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Member since: Wed Jul 24, 2013, 01:10 PM
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suggestion about presidential portrait

I've said several times that I want Trump to leave office in such disgrace that his official presidential portrait is never commissioned. I don't want his face to besmirch the White House or National Portrait Gallery.

But I've had a better idea: have the official portrait executed by a cartoonist.

Suggestions for who this should be? I go back and forth between Matt Groening and Tom Toles.

something we need to hear from every Democrat.

Every Democrat running for every office - at least on the national level.

What will you do if/when a Democratic president is sworn in in January 2021? Will you pardon Trump, or decline to pursue further investigations of his administration? Or will you allow due process to continue at the federal level and, if appropriate, allow the Department of Justice to bring legal proceedings against him?

Do we "look ahead" and not dwell on the past? Or do we learn from that past?

This is ESPECIALLY true for those Democrats seeking the party's nomination for the presidential election, but it also holds for those running for Senate or HR seats.

In my opinion, our country has suffered from well-intended efforts to "move forward" and "not look back." Ford pardoned Nixon. Bush the 1st decided not to pursue accountability over Iran-Contra. (He was probably neck-deep in it himself.) Obama dropped further investigation of the Bush the 2nd administration's warmongering in Iraq. No one really followed up when revelations were made about the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Nixon's deliberate derailing of peace efforts in 1968, or any of the other myriad scandals that were discovered years after they were revealed. It was all so much "let's not bicker and argue about who killed who."

The rationale was always "we should move forward." Dwelling on the past was seen as harmful and not productive.

Iran-Contra happened because of Watergate. The Iraq War happened because of Iran-Contra. Every day, we're seeing the current administration wipe its dripping anus with the US Constitution because so much latitude was given to Trump's predecessors. People in high positions broke the law, and there weren't consequences.

We need to hear this from every Democrat running for office - there will be no amnesty without accountability. Our country will not survive if we keep allowing bygones to be bygones.

congress has to subpoena everything

I'm on record as doubting Epstein's death was anything more than the suicide it appears to be. I still want his death investigated (pardon the pun) to death, because (a) I could be wrong, and there could indeed be some sort of foul play involved, and (b) if I'm right, there has to be accountability for grotesque negligence.

Whether there's a conspiracy or not (and as I've said, I lean not), it would be very easy for a certain shaved orangutan in the nation's capital to use Epstein's demise to his own benefit. We can't let that happen.

Why I don't (necessarily) buy Epstein conspiracy theories

Is it possible that someone got to Epstein to shut him up? Yes.

Is it likely? No - and neither is it the best explanation.

1. Suicide is actually a fairly common phenomenon for men - especially powerful men - publicly exposed as pedophiles. If Epstein committed suicide, itís not unusual. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3629679/

2. Yeah, a lot of powerful people were about to be exposed. But given what the Feds already have, Epsteinís death will do nothing to protect them. This isnít analogous to shooting Oswald days after Kennedy was assassinated, before anyone really knew what happened - Epstein was followed for many years, and the records are already in hand.

My thoughts, anyway. I donít completely reject the possibility that he was killed to keep him quiet, but iím not convinced we need to invoke it. His silence wonít have as much practical benefit as many think.
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