal-assistant-madeleine-westerhout/index.html

I bet she has a whole lot of secrets stored in her head.

President Donald Trump's personal assistant was with him since the start of his administration.

'Your EPA went too far': Farmers hit hard by Trump EPA's new ethanol rules are fuming

Source: NBC News

Forty percent of total corn use in the U.S. is tied to growing ethanol production, according to the USDA.

Aug. 29, 2019, 4:07 PM CDT

SHENANDOAH, Iowa — President Donald Trump won 93 out of Iowa’s 99 counties in the 2016 presidential race — the most for a GOP nominee since 1980 — thanks in no small part to local farmers. But now, farmers here are questioning if they'll vote for him again.

"Farmer tensions are running pretty tight out here right now,” Duane Aistrope, a corn and soybean farmer in Randolph, Iowa — roughly two hours southwest of Des Moines — told NBC News. "We got him elected out here in the Midwest — the farmers did."

The Midwest agricultural industry is up in arms not only due to the president's trade war, but because the Environmental Protection Agency recently exempted 31 small oil refineries from rules that would require them to blend ethanol, which comes from corn, into their fuel supply. Those exemptions are now forcing farmers to grapple with lost revenue from wasted crops.

Aistrope is one Midwestern corn farmer who, through the last two seasons, has battled depressed corn prices. Many farmers like him have stuck with Trump during his protracted trade war with China, arguing that the U.S. does need to fix its trade policy with Beijing. But now farmers such as Aistrope say these waivers are a step too far.

"Hopefully he’ll take care of us and do things right: Just uphold the laws for the ethanol industry that Congress put into place," Aistrope said.


On Thursday, the president tweeted about the ethanol industry, hinting that he would announce an aid package to help farmers. The president made a similar move for soybean farmers hit hard by his trade war with China.

Read more: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/your-epa-went-too-far-farmers-hit-hard-trump-epa-n1048011

Oh great. more tax payer Aid to more farmers--while Big Oil gets profits. damn



Rep. Steve Womack (R-AR) gets booed loudly - blames gun violence on single mothers (VIDEO)

Source: sourcepolitics.com

29 Aug 2019


"We have too many kids growing up in single parent households," Womack said in a discussion of gun violence.

The crowd immediately started booing and shouting at him.

"It's the guns!" one woman said.

"That is bull," said a man, rising to his feet.

"I am a single mother and that is so disrespectful," said another woman. "Shame on you."

Womack was undeterred and asserted that the problem with guns stems from the fact that "we took God" out of schools. Voters replied with shouts of "shame on you!"......................................................

Read more: https://www.sourcepolitics.com/gop-congressman-2/

NOW to vote him OUT!! #neveragain
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