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Joe Nation

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Member since: Mon May 27, 2013, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 825

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Where do the Children Lay

Recall, recall!
A gun in the hall
Bullets piercing the wall
Raised on active shooter drills
Just another consequence of congressional shills
A Constitutional right enshrines the slaughters
Gone now the countless wives, sons, and daughters
Another mass shooting another day
Where do the children lay?

The real meaning of the Trump slogan "America First"

Step 1. First, sellout America to foreign dictators.
Step 2. Tell Trump supporters that we are winning.
Step 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2.

Another Fox False Equivalency About A Bill Clinton & Tony Blair Conversation

Ah Tucker, it is clear that your parents spelled your name wrong on the birth certificate.

While Democrats have been calling for President Trump’s impeachment over his alleged soliciting of assistance from foreign countries ahead of the 2020 election, an unearthed comment from February 2000 might show stones were being thrown from glass houses.

On his show Monday, Tucker Carlson discussed a transcript of a call between former President Bill Clinton and then-U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair -- the same year as the election pitting Clinton's vice president, Al Gore, against George W. Bush -- during which the ex-president asked his British counterpart for a political favor.

“You’ve heard endlessly on cable news that it is unprecedented the president would seek political gain from a conversation with a foreign leader. Well, turns out, it has happened before,” Carlson said.

“Back in 2000, President Bill Clinton had a conversation with Tony Blair of the U.K. and asked him to intercede in a dispute between British Airways and two carriers. The president, at the time, was much more direct than President Trump was in his conversation.


You know Trump will go full dictator any minute

Like his authoritarian heroes in Russia, North Korea, Brazil, and the Philippines, Trump will increase his dictatorial ravings and try and declare Martial Law, dissolve Congress, and use the justice system to prosecute his political enemies. Critics falling accidentally out of windows, being shot by people in passing cars, and being jailed en masse will be just the beginning.

Right-wing splinter groups will fall in line to support him, the military will fracture, and we may just see a full out American Civil War again in this country. Sound ridiculous? Remember who we're dealing with here and the money and power behind the GOP, Trump's GOP. Trump has already raised $125 million for the 2020 campaign. That ain't a lot of people backing away from his insanity.

I think that people tend to be the last ones to notice their own irrelevance.

Especially in politics. I've seen it in academia enough to know that people are usually the last ones to admit that they may be irrelevant in a central role they have played and I have to say that as much as I like Joe Biden, his day may have passed. He was a great leader and helped others in his party to achieve great things and reach heights they may never have achieved without people like Biden. But you should know when to leave the game and I feel that Biden may have taken some bad advice when he decided to run. Elder statesman status is not so bad. I hope someone tells Joe sooner than later.

Man! Do I ever hate preseason.

I know some people like to watch it but I find it a waste of time. It's like watching people rehearse football.

I Have Noticed a Strange Phenomenon in My Town

Often times before work, my wife and I (we work at the same place) go out to a local bagel shop, Starbucks, or some other breakfast place around town before we head to work. I have lost count the number of times I overhear some group of men talking about Jesus Christ or some other religious topic. I think some of them must be from different Christian churches around town because they seem to be comparing notes about their congregations but not always, sometimes it is just a pair of guys sitting and talking about Christ. Always middle-aged white men and they tend to speak very loudly like they want people to hear them.

I've never experienced this frequency of conversation until the past year or so and now it seems as if it happen almost every morning. My wife knows that it annoys me to sit near these people so we try to find a quiet corner. I never thought of this town as particularly religious but they seem to be coming out of the woodwork these days.

Is this just my town or has anyone else noticed this in their town?

Russian Focus Once a Dem is Elected

I wish someone at one of these stump speeches or debates would ask these candidates what exactly they intend to do about the Russian interference in our elections if they are elected. Trump is just the result, a symptom if you will, of the greater problem of Russian meddling and influence that has to be addressed sooner rather than later. I have yet to hear any of the candidates focus on this critical issue. Trump will come and go but the Russians will be around for a long time.

My hope is that the first priority of any of these candidates is to make Vladimir Putin and his government pay dearly for what they have inflicted on our country and many other countries through their covert interference. It will take some rebuilding of trust between the US and our allies but that trust should be built around bring maximum pressure on Putin's State sponsored terrorism.

New Term: Republican Immigrants

People that have left their hell-hole political party to emigrate to a land of sanity.

It's Ultimatum Time GOP - You're being called out!

We’ve seen enough of the deafening silence from the cowards in the GOP. Silence is complicity. Silence is no longer an option. You either publicly denounce Despicable Donnie for his overt racism or you fall in line behind the rallying cry of your party and own it. You can’t have it both ways.
You are a supporter of a Racist-in-Chief or you stand up on your own like a big-boy and call him out. The time for mealy mouth excuse making is over. You must ask yourself if this orange ass barnacle represents what America stands for and weather you intend to pledge your allegiance to his racist vision of this country or find your voice and stand up to an open sewage pipes of racism.
You are either complicit in this racism or you need to make a stand to defend all Americans no matter their ethnic background. Hate will not bring you anything good. Hate will destroy this country from within. It’s time to choose your side and remember, history is watching you and will judge you for the actions you take or don’t take today. What will you do?
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