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Member since: Mon Nov 26, 2012, 09:08 PM
Number of posts: 12,608

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Have you ever imagined what this country would be like if we had a Potus who was a Teabagger?

stupid republican tricks sing a long


Watching George Stephanopolous...

Topic.... Is the Healthcare Law in trouble?

Um the ACA is not a website dimwitts

Now I see.....

Republicans went on a witch hunt to abolish the ACA right? They said it was unconstitutional, socialist , threw it on the table so they can shutdown the govt. Right?

Ok so now they are angry the website to apply for it is having technical difficulties and people are having trouble applying? Right?

And now they are threatening Kathleen Sebelius' job cause peple can't apply? right? She has to testify right?

They have questions and they demand answers.Right?

OMG this is falling right into Obamas hands so beautifully

My daughter and I was returning..

from a shopping trip. We took a taxi back home. When we came off the expressway there was a small grassy area surrounded by a fence. I noticed about 50 pidgeons in there eating. Then I looked more closely and in the midst of the pigeons was a huge rooster. So when we returned home I told my husband about it. He said maybe the rooster is mating with the pidgeons? I said ok so what do you call their offspring? He said chickgeons. lol. I am too curious to see one now. lol.I think.

Bullying yesterday and today...what's the difference? Comparison and contrast.

Kids have always been bullied. Years ago, kids killing kids over bullying was unheard of . Suicides over bullying was unheard of as well. Today it seems commonplace. Why? How did you handle bullies when you were a kid?

We know Teabaggers can't spell, but sheesh

too many to list.

I'm so angry right now

I have a relative who is a police officer. She came by my house telling me she had something to show me. She had a stack of papers maybe about 30 sheets. I asked her what it was .She said it was police reports on several family members. She told me she had police reports on one of our cousins who got in trouble a lot when he young, he is now trying to change his life.. Then she had a rape report on one of our cousins, whom I had no clue she was raped as a child. Then she told me she had a report on a family member who was a victim of domestic violence by her husband. I got very angry with her and told her that was abuse of power and evil. I told her she had no fucking right to do that and even copy it for her sick personal files .What the fuck is wrong with her??? Fuck.This is a damn control thing

Someone explain this weird shit to me.

My sister, a grown woman in her 40s who is not well liked by her entire family does a lot if evil shit to people in the family. What I find weird is that when she does evil shit you won't hear from her for months then all of a sudden she will call you and talk baby talk. This is a pattern and mentioned many times by various family members. What the fuck is the babytalk for after you fuck people over? I have asked her why she does this babytalk ,she has no answer. Must be a some kind of a psychological bullshit smokescreen.

***Welcome to this week in stupid***

This weeks winner is Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson Claims Low-Carb Diet 'Violates' God's Principles

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