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Separation's Journal
Separation's Journal
November 14, 2018

The case for Pelosi to become leader again.

Any nonsense of her age is just that, nonsense. In the the past few months she has been on the campaign trail raising millions of dollars for the Democrats war chest. She has also campaigned for countless Democrats up for reelection or election. She has done all this IN SPITE of her age. I can only hope that when, or if I get to her age. That if I could even match %5 of what she has done for this victory, and make no doubt, this is her victory (obviously she didnt do this on her own) .

I'd like to hear from the people who dont think she should be Speaker and the case against it. I dont think it is against the TOS here to discuss the pros (which camp I obviously am in)and the cons of being the next House Leader.

November 12, 2018

The Greatest Generation

I know there can at times be negative connotations about the phrase Greatest Generation in regards to racism and other issues of the time.

I just would like to make a post to The Greatest Generation. Any blockbusters major action movie have tales that pale in the comparison to the men and women who fought the last centuries greatest villian, Adolf Hitler.

There are the tales of African Americans breaking boundaries in the true stories of the Red Tails, to the Japanese that fought in Italy to prove their loyalty to the United States. There are countless stories of French Resistance being put to death by firing squads of the Nazi Regime, to other heroics like escorting dozens of downed Allied Aircrew back to friendly lines.The movie storyline, "I showed a picture of my girl Betty Jean" and is then shot immediately following that are all based in tales of honor, courage, and at times during an all out war on humanity, to tales of compassion that would only seem to have been made up in the movies.

I salute you.

November 8, 2018

If any of ya believe in prayer, good vibes, whatever

Please send them to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she has had a nasty fall last night and is in the hospital.


November 8, 2018

So, about that Sessions "Resignations"

The Vacancy Reform Act bars Trump’s installation of the unconfirmed Matt Whitaker to act as attorney general to control Robert Mueller unless Sessions truly “resigned” rather than being fired. A federal district court could be asked to see through the ruse and hold he was fired.

November 7, 2018

So I would like to write a book with somebody about the midterm elections

There has been such coverage about the 2018 midterm, that goes from, small town racist clerk in Rowan County, Ky. all the way up to National coverage of Beto in Texas. Just send me a pm.

November 1, 2018

You are correct, dont back down from your statement!

Until this country has a frank discussion with itself and how to deal with systemic institutional racism, we will not be in a better country. People will forget how mad they got, but the Republicans won't. They will just put this setback into their playbook and come back with another message. Make no mistake, Republicans and their list of policies are racist, homophobic, & misogynistic. It's just when George Bush did it, he did it with a smile and people called him a Compassionate Conservative.

November 1, 2018

Trump didnt start this racist rhetoric, America was built upon it.

Make no mistake, Trump is riding on a wave that has been in this country since the first Europeans landed in this country 500 years ago. This country had a chance after the Revolutionary War to make things right when they wrote out, "All men are created equally." This country was built on the backs of African Americans, Natives, and other People of Color. The very first settlers here would have died from starvation and disease if not for the Natives.

Then the country went to war over slavery, but it did not address the racism. All that did was bury the hate and contempt that certain white people had for POC. It brought about the KKK, lynching, Jim Crow law, and anything else to keep AA's and other POC down just a bit further than the lowliest living white person. The West would never have been conquered if not for Native guides and the thousands of Chinese that literally put their lives into building the railroads. They were repaid by the Indian War, forced resettlements, and forced to adopt Anglo-Christian lifestyles. Sometimes completely wiping out a persons link to their past.

In the 1940's, the second World War was fought in Europe and the world learned about a terrible crime perpetrated by not just the German Nazis, but it was also condoned by silence by millions. Even the US turned away a cargo liner full of Jews full of other Untermenschen. Yet millions of African Americans, Japanese Americans, and Navajos signed up to defend the country that has treated them like garbage if only to show the rest of white American that they too, were good enough and to try and earn a place beside them. These brave Americans had to fight harder, sometimes against the very people they were fighting alongside, and upon there return, they were lynched, forgotten, and ignored.

During the 1960's, Civil Rights and desegregation laws were enacted, but the underlying racism was still not addressed. The country saw Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, and other cities burn because the minorities that lived there were still being lynched, framed, beaten, still kept back by racist cops, banks, city officials, and others that had the power to make things right. In 1991, White America while eating dinner saw an African American beaten worse than a dog by the L.A.P.D. and then a few months later saw those officers get away with it. Within 24 hours Los Angeles burned again.

Finally, an African American gets elected, and many people thought, "This is it, America has finally dealt with her racism." But it wasn't and not by a long shot. The underlying, hidden sometimes racism started to bubble up from underneath. We started to see images of the President being lynched, the comments about his wife and children. White America learned a new phrase, "Driving while black". With the increase of cell phones, white America started to get a true glimpse into everyday life of the very ugly and racist belly of America. Thousands of videos showing African American and other POC being abused by the police, pregnant women being harassed by white men, children being harassed for nothing more than swimming in a pool. The election of our first African American did not cure racism in America because racism has never been truly addressed.

Finally, Donald Trump was elected, and millions of racist Americans got to see the most powerful man in the free world make comments that crossed the line. Just because you don't say the "N" word out in public or on tape, it doesn't NOT make you a racist. He gave comforting words to the Proud Boys in Charlottesville when a peaceful counter-protester was murdered by a racist. He has called thousands of refugees, "dangerous people", called them an invading armada. He has called African countries shitholes, and that those people want to come here and make this a shithole. He is currently trying to make America a whiter place to live.

I am not saying that Donald Trump shouldn't be labeled a racist, he most certainly is. However, if and when Donald Trump is removed from office and he has been relegated to but an ugly memory of American history. If the true crux of the problem has not been addressed as a nation, I fear that in the future we will only see an ugly pattern of racist behavior continue and possibly only get worse.

October 31, 2018

They have shown part of Kavanaughs hand in the form of voter suppression

Ok, so hear me out. We all hate Kavanaugh for various reasons. Probably the most dangerous is the fact that the Republicans now have another partisan activist judge that will have a lifetime job.

So today, Lindsey Graham has announced that he will be introducing legislation that will no longer make a person a citizen of the United States. Now think about this for a second, what's one of Trumps many conspiracy theories involving illegals? Well, I'll have to help you out on that one seeing how there are so many and a guess would take to long.

One of Trumps conspiracy theories is that, "Millions of illegals vote for Democrats". Obvious BS aside, what Trump is now doing in his mind is, when 2 people come here to have a baby they get to suck out all forms of free benefits but now, their kid will actually be legal to vote. Of course everyone knows that it's a %100 fact that all immigrants vote Democratic. <---Sarcasm This will now prevent that.

You may be saying now, "Well hold on a second and slow your roll". It takes 2/3 majority of Congress or governors to change the Constitution. Well, not anymore. If the Republicans introduce new legislation that is thought to be Unconstitutional, what normally happens? Of course it will be fought in court up to the Supreme Court. Trump now 'has a guy' there to ensure any Unconstitutional Legislation that makes it to the S.C. It tips the balance in their favor, not just for this case, but for anything else that may be brought before the S.C.

I think the majority of people already figured that out though. I mean Republicans laid the entire parties reputation on the cross for Kavanaugh, why else other than 'having a guy' there to ensure votes go your way? It's just now, we are actually going to see them play their hand.

October 29, 2018

Republicans new talking points

And guess what, they just loooove the Jews. I have to make sure that I'm exposed to at a minimum of an hour a day to views I dont agree with, i.e. Spend time in FoxWorld, Rushland, and MarkLevin-land. I do it for several reasons, the 1st and most important is to ensure that I dont fall into a circular firing squad of megaphones and only be exposed to views that I agree with. Second, it's good to know what kind of BS is gonna be coming my way.

So what I'm seeing and hearing now, is that Republicans (not even sure I can call them that anymore. . .Nationalistic Party of ?) Anyways. . . They are going on and on about how much Democrats hate the Jews, and how much Republicans love them and are good to them.

Mark Levin was going on about how "Obama just absolutely hates Isreal, and loved Hamas and the PLO. Whereas the Republicans like Bush and Trump supporting Isreal, Trump even moving the new embassy.

So in some spider webbed wall of thumbtacks and yarn, it's impossible for a Republican to have shot those Jews at the Synagogue. There are even some talking of the Apocalypse because of the symbolism of the attack on the tree of life. It can get pretty surreal sometimes in there.

So be ready for the new lines from pundit "experts" on CNN, MSNBC, and other areas. I obviously left Fox news out of that last sentance because obvious is obvious. 😀

October 27, 2018

So I'm trying my hand at writing

I would like construction criticism on how to get better. Writing is definitely something I enjoy doing. I'm thinking about short stories starting off. I have thousands of hours of real life adventures that I'm pretty sure anyone would enjoy. However, I figured I'd write a piece on something relative to today climate. I do know there is going to be grammatical errors as the only proofreading that was done, was autocorrect. So here it is, I'd love to get some honest feedback.

This country wasnt founded on freedom, but on the broken backs of African Americans, Latinos, Chinese, and other People of Color. As soon as it became clear that they were more "highly advanced" than the Indigenous Natives. The writing was on the wall.

Racism, wasnt acknowledged and was at the very centerpiece of our country. All men are created equal, except for African Americans, Natives, and other POC.

Our country was split into two nations. Neighbor against neighbor, then everyone thought, "Oh there'll be no more problems, we fought a war to free them the slaves."

Racism was never acknowledged, then AA's & POC were used as legal slaves within the prison system and Jim Crow law.

Racism was never acknowledged

People kept their heads down and mouths shut during the Indian Wars (Should read Native Extermination with some resettlements)

The racism was never acknowledged

A second World War was fought in Europe, AA's and other POC (Japanese, Navajo) once again showed that that they will fight harder than anyone just to prove that they are just as American as any other person.

Racism was never acknowledged and those American Heroes were lynched, arrested, and held back.

Then something happened, that for sure would fix the problem. The Civil Rights era brought in new and still just as strong African American leaders with a new National voice to be heard across the country.

But still, racism was never acknowledged. Soon after the Civil Rights, race riots broke throughout the country over inequalities and racism from the police. An African American was videotaped beaten like an animal and shown to the country during their dinner. The police were acquitted and Los Angeles burned again.

Racism STILL wasnt acknowledged but "lessons were learned". More than ever, POC were integrating at some of the nations highest levels. People would say, "Oh we finally have an AA senator, CEO, owner" (as if they were never capable of doing so before)

An African American runs for President! Oh joy, finally an end to racism!

However, racism was not acknowledged. Police beating, and cases of brutality started filling YouTube channels, and White America was finally getting a peak into AA's daily struggle. Being pulled over while black was now a new phrase (but only to white Americans).

Racism was now being denied. There is solid proof out there that AA and other POC are being harassed by the police, teachers, and other people in power.

An African American sportsman took to the field once again like Mohammed Ali, Tommie Smith and John Carlos and kneeled, peacefully protesting the treatment of AA's and other POC by the police. But now we had new president.

Racism was being openly condoned by the "Most Powerful Man in the World". How dare an AA kneel during OUR anthem? Forgetting that this country was built by African Americans, and giving the greenlight for everyone else to be "just a little more racist" because the President of the U.S. is doing it.

Racism is still being denied by White and other Americans. Until this problem is acknowledged, processed, and then dealt with. I dont think we will ever have a "United States".

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