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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Austin, TX
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Sep 18, 2012, 03:36 PM
Number of posts: 18,318

About Me

I have been on DU since 2006 under \"SteveM\" and later \"SteveW.\" Due to an account mix-up and a computer crash, I have \"rejoined\" as Eleanors38, but my history at DU includes the names cited.

Journal Archives

There has not been a mass shooting at a school since Sandy Hook.

The FBI's criteria for a mass shooting include 4 or more deaths at one site, not including the perpetrator. There have been school shootings, and attempts at shootings, but none has reached the mass level as defined. This should give us pause, not so much for a sense of relief, but rather to inquire "Why?" Have security procedures at schools fundamentally changed? Which procedure was in effect when an incident was thwarted? More armed security? Fewer points of campus ingress? School pack inspection? Cameras? Safe room lockdowns? More rapid response? Many who are concerned about school mass shootings have advocated for "hardening the target." Perhaps this is happening.

To each and all, have you seen stories, or have first-hand knowledge of new measures taken at schools? If so, let's talk about them.

Wing-shooting: How valid is its nobility?

Virtually all promoters of an ideal, fair-chase hunt value taking game with practical, well-placed shots to maximize recovery and use of the animal. There is much more to fair-chase, but my concern here is with the killing practice. Typically, I sit tight, or slowly still-hunt into the wind, spot a suitable deer, and take that ethical shot. That's with deer.

Then there is wing-shooting.

Drift through the hunting innertubes, and just the mention of "ground sluicing" (practice of shooting birds on the ground or water) or "pot shooting" (shooting birds from trees) will be met with charges of "unsporting," "overkill," "market hunt practices," "poor shooting skills," and even "crippling." Are these charges valid when dove "hunting?"

Last year, I took a daily limit (15) of dove in Texas. On this wonderful hunt, I stood in a field and got most of my bag by wing-shooting; but 2 I "puffed." Though I tried to recover them, they flew off to become Artemis' share. I also dropped a few from distant trees. I put the sneak on them and shot when in range. All these I recovered.

Now, my wing-shooting is fair, but am I a better hunter or human to have taken most birds this way, but leaving 2 to waste? Better than when my Mr. Hyde crept through oak and cedar for a few sure-shot birds-in-hand? Where were my hunting skills best displayed, waiting in a field of sunflower for Mother Nature to yell "Pull!," or when slippin' & slidin' through trees, brush and cacti to shoot birds that hadn't spotted me?

Sounds like the "staffer" was a trial balloon, and went the way of the Hindenburg.

Gator Softball team National Champs.

Tonight, the University of Florida Gators defeated the University of Alabama Crimson Tide 6-3 in six and a half innings to win its first national women's softball championship, according to ESPN.

Go Gators! Class of '70

The NSA and civilian gun-owners. Some musings.

Clearly, the NSA has the rather common splitter in every advertising "spirit catcher" on social media and in the innertubes. And clearly, they have a pretty fool-proof list of gun-owners and some creative algorithms to rationalize or realize gun-owner profiles. The question I would have for Mr. Snowden:

Why the government has this data, and is it organized to serve future planning, and/or to be utilized when crisis management warrants?

Strange how yesterday's paranoia becomes today's tedious detail.

Breaking: GD Posts About American Spring Exceed Attendance.

Curious onlookers flock to site of American Spring after reading some thirty-two thousand accounts of the sparsely-attended event, quickly inflating the number of demonstrators.

"They looked like old 'Sixties hippies," mused one demonstrator, "But we can use everyone we can get; besides, most of us look like that, too."

Question submitted by Eleanors38

The text of this question will be publicly available after it has been reviewed and answered by a DU Administrator. Please be aware that sometimes messages are not answered immediately. Thank you for your patience. --The DU Administrators

Okay, I'll ask: Why isn't NICS open to all?

Why isn't the National Instant Background Check System (currently accessible only to Federal Firearms Licensees (FLLs) open to all who wish to voluntarily use it? Please give your reasons & arguments so we get a fix on this issue. Consider:

1. Legal/privacy issues beyond current FFL restrictions

2. Administration problems; more computers, over the phone problems, technologies, etc.

3. Cost of system expansion & upgrade

4. Political opposition

5. Any other problems.

I envision private sellers phoning up the NICS line and entering (or buyer entering) similar data to get a NICS finding, all voluntary for both parties. Even a voluntary system would bring, I believe, millions more citizens who sell privately, but don't won't to deal with an investigation (even when the seller us not culpable) if the gun is used by a criminal. Such a system of voluntary action could be encouraged by pro-2A groups, and aid law enforcement by cutting down on unchecked sales.

Eeyore's Birthday tomorrow Saturday, in Austin!

Oldest celebration of counter-culture in America happens in Pease Park Saturday, noon to dusk. Free.

Texas-only beer, food, drinks, t-shirts sold by non-profits. Kids' section early. Wear very skimpy costumes, watch bands, play drums, smoke. Event put on by old counter culture lefty Democrats for decades. Use shuttle buses, bring no glass.

Eeyore's Birthday, Saturday tomorrow, in Austin!

America's oldest celebration of counter culture takes place tomorrow, Saturday, at Pease Park from noon till dusk. Free.

Food, drink, an ocean of Texas-only beer, and T-shirts sold. Nice kid's section early in the show.

Go in costume or wear none at all. Park at state garages north of capitol bldg, and take free shuttle buses to curb-side entrance. Small army of old counter-culture lefties have put this on for decades.
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