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Fred Sanders

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Member since: Fri Dec 13, 2013, 07:55 PM
Number of posts: 23,946

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Koch Brothers Confirmed as Huge Owners of Tar Sands Oil Leases - 1.5 Million Acres Estimate

And so there goes the we are not benefiting from our campaign contributions meme of the richest fascists in world history:

"Even without counting possible acreage acquired through such means (partly owned subsidiaries), what’s clear is this: Koch Industries through its wholly owned subsidiaries ranks as the largest leaseholder among U.S. or non-Canadian firms and no lower than the third-largest overall."

A mapping service called GeoScout has compiled figures for Koch that indicate that it has 1.47 million net acres of leases.


● Cenovus Energy (Canada) 1.57 million* (includes rights to an air weapons range)

● Athabasca Oil Corp. (Canada) 1.56 million**

● Koch (U.S.) 1.12 million to 1.47 million***

● Canadian Natural Resources (Canada) 1 million*

● Suncor (Canada) 986,000****

The headline on Real Clear Politics site is - Washington Post Corrects Story On Kochs and Canada Oil Sands....I am not making that up.

Poll: Which Current Democratically Elected Government Does America Hate Most?

1. Thailand
2. Egypt
3. Ukraine
4. Venezuela

Two out of four removed from office for not being sufficiently subservient to America, two to go.

The Worm Has Turned: Obamacare Support At Record Highs - time to turn the screw on Republicans

"The worm has turned. Republicans have figured out that running around simply screaming that America needs to "Repeal Obamacare!" isn't going to work this fall. As Bobby Jindal's recent foray into the wonderful world of health care reform proposals indicates, they know for sure it won't work in 2016.
But if you don't want to believe Jindal, and want actual data, we've got that on our side too. Earlier this week, support for Obamacare reached the highest level achieved in any of the 20 polls done by ABC/Washington Post. With 49 supporting and 48 percent opposed, this is a serious turnaround from ABC/WaPo's numbers from last November (after the botched rollout of healthcare.gov) that showed 40 percent supporting and 57 percent."

Amid some sage advice:

"We have to go on offense and hang "Repeal Obamacare" around their necks. We must make them run on taking away health insurance from what will be, a year from now, tens of millions of Americans. If they're smart, they'll be running away from repeal faster than you can say "former Senator Mitch McConnell."


ABC poll and commentary:

"While still shy of a majority, 49 percent support is numerically the highest on record - albeit by a single point - in more than 20 ABC/Post polls since August 2009. The previous high was 48 percent in November 2009. The low was 39 percent in April 2012; the average, 45 percent.

Taking it another way, while not statistically significant, this survey's +1 positive score for the law is a first. Other than an even 47-47 percent in July 2012, it's been numerically negative in every other measurement, ranging from -1 to last November's -17, averaging -5 points."



Republicans will run on the Ryan/Koch budget and repeal Obamacare for tens of millions.
If we run on a working fix of the broken health care system, minimum wage increases and equality....we win, by a landslide.

What really gets me is how the mass media was in such a frenzy over a glitchy website, but now that the projected numbers, the same numbers from the same sources, have been exceeded, they stand mute. And not just mute, they in the corporate media, perhaps shocked and awed by their own incompetence, will now never mention the numbers without carrying water for the Republican propagandists that still attack the numbers, without regard to the projected enrolment numbers always being subject to cancellations, unpaid, etc. latter factored in.....the unawareness of their own ignorance is bottomless...the mass media is the enemy my friends as much as the Republicans.
Fight fear with facts, slam them over their hard heads repeatedly with nothing more than the facts.

So the lesson of Ft. Hood is that a Christian soldier with a mental illness should create sympathy,

but mental illness in an Islamic soldier should create hate and fear?

Got it.

The Christian soldiers motives for a shooting are still being investigated, but the Islamic soldier is clearly motivated by terrorism......no need to investigate further.

Speaking of mental illness, believing in an Earth 7,000 years old despite no evidence to support that, but massive evidence to the contrary, that is not a mental illness?
Posted by Fred Sanders | Sun Apr 6, 2014, 08:40 AM (6 replies)

My Free Speech: WSJ Follows Up Koch Brothers Attack on America With Insane Attack on Obamacare

The Rupert Murdock print edition of Fox News followed up its recent freely provided publication of the free speech screed of the Koch Brothers supporting fascism in America with an equally insane screed by resident screed producer Peggy Noonan, attacking the Affordable Care Act with a fact and logic free and thoroughly incoherent ranting on how the President's signature legislation exceeding it's targeted enrolment for private signups as further evidence of the "catastrophe"' all actual evidence to the contrary.

I am not providing a link, it makes me feel complicit, but it really is just some really weird and nasty stuff, essentially substituting her own personal opinion for facts and running with it to a final judgement, kind of like the conservative Republican judges on SCOTUS.

Apparently facts are just too complicated for conservatives to bother with even trying to understand, so why bother trying to support your opinion with facts?...that appears to be the thesis.

A sample:

""What the bill declared it would do—insure tens of millions of uninsured Americans—it has not done. There are still tens of millions uninsured Americans. On the other hand, it has terrorized millions who did have insurance and lost it, or who still have insurance and may lose it.

The program is unique in that it touches on an intimate and very human part of life, the health of one's body, and yet normal people have been almost wholly excluded from the debate. This surely was not a bug but a feature. Given a program whose complexity is so utter and defeating that it defies any normal human attempt at comprehension, two things will happen. Those inclined to like the spirit of the thing will support it on the assumption the government knows what its doing. And the opposition will find it difficult to effectively oppose—or repeal the thing—because of the program's bureaucratic density and complexity. It's like wrestling a manic, many-armed squid in ink-darkened water."

I am not making that up, because you see how that works. The very complexity required of a health reform law that seeks to cover as many people as possible with health insurance while at the same time controlling the health care industry costs of a for profit delivery system is just too immense that it must by definition be a failure.

Furthermore, millions are apparently being terrorized by this law, as loose a use of the word as you will find.

Peggy, we all know you are paid by the word to attack the President, but just because you can not understand anything only means all your opinions about that thing are, by definition, a catastrophe.
Posted by Fred Sanders | Fri Apr 4, 2014, 08:48 AM (0 replies)

GW University Poll on Koch Brothers in Politics: Shocking Number Have Unfavourable View

A new George Washington University poll finds that of the 48% of people of have heard of the Koch Brothers, the now infamous Billionaires trying to purchase politicians like one buys groceries, almost half have a strongly unfavourable view of the billionaires who now are set to benefit even more from campaign spending rules and limits shred to pieces by America's top court, without allowing time for Congress to prepare a substitute.

20% of the total polled had a Strong Unfavourable opinion of the formerly secretive couple.

Another 5% have a somewhat strong negative view.

"Voters know that there are these very wealthy, out-of-state special interests who are gaming the system, trying to buy Congress," said Justin Barasky, a spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. "They all understand the quid-pro-quo argument."

In total 1 in 4 of the voters surveyed in the GWU-Battleground poll hold an unfavorable view of the Kochs, more than 50% who have heard of them, a number Barasky described as "shockingly high." Meanwhile, just 13 percent of respondents said they view them favorably.

The numbers are shocking because the strongly disapprove numbers are extremely high for political figures who are relatively unknown compared to other political fixtures.

On page 3:



The recent thrusting of the Koch Brothers name into the national media limelight has been a determined theme of Senate majority leader Harry Reid and now being embraced more by other Democratic Party leaders and candidates as a clear and consistent talking point they can use to focus attention on the growing concern among Americans, as evidenced in this poll, of the undue influence and corrupting effect of massive amounts of both disclosed and undisclosed money pouring into ad purchases swamping the airwaves even in an off election year, 2013 and now continuing unabated into 2014.

The insightful poll was taken at the same time that the Koch Brothers, in an opinion piece published by the Wall Street Journal, owned by the equally infamous billionaire medial mogul owner of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, revealed their love of Ayn Rand economic theories and unrestricted fascism, even as top Republican Presidential hopefuls were seen dutifully trekking to Sin City to promote family values and beg for money from another billionaire competing in the same political meat market purposely unleashed by the top court.

Senator Reid today responded with delight to the WSJ screed with more attacks on the increasingly well known and increasingly hapless duo who now must face increasing public awareness of not only who they are, but also why they do what they do to buy politicians.

Senator Reid was pleased to respond to the WSJ screed by thanking the publication for the extra publicity and for revealing the evil underpinnings of fascism that the Koch's advocate for America, Ukraine and other countries throughout the world.

"Reid discussed Koch's editorial at a press conference on raising the minimum wage Thursday afternoon. He said the op-ed made it clear he is "getting under their skin." Reid also relished in announcing Sen. Jerry Moran, a Republican from Kansas, had just read the entirety of the op-ed on the Senate floor.

"I’ve helped make them a little more infamous or famous, and I’m glad I’ve done that," Reid said.

Reid launched his offensive against the Koch brothers about a month ago. In a conversation with Business Insider and other reporters last month, Reid said one of the main goals of his anti-Koch campaign was getting Republicans to publicly defend the Koch brothers and their company."

Read more:



Go get 'em, Harry, and grow a backbone the rest of you.

Republican Congressman and Fox News Fearmongers About "Jihadist attack", to scare more old people

with non-existing or to the contrary or conflated speculation. When are Republicans going to be held to task by voters or the media for their racist and fact free free mongering for political gain with their ever trembling "base", otherwise known as the tea party folk?

Representative Michael McCaul, the chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, said that as many as four people died in the attack, including the gunman.

On a conference call with reporters, Mr. McCaul said that authorities had identified the suspect as Ivan Lopez but that a motive for the shooting remained unclear.

The gunman was wearing an Army uniform, but it was unclear whether he was on active duty, Mr. McCaul said.

He said that law enforcement authorities might have prevented a third shooting, prompting concern that the base is “becoming a target for potential jihadists.”


The mad shooter is described as a white male, his name is Ivan Lopez, 33 years old......a Ft. Hood soldier.........these fear mongering liars of Foxaganda and the GOP have to go from positions of power any way peaceably possible. Using a non- attack non-event fictional could be instead to attack the fearsome Mooslims because something something unrelated...boo!...is as despicable as it gets.
Posted by Fred Sanders | Wed Apr 2, 2014, 09:54 PM (2 replies)

Louisiana Governor Piush Jindal, aka "Bobby", channels The Brady Bunch

Yes, as a young man and dissatisfied Hindu, the former Piush Jindal was so fond of the TV hit series The Brady Bunch that he changed his name. To Bobby. And also converted from Hinduism to Roman Catholic to better fit in with the fictional TV family he longed to be a part of.

So in keeping with changing the name but keeping the dishonesty theme of his life, Bobby Jindal-
Brady is changing the names of all the old parts of the old Republican healthcare "reforms" that do nothing for the uninsured and calling it a change of religion as well.

Because Obamacare is such a failure, of course, and the pixelated and non-existent in the real world Brady family must have paid for their own health care without mooching from the governmental so why can't everyone be like Bobby Jindal-Brady?...wonder what his Pope would say about that......

(Full disclosure: no idea if the Brady family was Roman Catholic, but just saying they sure could have been.....)

Half part sad and half part mad.

Just what America needs in a President.

Posted by Fred Sanders | Wed Apr 2, 2014, 06:22 PM (2 replies)

SCOTUS McCutchenson is not the doom and gloom knee jerked reacted by The Press...

...on the contrary it leaves in place individual politician limits and leaves the disclosure provisions alone also.
So the billionaires still need to give their individual bribes out in single honeypots, but they still can use the PAC's and conceal the money that way, and buy politicians and the media the current still corrupt way.....or die trying, right, Mr. Adelusion, sir? May I also kiss your as....., I mean, ring?

Kennedy joined in the majority, only Thomas would have let the money stay dark as well.

The goal was to overturn Buckley but this is not what happened, it clarifies Buckley by saying a you can buy as money honeypots as you want but each honeypot can only be THIS big, whatever the current law is...Thomas is enraged enough to right a dissent against Roberts....this is fun.

Unlimited total contributions is not the greatest thing, that can be countered by publicity, the open buying of candidates is still prohibited.....though pretending it is not happening is still permitted by The Press.
Posted by Fred Sanders | Wed Apr 2, 2014, 11:27 AM (2 replies)

The Cost of Cruelty: Republicans are scared to death of exposure of their Medicaid Death Panels

Voters should know who’s holding up their health care and Democratics should run with the ACA! Not against it.

Not new, just ignored by the MSM thirsty for more ad money.


New report says thousands of uninsured will go without medical tests and treatments

January 30, 2014|By Tim Darragh and Steve Esack, Of The Morning Call
The Corbett administration's decision not to expand Medicaid under the new federal health-care law will result in an additional 400-1,500 deaths in Pennsylvania a year, nearly 13,000 additional families with catastrophic medical expenses and tens of thousands of cases of untreated depression, diabetes and missed screening tests, according to a study published Thursday.

Gathered by researchers from Harvard University and the City University of New York, the estimates show that in the states that opted out of expanding Medicaid, 7,000-17,000 additional deaths will occur among people who would have been covered had expansion been supported.


All it takes is a little courage and a little exposure. Shame the blood and money thirsty media into reporting the obvious or risk another Iraq war like debacle, where the truth is smothered under tons and tons of bullshit flung at any truth that dare be mentioned.


Here is an opinion on how:

"Louisiana isn’t the only state where Republicans are preventing thousands of low-income Americans from receiving health care. In Virginia, where state lawmakers refuse to expand Medicaid, hospitals will face higher costs and reduced services as a result. One million Texans will be denied access to coverage if the state continues to reject the Medicaid expansion. Meanwhile, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant is willing to leave 300,000 of his neediest citizens uninsured. His reasoning? He’s afraid that the law might be repealed, leaving his state no way to meet its commitments — an ironic stance for a Republican to take, since they’re the ones trying to repeal it!

The 19 states that are refusing to expand Medicaid aren’t just leaving low-income Americans out to dry — they’re also leaving billions of health-care dollars on the table. While Bobby Jindal busies himself over a billboard, his state’s internal analysis found that Medicaid expansion would save Louisiana as much as $134 million in 2015 alone.

The real cost of Republican cruelty, however, cannot be measured in dollars and cents, but in people’s lives. Researchers at Harvard and the City University of New York concluded that without the Medicaid expansion, individuals will go without checkups, cancer screenings and treatment for diseases such as diabetes and depression — leading to thousands of premature and preventable deaths."

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