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sadoldgirl's Journal
sadoldgirl's Journal
April 25, 2016

Should HRC become POTUS and sign the TPP

and the other trade agreements, what influence will
this have not just on the Fed. government, but on our
courts, and states?

April 23, 2016

Since all the Clinton supporters disregard

the FBI investigation, let's look at this from a different

A) I don't believe that she will be indicted

B) All the repugs need to do is show the video with
the POTUS saying that his former SoS was

Question posed: Who wants a careless POTUS????

April 21, 2016

Short and perhaps stupid question:What happened to BMUS?

I miss her terribly!

April 20, 2016

I hope that Bernie will make a turn after the election.

No matter, who gets into the WH, Bernie has now
connections in all 50 states and can start a new
Green-Social Democratic Party, which will immediately
attract the progressive element of the Dems, as well
as a lot of indies.

There has to be a change like this for the future,
because taking over the Third Way party will not
be permitted.

What do you think?

April 16, 2016

Should HRC release a few on her speeches

to WS or large corporation, how do we really know
whether they are original or just made up?

April 12, 2016

Just saw on reddit one guy complaining that

he was a life long Dem, but was told he had switched.

This is in NY. There were people advising him, what to do.

Does the party not realize that those people are so angry,

that they won't vote in the GE?

April 12, 2016

Since I got no answers before I make this an OP

I don't believe that there will be any indictment for HRC.

BUT: What happens, when the FBI report states:

"Insufficient Evidence"????

How would that effect the a) nomination, b) election?

April 4, 2016

May I make a suggestion to all of us, please?

I noticed in the HRC threads that either one
day ahead of time or early in the morning
their meme will be decided.

I think it is the best idea to possibly respond
to the first OP, but then to ignore the rest of
them on the same issue totally.

This way they don't get the attention they
crave for and the issue will become obsolete.

Sorry, just my way of thinking.

April 3, 2016

All this brouhaha about caucuses makes no sense.

I dislike them, and would like to see open primaries
in all states with the proviso that you can only vote
for one party.

That said, the facts - at least in my state - are that
it comes down to money. Primaries have to be paid
by the state, caucuses by the parties.

We used to have primaries, the state budget was
tight, legislature killed primaries.

Actually now it seems that the Dems would like to return to the
primary system, but I doubt that the repugs will
support it. Without their support the caucuses will stay.

Just wanted to clear this up.

March 23, 2016

There is a very important part most

of us leave out of the primary/GE equation:
The purple states.
I think it was a rather close win for HRC in
Nevada (+5-6%), but a healthy one for Trump.

In my state (CO) Bernie won pretty well, but
the repugs did not decide on any candidate.
This state helped (though barely) Obama in 12.

My fear is that the little bit of purple we have left
will be wiped out by a HRC nomination and will go
straight over back to the red side. That would
probably include a Senator, and one or two reps.

I wonder what other people think, who also live
in purple states.

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