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Mr.Bill's Journal
Mr.Bill's Journal
December 1, 2023

I finally got my current Covid shot.

I'm not even feeling any pain at the injection site when I poke at it. The guy at Rite-Aid who gave me the shot was really good. I never felt a thing. I hope no symptoms show up in the next day or two. It's a Moderna shot, just like all the others were.

I want a Moderna Tshirt.

November 23, 2023

Drinking and the holidays.

I rarely drink before late evening. Gotta be sober during the day if I want to get anything done.

But right now, it's 2:00 here and I'm two brandy and egg nogs and two bloody mary's into things and I'm feeling pretty fucking good. The company is good, (only my wife and daughter) and although we had planned on driving to my grandson's house after dinner, those plans have been changed and I don't have to do any driving until tomorrow.

The breakfast and snacks have been fantastic and the rest is in the oven or on the stove. Trying something new tonight, the dressing will be cooked in the waffle iron.

Good times. I hope all are having a good time, too.

November 16, 2023

November 14, 2023

I don't think Trump can win the election in 2024.

I also am not afraid of him overthrowing the government and installing himself in power if he loses the election.

First of all he has neither the intelligence or the means to do it. But first and foremost, think about this. Many of the people closest to him, people who know what makes him tick and what he is capable of are turning against him. The people who turn against him don't seem to fear his retribution.

November 11, 2023

On this and every Veteran's Day,

I always pause and think about a WWII veteran I used to have dinner with every day. He never really talked about it much until he got much older. Had he lived longer, he would have turned 100 last year. His name was Dad.

November 9, 2023

Sure, vote for Jill Stein.

Biden is too old. Jill will only be 78 at the end of her first term.

November 5, 2023

My wife's plane should be landing at Dulles airport about now.

She is taking a long-planned trip to the DC area to visit some relatives with her daughter. She is helping her niece join the Daughters of the American Revolution with her genealogy skills. You have to prove direct ancestry to someone who fought in the Revolutionary war to join. My wife has has all the documentation and then some, including they have four ancestors who were on the Mayflower.

The highlight of the trip will be a tour of the White House on Thursday. She contacted one of our Senators to get tickets for that, which apparently isn't an easy ticket to get. I'm happy for her, as I sit here at her daughter's house taking care of the four dogs. We are staying here until our new house is ready to move into. With the last few hectic weeks of moving and everything, this is my first quiet night alone in a house for awhile. Just me and four fur babies to keep me company.

October 28, 2023

When I view the list of replies to a thread,

some of them are highlighted in yellow. What does this signify?

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