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Member since: Sun Sep 16, 2012, 11:40 AM
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Cost and culture

The actual cost of getting into craft brewing can be prohibitive on the production side. You're generally talking about middle and upper middle class people who do it. Culturally, the craft beer fad started with hipsters, who are generally white. Just as you now have a growing black nerd and black gamer culture, I expect a larger portion of the black community will start to get into craft beer in the future (similar to the way white kids adopted hip hop, but in reverse).

Here let me help you.

You appear to have left this out...

But the poll also finds that Clinton maintains a variety of advantages over Sanders. Nine in 10 Democratic registered voters say they think she could win a general election, a 16-point margin over Sanders. She has a 13-point advantage on being viewed as at least somewhat decisive, and a 15-point advantage on being viewed as competent.

Democratic voters are slightly more likely to say that Clinton represents their positions on the issues very or somewhat well than say the same about Sanders, 73 percent to 63 percent. Minority and women voters appeared more likely to describe her as likable and inspiring.

Loretta Lynch Likely to be Nominated for Supreme Court

Man, I hope he does this. The conservatives will absolutely lose it.

On edit: Not sure this is a done deal, on further reading it seems like speculation. Perhaps scotusblog knows something though as they edited their earlier post.

It changes it

Because according to some on the board we're all lemmings who will follow any minority leaders endorsement no matter what our personal feelings about Bernie or Hillary. The condescension has gotten really thick around here lately.

It's unfortunate

But it seems that people really don't realize how a condescending tone does not help their case. Treating blacks as though they're children needing a good lecturing is not the way to win minority support for Bernie. I'm a grown man and I can use the internet just like anyone else. I know both Bernie's and Hillary's positions quite well, I just like Hillary better. I've made up my mind and my support for Hillary is not in jeopardy. What is in jeopardy is my support for Bernie if Hillary should lose. Bernie's supporters are really turning me off to this whole process right now.

Trust me

We're more than awake and do not need anyone to point us towards reality, but thank you for your concern. Ben Jealous is his own man, and his endorsement of Bernie does not sway me in the slightest. I never really understood the whole endorsement thing anyway. I can make up my own mind without anyone telling me what to think.
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