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Joe Nation

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Member since: Mon May 27, 2013, 01:46 PM
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Government is NOT a business and should not be run like one

Government is about service to the people, all people. If the Trump years have proven nothing else, they have proven that running the government like a business is the quickest route to a bankrupt nation. Financially bankrupt, morally bankrupt, and constitutionally bankrupt. The Republican mantra that good governance can only be achieved through a steely-eyed focus on capitalism and profit has finally been thoroughly debunked.

In the 2024 presidential debates, I want to hear someone ask all of the candidates what government service means to them. How do they plan to serve the American people? That simple question will reveal exactly who they plan to serve.

You can hear the sound of rocks slamming shut as Trump supporters crawl back under them.

Back where they belong.

Our long national nightmare is finally over

The adults have returned and we can get on with the business of running a Nation. A Nation sorely in need of leadership and competent policies not based in fear and division. It feels like a new day even though the problems we face as a nation are all still dire. We are both figuratively and literally in the deepest depths of the winter. Spring is coming and we have the opportunity to regrow our county in a brighter more positive image.

Politically, I think the divisions of the other side present an opportunity to make significant gains in the next midterms and retain the executive for several terms to come. We finally have a real chance to take the reins of this country and make it a better future for everyone. Stay involved and keep voting in record numbers. The future is ours and we are on the eve of another roaring twenties.

Trump supporters should ask themselves this

Is there anyone in the country, or the world, or the universe that could step up to a microphone and say:

"I am asking for calm. Donald Trump is plain wrong. He lost the election by a lot. His own administration has said that this election was secure, free, and fair. Republican officials in several states have said that this election was secure and nothing indicated that there was any amount of significant fraud."

Would Trump supporters listen to anyone saying these words? Can you think of one individual on the planet that could say these things and would be believed by the vast majority of Trump supporters? Yeah, me neither. That is the definition of a cult. Where only one person on the planet is the voice of truth. Think about that.

Do the rest of us need to rush to the capitols in the event of an armed assault?

I keep thinking that we could have mounted a counter to the events in DC but we preferred to sit home and watch what we thought was going to be an uneventful grievance-fest. Well it didn't turn out that way and now I am left wondering if we shouldn't organize a 50 state response to the MAGA mob if they dare show up at any State House of the Capitol. They can't overwhelm the security forces AND a large group of democracy defenders.

Something on the order of the umbrella movement in Hong Kong only using the umbrellas to identify ourselves as counter to the terrorists. The umbrellas also serve other purposes like shielding the crowd from rocks and bottles.

Any thoughts on people taking to the streets and mounting a rescue of our democracy?

WORST Peaceful transition of power EVER!!!!

As transitions go, this one may be the worst peaceful transition of power in our country's history due entirely to the current Clownmander-in-Cheat. The name Trump will go down in US History on par with traitors like Benedict Arnold. School children will learn in their history classes what a miserable self-serving vindictive criminal Donald Trump was. The Trump face will be a popular Halloween mask for little children that want to look frightening while trick-or-treating. The name Trump will become a verb meaning someone who is a vile traitorous insurrectionists pig as in Stop Trumping us! Trump will replace the other vulgar swear words like FUCK YOU! with TRUMP YOU! Or Go TRUMP YOURSELF! I'm looking forward to using these phrases as soon as possible so, I hope that all Republican traitors get Skulled Trumped in their prison cells.

I think that we can finally put the idea that a business man makes a good president to bed

Apparently, running a company, managing a budget, employing workers, and catering to shareholders, doesn't actually teach you how to be a good president or teach you that sedition and insurrection are bad things.

Let's just say that Corporate America isn't exactly a wellspring of individuals interested in service for the public good.

I predict, as the Republican Party's civil war rages, you will see...

...people like Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, and multiple Republican House members, quit the Republican Party and join the newly created .... I guess the newly created Seditionist Party. This new political party will draw roughly half of the supporters away from the ranks of the current GOP. Watch and see who the first defectors will be and you will see just who plans to lead this new party. Nothing says that this is a well-thought-out move but it is really the only logical path forward for these extremists.

Vladimir Putin must be smiling ear-to-ear tonight

Everything Putin could have hoped for by interfering with our elections on Trump's behalf in 2016, Trump has delivered in spades. This country is more divided than ever. We have lunatics on the Right believing any propaganda that comes out of the orange orangutan's mouth. And now we have banana republic riots on the floor of the capital.

Yes Putin is very happy tonight. Very happy.

What can honestly be said to people that ignore COVID-19 restrictions?

I have these relatives that are educated, smart professionals and follow the news very closely especially when it comes to the pandemic. They know the risks. They know the dangers. They know their own potential for dying of this virus based on their comorbidities which are Type-1 diabetes, cancer survivor, and several other autoimmune issues. They have all had multiple negative COVID tests in the last year. They have one teenage child. My wife and I are the only relatives capable of raising their child in the event they both die. We are named as the child's guardians in their wills.

Okay, here is the issue... They are on their third vacation since the pandemic began. They've traveled to several states during these vacations, visited other relatives, and spent a lot of time in large metropolitan areas. They go to malls, beaches, water parks, and go out to eat constantly. They believe that they are acting in a safe and responsible manner and that we are too cautious.

My greatest fear, as my wife and I are about to retire, is that we will spend the first decade of our retirement raising their orphaned child. And there is nothing I can say to them that they will hear. It is useless to reason with them and I don't want to threaten them with refusing to be guardians because we are literally the only option they have and it isn't their child's fault that they are behaving this way. Heck, the kid is often used as the excuse for the vacation trips.

What would you say to these relative if they were yours? What can be said that they would even listen to? They already think that they are smarter than everyone else. I just hate the trajectory this could be headed towards.

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