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Tree-Hugger's Journal
Tree-Hugger's Journal
March 13, 2023

Because that's all I can afford, kid

Wal-mart is pretty bougie to me, but it has more things than Grocery Outlet and Aldi and it's easier to have a one stop shop for food, cleaning supplies, and cat food. Many people shop there because that is their only choice. Their prices are consistently lower. I'm feeding a preteen and a teenager and they are constantly hungry. My Walmart has a decent produce section and most - not all - prices for the healthy stuff are better than other stores. Because I'm one of those depressing poor people that you were sooooooo heartbroken (?) to see, I am extremely familiar with the prices in all of the grocery stores around me and I am able to make comparisons. Most of the time, Walmart is going to come out cheaper. They are also one of the few places that poor losers like me were able to get grocery pick up service even with SNAP during the pandemic. Most stores around here didn't allow it at the time - some still don't or they require instacart - and us pathetic looking poors were stuck putting our health at risk by shopping in person. Walmart has a very easy online ordering system with SNAP as well. Same others who know allow it still have an utter shit system. So, Walmart allows us a little luxury there.

My heart is with you, sample girl. I'm so sorry you had to see poor people and be depressed. You like samples? Here's one: you may think it's depressing having to see poor people when you were forced to go to Walmart. Try living my life - try knowing that you need new pants/shirts and that the fucking $14 dollar Time and Tru pants at Walmart are too expensive. Try needing new underwear, but the cotton ones are all multipacks and you just can't afford the $8 for a pack of Fruit of the Loom, so you and up buying a single $3 pair. Sure, the multipack is more economically sound, but you can't afford that up front, so you buy the single pair knowing you'll re-wear that a little too much and it'll fall apart by next month. Maybe try having kids who are thankfully healthy and growing, but that growth means new clothes and shoes are needed and that means $$$$$$$. And then add the fact that your kids, especially the teen, are bullied because there are people out there who can tell they are poor just by looking at them. 👀

Just do what everyone else does, put your head down and walk out, thankful that you don't have to shop there.

And I don't vote for Republicans. We can discuss the evils of the Walton family and capitalism all we want. In the end, beggars can't be choosers, and your judgment is not needed or helpful.

July 27, 2022


I've been in deep poverty before and I am struggling now due to the pandemic, so I know it sucks. I have gotten help on DU before quite a few years ago.

I can't help with donations because of my own situation....but I am VERY familiar with your area and the resources out there.

I'll defend you on the dental thing. I know where you're located. It's very hard to find dentists that take Medicaid in this county and most that do are pretty terrible. It's a passion of mine to try to get better Medicaid coverage for adult dental care in this state. That said, I'd recommend getting your basic cleaning covered by a Medicaid dentist rather than paying out of pocket. I know there are limitations on coverage for root canals and cavities and dentures, but even the basics at the shithole sites for free is better than no dental care at all or spending hundreds out of pocket.

If you are unemployed and mom is unemployed then you both should be covered under SNAP. MontCo services will help guide you with employment as well. Being on state aid, you can go through pacareerlink.net

I'm confused on the transportation. You both have Medicaid. Transnet is available. That's through the Suburban Transit Network. You'll fill an application through them (with Find My Ride) and they will determine your needs through there. Here is their primary link:

You'll see that they have a few different transportation categories - Medical assistance, Senior ride share, etc.

There is also the MontCo Transportation hotline. 1-866-507-4857
Their website is https://ptma-mc.org/services/#montco-transportation-helpline

There is Family Services of MontCo. They help families in need and they have a section for senior services. They are for Mont Co and their main office isn't too far - right down Ridge in Eagleville. They can provide guidance on utility assistance, food assistance, transportation, etc. They have a section and a contact email address right in their senior services section about Meals on Wheels. Their website is:
And their direct senior page with the info on MoW is:

Daily Bread is a nearby food pantry. They are right there on Ridge. They are also good with helping people pinpoint resources:

Outside of Medicaid, try these for dental care. They may help point you in the right direction:

Abington Jefferson Health Dental Care Access Program Contact Information:
51 Medical Campus Drive
Lansdale, PA - 19446
(215) 855-8296

The last one is in Lansdale, but they may be able to direct you. I was in their ER for for an abcess that needed antibiotics asap because I could not get care with the Medicaid dentists. They are the ones that gave me the above info.

PECO has several programs that are not LIHEAP. I know...I use them. We are in their CAP program. They also have other programs available. Call the main number and they will direct you on what to do and how to apply. It's on their website, too.

St. Vincent de Paul is another great organization that can help. They offer some assistance with things like rent, utilities, etc. Their volunteers are pretty handy and can help direct you to other reaources. Now, there is ZERO requirement to have any religious affiliation. It's not like a lot of evangelical orgs that want you to come to church, take a bible, or anything like that. You don't have to be Catholic, Christian, or anything to receive help. They'll help atheists. I have received assistance for rent many years ago. They also helped with a car repair at the height of the pandemic. You can call any Catholic church for SVdP, but I checked and it looks like Sacred Heart there on Walnut St has a direct line for the organization:

Get the low cost help from Comcast.

We all need phones in this day and age. You already have Comcast and a phone. If you don't have their mobile plans, switch. It's about $20 for a 1GB plan. I have both of my kids on 1 GB plans. The cost for those two lines in $32/mo. Comcast uses Verizon's system, so the coverage is very good. Since you have Comcast at home, you can use the in home WiFi as well as Xfinity free wifi outside the home. That is what we do and then the 1GB of data is for emergencies.

MontCo senior services:


I am sure you know Giant and Aldi allow you to order with SNAP online.

Walmart also allows you to order with SNAP online. If your friend can do a weekly pick up for you then it's free. They deliver, too, but it's not free. Pick up is completely free and you can use SNAP online.

Amazon Prime has a SNAP discount. Hook up your EBT card through them. You'll get a monthly Prime discount and you can order certain pantry items covered by SNAP.

I know employment is difficult. If you need to get out and get your body moving or find social connection and STAY COOL in this heat.....the Spring Valley YMCA is excellent. You'd qualify for a free membership just based on income.....but some of the Medicaid plans have a free membership. You and mom would qualify for a free family memebership. They often have cool programs there in addition to the usual fitness classes, gym, pool. Plus.....I know this is difficult.....they are a very good option for employment. Pay isn't the best and they cap hours, but it is a more gentle way to ease into employment. They tend to be very flexible with hours.



I hope this helps. Excuse any typos. My phone is a piece of shit and the autocorrect is fucked up beyond recognition. It took me an hour to type this. Good luck to you and your mom.

February 10, 2022

Thank you for the hearts

Thank you to the kind folks who have me hearts. They brightened my day. This is my favorite week here on DU. 😍

January 8, 2022

Fuck this shit

It's people like this that will fuck us in the 2022 election. Just because you didn't get every single little thing checked off your list doesn't mean you throw away the whole damn party. I'm sick of that noise.

Listen, I am poor as all fuck. Super poverty. We have been super poor for a long time. 2020 was going to be my year to really rise up...get away from my abusive husband, get a new apartment with just me and my kids, finally have a little financial success and start to rise up. But....my mom died. Then the pandemic. We both lost our jobs. Our kids school went full virtual. I have some heart shit so we worked on protecting me. And it's been a shitshow ever since. My dad died a few months ago and things have gone downhill. I get it. Everything fucking sucks right now. It's difficult to get help. It's difficult to get work, especially when we were taking care of my dad and now has estate. And my kids are virtual again. I am so Fucking angry that everything is mismanaged. I am so angry that it seems like we're going to keep drowning. I'm so angry that everything is a mess. Is it the Dems fault? Are you fucking kidding me? Dems would LOVE to help people get all of their basic needs net - raise SNAP,universal healthcare for all, universal basic wage, easier access to housing....all the shit the GOP cries about. But....we didn't have control. The GOP has blocked us from doing the right thing every.step.of.the.way. When Dems make progress, we get blocked by lawsuits seen before Trump-appointed judges and appeals to the Supreme Court stacked by the GOP. Fuck, I live in a "blue" (lol) state with a Dem governor. Our GOP legislature strangled his ability to protect our citizens. They stripped him of his ability to declare states of emergency and issue mandates. And these same fuckers turn around and complain that he is not doing anything.

I have kids in school and I have watched in horror as "moms for liberty" assholes screamed at your school board and teachers, send death threats, and harassed little kids. All because of virtual school and masks. Now our school board is afraid to make big moves because they kinda don't want their families threatened again. When our dems take a stand they get threats of violence and death and lawsuits. People show up to their offices and houses with guns. Everything we try to enact gets called, "waah waah socialism." How can you work with that?

Has the author paid attention to ANYTHING in the last 2 years? I'm not 100% happy with all dems all the time, too, but the writing is on the damn wall.

November 11, 2021

Replying so...

....I can post in my journal. I'm gonna read this along with "The Night Before Christmas" as part of a new tradition.

Epic thread.

December 13, 2020

About those Proud Boys in kilts

The kilts were ordered from a company called Verillas, which is LGBTQIA+ owned and very progressive. They have a line for Pride. The owner of Verillas saw the photo of the jackasses and realized they were wearing $750.00 worth of their merchandise. Horrified, Verillas made a $1000.00 donation to NAACP to counteract the Proud Boys flabby-assed hate.


November 25, 2020

Hard times can happen to everyone

You have no idea if that car is paid off, about to be repo'd, borrowed, a company car. Appearances are often deceiving and you have no idea what circumstances affect this person. People's financial situations have turned on a dime this year. This is the kind of crap that Republicans say about people who need assistance. I'm saddened to find that attitude on DU.

November 23, 2020

Can we talk about the Kraken?

"Release the Kraken" is a line spoken by Zeus in the remake of Clash of the Titans. Powell is obsessed with her role as a Kraken releaser. I see supporters on Twitter celebrating her for "releasing thr Kraken." As if it's a victorious moment.

Has anyone seen the movie?!

The Kraken DIES. Zeus commands his releases. He rises out of the sea and is dead within minutes because Perseus holds up the head of Medusa, supreme symbol of feminine rage. The Kraken is defeated quickly and handedly. So, sure, use that as the symbol for your efforts, which will be beat down by judge after judge.

Incidentally, the Kraken is Norse, not Greek. It's a legendary monster - probably inspired by giant octopi or squid. Or volcanic activity. The Greek equivalent was a sea monster called Cetus, also defeated by Perseus (either by Medusa stare or sword, depending on the particular myth) - it's bits blown up to the heavens to become a constellation.

November 10, 2020

Trump thought

They were going to his presser at Four Seasons downtown. In reality, they booked Four Seasons Total Landscaping in the Holmesburg section of the city, directly next to a dildo shop and across the street from a crematorium. The Trump team chose the location because they are snowflakes who needed a safe space from protests downtown and areas of Northeast Philly are Trump country. So, they ended up at the landscaper, sandwiched between porn and death, with a pro-trump demonstrator in a wide beater and boxer shorts whining about Soros. Hilarity ensues and everyone loves Philly. You can't make this stuff up.

November 7, 2020

Also the background

Count bin Count, a USPS truck, and an RBG menorah on the shelves behind him. That is some SHADE.

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