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Hometown: Northern California
Member since: Mon Aug 20, 2012, 01:16 PM
Number of posts: 9,638

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Notice to republican Senators who want to distance themselves for Trump.

You could start by not voting to put another Nazi on the Supreme Court.

Just kidding, it's way too late to distance yourdelf from Trump. Your last chance for that was when you voted to not remove him from office. Enjoy the stench and filth you will have to carry around with you for the rest of your miserable life.

You know what is interesting?

With all the many years Joe Biden has spent in public office, they are reduced to attacking one of his kids, and they had to make stuff up because they found nothing. And they damn sure can't find anything on Joe. He's so squeaky clean they don't even dare to make stuff up about him.

You know what's scary about Trump (and this country)?

If during his term as president, he had signed every executive order and gotten every bit of legislation he wanted when the republicans still held the House, and if he had shown some decent character instead of being a total asshole, He would probably be coasting to a second term right now.

The RNC needs to go to Hollywood and hire some cinematographic talent.

They need to colorize Mike Pence.

What an afternoon.

The wife and I just spent hours going through literally about 75 lbs of my family's photos and other memorabilia, dating back to the 40s. I never had biological children, but my niece is coming up from Arizona to visit and I wanted to pass things along to her and her kids.

So basically, I just viewed my family's life in several hours. I kept the few I wanted, but now they will be in the custody of a younger generation. I've never really been a camera person, but fortunately my mom was. Lots of good memories.

Both candidates should be in soundproof booths

and the moderator should have the ability to cut their mike off. That's the only way this will work with Trump.

Trump is not worried about his supporters finding out his net worth is zero.

He's worried about Putin, the Saudis, the foreign banks he borrows from, etc. finding out his net worth is zero.

It's not like we need any more reasons why Biden must win,

but if Trump wins and we take the Senate, republicans will blame Democrats for everything that has happened for the last four years as well as the next four years.

I'm tired of hearing about

what if trump loses and then refuses to step down.

He will not need to step down. he will be thrown down those steps.

Seriously, this is as dumb as asking what if Biden loses and just shows up at the white house on January 20th.

I'm curious about something.

How many members of Congress do you think have the knowledge and skills to actually write a bill by themselves? I'm sure they all have staff who contribute greatly to the process, and that's fine. But how many could do it alone?
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