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Hometown: Northern California
Member since: Mon Aug 20, 2012, 01:16 PM
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Ice Cream.

So we went to the food bank today, and you don't get to pick and choose. You pop your trunk open amd drive through a series of stations where volunteers just load your car. You are not allowed to get out of the car. Then you drive home and see what you got. There were two half gallons of Half and Half. What can you do with two half gallons of Half and Half? I don't even drink milk and my wife only drinks zero fat milk. The expiration date was just a few days from now.

We don't really need the food bank, we're not rich but we're doing okay. We go there because we live in a Senior mobile home park and many of out neighbors don't drive so we re-distribute most of what we bring home to those neighbors who need it. But you can't even give away Half and Half. So we hit on the idea of making Ice Cream. We have an Ice Cream maker we have not used in years. Tonight we made Coffee Ice Cream. It's fantastic. We also got some Pears, so tomorrow we will make Pear Ice Cream. And so on until the Half and half is all gone.

I'll bet we can give Ice Cream away.

You know what will be fun?

If Trump runs in 2024 and doesn't get the nomination, Watch him attack the nominee that beat him like he has never attacked anyone before. It will be brutal, bloody and hilarious all at the same time.

It occurs to me

that if a January 6th moment comes up in 2025, we can take a great deal of comfort that the person holding all the cards in the Senate will be Kamala Harris.

Giants leading 11-1 in the bottom of the 7th.

San Diego has pulled Machado and Tatis from the game. Their season is over, barring a miracle. Giants will take the division, leading the Dodgers by one game. And to think 10 years ago I was one of those guys who thought Baseball was boring because with 162 games, any one game is not that important. Turns out they all are.

It's gonna be party time in San Francisco tonight. If I was a bartender there I would be stocking the place well right now.

Message for Senator Manchin on his yacht.

It was pertty bad optics when you stood on the upper deck of your yacht and talked down to the peasants in their kayaks. It would have been much better if you had taken the trouble to come down to the lower deck or just gone over to your bar and poured yourself a stiff one and ignored the whole situation.

Let's face it, the Military Industrial Complex

is our federal government's number one jobs program. If Congress turned off the money spigot at the Pentagon, I bet we would have over 25% unemployment. Not saying this is a good thing, but that's the way it is and has been since the Cold War began, maybe even before that.

Wouldn't it be nice if we took some money and turned it into a jobs program that instead of building weapons that we sell all over the world and used it right here to create jobs in health care, education, green energy, affordable housing, child care, etc.

And that folks, is what President Biden is trying to do right now in Washington and predictably republicans are fighting it with every bit of energy they have. And he isn't even threatening the Defense budget.

This is the message we need to get out.

Once again, it was great today

to wake up and not have Larry Elder be my Governor.

**UPDATE on the kitties from the fire.**


Here is the problem.

There is nothing wrong with two intelligent people having different opinions on political matter. Discussing or even debating these differences can be educational and a good exercise for the mind. But where it all falls apart is when the person with the opposite view is so brainwashed and stupid that they are not even a worthy adversary. And that is where we are now.

So it looks like I lost about 50% of my vegetable garden in the fire.


There was a row of plants about 20 feet from the fire, some plants did better than others. Oh, well, it was nearing the end of the season and it's nothing compared to my neighbor who lost his entire home and car. I don't know how my neighbor is doing, I haven't seen him. The Red Cross was on the scene on wednesday, and I assume they are helping him out. I hope he is okay.

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