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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 10:29 AM
Number of posts: 11,940

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So it seems one day, while President, the Tangerine Duce was driving around on one

his golf courses and he spots across the street a huge MAGA stand. Curious he drove his cart up to see what was happening.

In the stand, amongst, all the MAGA junk there is a kid selling puppies out of box that is titled 100% MAGA Puppies for sale. Chump considers this purchase. He knows dogs makes people more popular, but he needs more information before the purchase.

He consults with Bannon and Stone and decides yep he can get one. The following week he returns to the course and spots the stand across the street. All the MAGA stuff is gone, but the kid is out there with a sign that says, "PROGRESSIVE PUPPIES FOR SALE.

When he goes up the kid he starts screaming, "hey last week these were MAGA Puppies." What is going on?

The kid replies, "they opened their eyes."

When I walk around with my wife when I spot someone who looks like

a celebrity I say, "hey that's Brad Pitt, Madonna, Mick Jagger, etc."

Usually she ignores me or says the original would be insulted by my comparison.

The other day I said, "hey that's George Santos."

I think it was the only time she wanted me to go apologize to the misidentified person.

MAGA has used the Debt Ceiling debacle to inflame brainless media types, using it as a

stinky fog of smoke so they can fly under the radar to wreck the government.

That is is the next 5 months.

Now that Fake Santos has been added to Science and Small Business Committees

how long before pictures emerge of George walking on the moon, and him in the garage having created the combustion engine?

What do you call what happens when a car runs over a food processor left in the road.

A fenderblender.

The Taliban Club in the House is Ok

with insurrection and overturning a fair election.

I think they will have no problem sinking the economy over the debt ceiling.

The only thing they care about is not having a primary challenger. That's it.

MAGA yelps the Orange Duce gets different treatment than Joe.

True. In order for it to be equal Joe would have to:

-ignore requests to return documents for 18 months

-Hide documents deliberately

-Move boxes from residence to residence

-Judge shop

-Appeal for a Special Master

There, now, things are equal.

AG Garland's appointment of a Special Counsel

reminds me of how quickly Chump's AG Barr appointed a Special Counsel to investigate all of the Tangerine Duce's crimes.

No, wait....

Tricky trivia question. Who was the first unanimous selection to BB HOF?

Lou Gehrig.

December, 1939.

The other day I was going to tell someone a joke about an old dictionary I have

but I couldn't find the words.

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