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Member since: Mon Nov 26, 2012, 09:08 PM
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Wow, 47 Senate seats for dems and 51 Senate seats for rep..on CNN now

What if dems get more Senate seats? Trump will jump out his skin

Adam Schiff to Matthew Whitaker: Were watching you. Must read

Matthew Whitaker, weíre watching you

By Adam B. Schiff November 12
Adam B. Schiff, a Democrat, represents Californiaís 28th District in the House, where he is the ranking minority member of the Intelligence Committee.

Only hours after the magnitude of Democratic gains in the House became apparent, President Trump ousted Attorney General Jeff Sessions, putting special counsel Robert S. Mueller IIIís investigation in imminent danger. This represents the presidentís most direct challenge yet to the rule of law.

Instead of elevating Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein, the most senior Senate-confirmed officer at the Justice Department, Trump circumvented normal succession by handpicking Matthew G. Whitaker, Sessionsís chief of staff and a person who has publicly criticized the special counselís investigation and has troubling conflicts of interest.

The president and Whitaker should heed this warning: The new Democratic majority will protect the special counsel and the integrity of the Justice Department. Should Whitaker fail to recuse himself ó all indications are that he plans not to ó and seek to obstruct the investigation, serve as a back channel to the president or his legal team or interfere in the investigations in any way, he will be called to answer. His actions will be exposed.

It is no mystery why the president chose Whitaker, an obscure and ill-qualified official never confirmed by the Senate, which many legal experts believe makes the appointment itself unconstitutional. Trump chose him to protect himself, his family and his close associates from the special counselís investigation and other investigations within the Justice Department.

Though I had many profound disagreements with Sessions, he was correct to follow the rules meant to ensure public confidence in the fair administration of justice and recuse himself, even though the president viewed Sessionsís compliance as a singular act of disloyalty. We must demand the highest ethical standards of everyone at the Justice Department, including the attorney general.

There is no indication that Whitaker has likewise consulted with ethics officials, as his past public statements, associations and the manner of his appointment make clear that he should have no role in overseeing the special counselís investigation or any matter related to the president and his campaign...

*read more at link


Too funny...

California is so blue it's navy blue.lol

Is that Corey Lewandowski on Chris Matthews? EWW

Trump didn't vote in the NY Republican mid-terms?

No mention of it and no photo op?

Steve Schmidt and Elise Jordan have a podcast called Words Matter

It's on Spotify and it is good.

check it out, and Spotify is free

Even Putin is better than Trump in honoring troops in Russia

Of course there's a photo...

The NRA Supported Gun Control When the Black Panthers Had the Weapons

Back in the 1960s, even the NRA supported gun control to disarm the group.



*Very interesting article

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