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Member since: Tue Jan 28, 2014, 12:49 PM
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OMG. My local news is fact checking.

Will wonders never cease.

"She doesn't quit and she doesn't give up." nt

She is doing a great job of listening.

Just a straight, attentive face. Adult listening to child, not condescending. Perfect.

Of course it doesn't.

We're talking segregation, closeting, and the "little woman" back then.

As messed up as it is, I will take now.

OK, I keep flashing on this as I watch Pence.


Uh, you just said, in the single post I am replying to,

1) "Yet a lot of people want to hit it with a sledge hammer and say over and over that the entire incident was sexist. Well, duh, I have said that in all my posts." (Italics mine.)

2) "And got a bunch of people with their undies in a bunch outraged that even a small aspect of the situation might not have necessarily been sexist." (Again, italics mine.)

Contradictory, I submit. And, I submit, not the first time, although I believe it's the first time in a single post.

ETA: Oh myyyyyyyyyy......

I came in in the middle of this brouhaha, so I just noticed this in the post that started it all, good 'ol #15:

"I don't think there is necessarily a sexist component to what the airline did, other than accommodating a sexist request." (Once again, italics mine.)

Ladies and gentlemen, the root of the righteously bunched panties.

Accommodating a sexist request is sexist. The point that followed about how to do it efficiently is deck chairs on the Titanic.

Just happened to be thinking about Octavia Butler.

I miss her so much.


I hate to tell you, but I don't think they even think about that.

His diehard supporters are pissed, whether that's rational or not, whether the choice of targets is rational or not.

Trump is the guy who supports their prejudices and tells them they're great.

Logic doesn't work. Positive emotion doesn't work. Appeals from people who don't echo their prejudices don't work.

I really think they're unreachable by the good guys.

This is really making me weep.

There's not that many reasons, or avenues, that one gets in his position.

Connections help, but I don't think he started out with any.

Smarts, education, motivation, developing connections. That's a lot of work.

Motivation - me or we? Well, I do still think he's a corporatist, and I can see how he (I assume) found it necessary, whether I agree or not.

But do I think he's basically for we the people? Well, duh.

Am I grateful? Well, duh.

Oscar’s Ageism

With recent protests being particularly embarrassing to the Academy, AMPAS has now moved to try deal with what they perceive to be their “too many voting old white men” problem.

But they’re doing it in exactly the wrong way, exchanging their existing diversity problems for outright ageism.

Rather than changing their membership and voting rules going forward for new members in a manner that would encourage racial and other diversity, they’ve decided to try cull their oldest members — some in their 90s who have been Academy members for many decades and have always played by the rules — by stripping them of their Oscar voting rights.

While this obviously does not rise to the level of the kind of rampant workplace ageism and discrimination as reported recently by The New York Times, it still is a slap in the face to loyal, older AMPAS members who have done absolutely nothing wrong, and is yet another example of society kicking older persons in the gut as an ostensible “quick fix” solution for complex structural problems.

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