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Miles Archer

Profile Information

Name: Miles Archer
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hamilton Massachusetts
Home country: USA
Current location: Nevada
Member since: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 18,489

Journal Archives

Evil Dick: Rectal rehydration was not "one of the authorized or approved techniques"


He insisted the so-called enhanced interrogation techniques were all legally justified and inconsistent with "torture," though he conceded that the practice of "rectal rehydration" mentioned in the report, "was not one of the authorized or approved techniques."

Cheney said he also rejects the allegation that his boss, President George W. Bush, was kept in the dark. He was in fact an integral part of the program. He had to approve it before we moved forward with it, Cheney said. He knew everything he needed to know and wanted to know about the program."

While the brutal and graphic descriptions of the techniques have dominated headlines and been labeled "torture" by President Obama, Cheney says critics have lost sight of the context.

The former vice president said he's particularly bothered by criticism over the treatment of Khalid Sheilk Mohammad, the alleged mastermind of 9/11. He is in our possession, we know hes the architect [of the attacks], what are we supposed to do? Kiss him on both cheeks? Cheney said.

Name a band/performer that had it ALL...image, material, performance...coming out of the GATE.

I wouldn't include Elvis in this because he had the image, he had the performance, but did NOT write the material.

I'm trying to think of performers who wrote their own songs, played the hell out of them, and had a fitting look / vibe...on the first album, not performers who "grew into greatness" later.

We slam people at F.R. for "groupthink," and in doing so, shouldn't accept it here.

I've been silent, for the most part, on the Michael Brown / Ferguson situation, because when it comes to my thoughts on the subject, I break ranks with the vast majority of what I have seen on DU.

That's my right.

That's DU's right.

And I'm not going to spell out how I feel about it all...suffiice it to say that the majority of DU looks at it one way and I look at it another.

The other day I posted Pharell Williams' thoughts on the subject...WITHOUT COMMENT...and some fucking dirtwad stepped up and called me out over my "increasingly cringe-worthy" posts. Well, ya know, FUCK him, because he is now on my ignore list. Just go through the Kama Sutra page by page and FUCK this guy with what you see.

I have my opinions. Michael Brown is not my dashboard Jesus, and there is NO WAY IN HELL I can sign off on assholes on the streets of Ferguson burning down businesses that the owners have sacrificed EVERYTHING for. Blocking freeways and keeping innocent people from getting to and from work will NEVER get a high five from me. NEVER.

In short, there are people who are on board with the consensus on DU when it comes to certain issues, and people who are not.

When it comes to Michael Brown, with all due respect to the majority on DU, I am not with you.

And I am CONFIDENT that DU...being the HOME of progressive thought on the Web...will respect my desire to keep my opinions to myself and my mouth shut.

OR, the people who need to be "right" will have their say.

Either way, I'm not with you on this, folks. Respectfully so.
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