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sadoldgirl's Journal
sadoldgirl's Journal
March 23, 2016

There is a very important part most

of us leave out of the primary/GE equation:
The purple states.
I think it was a rather close win for HRC in
Nevada (+5-6%), but a healthy one for Trump.

In my state (CO) Bernie won pretty well, but
the repugs did not decide on any candidate.
This state helped (though barely) Obama in 12.

My fear is that the little bit of purple we have left
will be wiped out by a HRC nomination and will go
straight over back to the red side. That would
probably include a Senator, and one or two reps.

I wonder what other people think, who also live
in purple states.

March 17, 2016

By now I am truly disgusted with the HRC supporters.

Intimidation, indirect voter "suppression" seem to take
hold today by many of her supporters.

27 states have not voted yet, and there are quite a
number of big ones. That is more than half of the states.
It is either:"Trump is coming" fear mongering or
"It is all over,so unite behind the Inevitable" discouragement.

This "Fall in line now!" reminds me of repug tactics, and should
be totally abhorrent to the dems.

Don't forget that HRC will need all the help she can get from
the Bernie supporters, but this attitude drives them exactly
in the opposite direction.

Bernie said he would be in this competition until the
convention, and he will do so. Deal with that without
screaming out "Get out already!"

Your effort to influence lurkers or some undecideds,
will only bring you a large loss of votes for HRC.

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