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Miles Archer

Profile Information

Name: Miles Archer
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hamilton Massachusetts
Home country: USA
Current location: Nevada
Member since: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 18,489

Journal Archives

New Yorkers, apparently big "Simpsons" fans, yell "BOOOO-urns" to Trump as he heads to polls

Video is at the link below.


Harrison Greenbaum Verified account

Here's a video of @realDonaldTrump getting booed on his way to vote for himself...

Posted by Miles Archer | Tue Nov 8, 2016, 01:58 PM (4 replies)

Sarah Palin, tonight, addressing a CAPACITY CROWD of Trump supporters in Zanesville OH.

President Obama's Final Campaign Appearance For Hillary Clinton

Posted by Miles Archer | Mon Nov 7, 2016, 10:58 PM (4 replies)

"This crowd is diverse. Young, old, different colors. And no signs or expressions of anger, hate..."

David CornVerified account
This crowd is diverse. Young, old, different colors. And no signs or expressions of anger, hate, or resentment.

"Self-funding" Trump wants you to send "$5 or $10" to buy volunteers "pizza, snacks, and water."

Donald Trump's campaign blasted out a fundraising email this morning asking for pizza money.

Trump has repeatedly vowed to self-fund his campaign in order to avoid becoming indebted to special interests. He continued to claim he was self-funding the effort even after he worked to fundraise and court wealthy donors. On the eve of the election, Trump has shoveled an estimated $66 million into his campaign—a substantial amount, but far less than the $100 million he promised. And in an email this morning, the Trump campaign once again put out its hand to supporters, in a pitch for more money that very clearly was targeted at small donors.


Paige Lavender Verified account

Trump campaign emails asking for $ "to help buy our volunteers pizza, snacks, and water"

Obviously, the purchase of snacks for volunteers might just be a ruse to elicit sympathy from small donors; fundraising emails from candidates on both sides often stretch the truth when it comes to the urgency of donations. How much money Trump's campaign really has on hand to buy pizza won't be known until well after the election, but at the last filing Trump's campaign reported having just $15 million on hand.

Last week, the Trump campaign announced it had raised $100 million from small donors in the month of October. That would have required the campaign to raise $65 million since the last official report, filed on October 19. There is no way to confirm that total before the election.

I found a PHOTO of Trump's imaginary Michigan Man of the Year major award...take THAT, rigged media!

The context:

It was a throwaway line, offered in a stream-of-consciousness riff about the state of the auto industry. Donald Trump, during a speech on Sunday, claimed that five years ago he was “honored” as “Man of the Year in Michigan.”

We have no clue what he’s talking about.

That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. But there is no apparent record of it happening, and the folks who might know aren’t talking.

The Huffington Post looked through various search engines and newspaper archives and found nothing. We checked with The Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold, who has scrubbed Trump’s bio down to the bone in his reporting. He said he knew of no such honor. We reached out to the office of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R). Nothing. We asked the Trump campaign. They didn’t respond.

Posted by Miles Archer | Mon Nov 7, 2016, 02:07 PM (6 replies)

Twitter-cuckolded manchild Trump rages over FBI's failure to jail Clinton over duplicate emails

Let's see if we can follow the trail of breadcrumbs back to Donald Trump's sanity.

1). No "smoking gun" in the Weiner laptop.

2). As a matter of fact, most of the emails were duplicates of emails already reviewed bu the FBI.

3). This is proof, in Trump's mind, that the FBI is "rigged."

4). Twitter YANKED from his tiny orange fingers by his handlers...all of those sweet, sweet tweets being posted by the people who are out to get him, and all he can do is sit back and watch helplessly...

5). Nope...no sanity here!

Trump Says The FBI Clearing Clinton Is More Proof The System Is ‘Rigged’
“You can’t review 650,000 new emails in eight days. You can’t do it, folks.”
11/06/2016 08:45 pm ET


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Sunday blasted FBI director James Comey’s announcement that Hillary Clinton will face no charges in connection with newly discovered emails the bureau has been reviewing.

Trump said Comey’s decision is proof that things in Washington are “rigged” in Clinton’s favor.

“Right now, she is being protected by a rigged system. It’s a totally rigged system,” Trump told supporters in Michigan. “You can’t review 650,000 new emails in eight days. You can’t do it, folks.”

Most of the new emails, found on the computer of disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), the estranged husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin, were duplicates of emails the agency had already reviewed, according to NBC News.

An OUTRAGED Bernie Kerik questions Comey's speed reading skills, confirms America's non-stupidity


Bernard B. Kerik Verified account
There are 691,200 seconds in 8 days. FBI Director Comey reviewed 650,000 emails in 8 days? An email per second? Americans aren't stupid!

Ann Coulter: Melania looks beautiful in clothes, will be a lovely, adorable Jackie O First Lady

Ann Coulter, conservative commentator and author of the book “In Trump We Trust,” is breaking down the final campaign blitz. Ann sat down with “Extra” to weigh in on today’s big political headline, concerning Melania Trump’s cyberbullying speech.

Many are wondering how Melania can combat that, since they believe her husband is the leader of the cyberbullying pack. Ann commented, “It’s unfair and they are blaming a victim.” She defended Donald, saying, “When he has been slandered unfairly and attacked, ya, he punches back. I don’t think Trump is a bully, he fights back, he punches twice as hard, but you have to if you’re going to fight against the ruling class.”

As for the type of First Lady Melania would be, Ann shared, “We’re not voting for her, we’re voting for him… I think she will be a fantastic First Lady, the way we thought of First Ladies back with Jackie O, she’ll be a style setter, she is beautiful, she looks beautiful in clothes, she’s gracious. I think her accent is adorable. I think she’ll be a lovely First Lady and she won’t be bossing her husband around.”


46 nicknames Sam Bee bestowed upon ‘crotch-fondling slab of rancid meatloaf’ Donald Trump

Posted by Miles Archer | Sun Nov 6, 2016, 08:02 AM (2 replies)
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