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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Home country: US
Current location: retired to MidWest
Member since: Mon Feb 18, 2013, 10:15 PM
Number of posts: 6,151

About Me

Still an ardent Irish-American Catholic damnYankee Yellow Dog Democrat socialist after all these years. (cue Simon music) Army brat and wife for many years, now have been on the loose far longer than I was married. After my two red chows died, I took in a mini-beagle cross that I named Molly Maguire, thinking she might need a good Irish name like my original real one. Later she got a baby sister, a smooth-coat JRT I named Brigid after the greatest of the ancient Celtic goddesses. My great-grandfather and his son fought for Michael Collins and barely made it out of Ireland one step ahead of John Bull. They slipped over to Wales for new identities and then forward to the States for a fresh start. That makes me second generation of illegal but certainly justified immigrants. There are precious few people to whose defense I fly immediately, but the list includes Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama even when I disagree with him - it happens! - and living Irish patriots Gerry Adams and Martin \\\'Mind Your Kneecaps\\\' McGuiness. I pray earnestly for a united and free Ireland rescued from all official British occupation, with every square inch of alleged \\\'ancestral lands\\\' now held immorally and illegally by the invaders returned to the rightful owners. Irish-only rule for Ireland. No foreign masters anymore! I find it passing strange when Brits chide ME about \'interfering\' in Irish politics!

Journal Archives



You might have to C&P the link if it doesn't show up live, but don't miss this story complete with enchanting photos.

Totally sickening

Those guilty should be severely punished, perhaps tried as adults for rape by a foreign object.

Agreed. I meant what I said to him/her/it in my reply, too.

I also take serious offense against the word socialist or even communist being used as a slur. I AM a socialist, and a damned good one with an Irish temper and fist, if that's plain enough for anyone. I've also known more than a few good communists, and I VASTLY prefer them over fascist trash.

Please keep your garbage outside this group - we don't want it here.

That site is indecent and untrue. In the future, do not demean yourself or this group with such filth. I don't CARE if you alert on my reply, I don't CARE if it gets hidden. I don't suffer fools gladly. It's worth anything the moderators might wish or actually do to me, so long as you understand my total contempt for mental pornography.

Please help - I've lost a certain photo

When I promised to send a copy to a friend, all of a sudden I couldn't find it. Had to do a fresh install of Win7 and that's probably where it went. Spent forever searching for it on what I did manage to save. Anyway, it's the picture showing a closeup of the President's fist; the caption reads something like, "Why yes, this is my secret Kenyan Muslim ring, would you like to see it closer?"

I also spent a long delightful time browsing some of your journals in hopes of stumbling across it again, because I know I got it on DU. But no luck. So the lucky person who has it, would you please post it here in reply, if I promise not to be so careless again? Thanks.

Wish I could make the local teabaggers,

most of whom ARE on food stamps and Medicaid, understand who really helps them, but they're so hate-sick it's like watching a bunch of heroin addicts undergoing heavy withdrawal. Morphs into sheer, mindless terror and so easy for the GOP to manipulate.

He has a right to his opinion, true

But he does not have a right to publicly disseminate crap, especially from his vaunted and influential post. We're morally responsible to do the best we can. If this is now Schieffer's best, he needs to be replaced.

All these people running around pretending surprise and shock

Remind me of the police captain in Casa Blanca who said he was "shocked to find gambling going on here" (in Rick's place) just before one of Rick's employees approached and said, "Your winnings tonight, sir." Or words to that effect.

Anybody who doesn't know that every country spies on every other country just as much as it can, or thinks the CIA doesn't know exactly where Snowden is any given moment, has been living in a bubble called STUPID. I don't buy into their sudden claims of outrage at all. It's like the GOP's love for the Patriot Act, and then they try to take the moral high ground. That's what's most disgusting.

I'll never forgive Nader for that.

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