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Member since: Tue Jan 28, 2014, 12:49 PM
Number of posts: 6,592

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Just got an email from Lyft.

All the security it discussed was for the passenger, not the driver, even though they were recruiting drivers. And no link to ask a question.

& you, buddy.

Just found this thinking about Randy Newman.

Unless I'm missing something, it's far from his best. But at least he's paying attention. I wonder a lot about Lehrer's opinion.


I don't want to punch Trump.

I don't want him on death row. I don't want him in solitary confinement. I don't want him assassinated (argh, that seems too adult a term to apply to him anyway).

I just want him put away where he can't hurt the country and the world.

I'd pay my share to keep him in comfort if he'd just go away.

Might make you feel better about today.


Record voter turnout in Harris County (Houston)

HOUSTON - Early voting polls opened in Harris County at 8 a.m. Monday.

Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart tells KHOU 11 News that the number of voters turning up is already breaking records.

As of noon 6,000 people were voting per hour in Harris County, according to Stanart. This is the highest in county history.


OK, I get it now, FWIW,

Having seen it in another post that didn't use the highlighted part as the title.

Nevertheless (to the person who did so, not to all), I maintain that telling someone to shut up is not the way to get them to see your point, if such is indeed your purpose.

Well, actually, let me amend that to....

Unsolicited advice that amounts to "shut up."

I don't react well to that. What am I supposed to say? Golly gee sir/madam, now that you point it out, I do see that I should not have expressed that opinion. Thank you for correcting me and I will remember to shut up in the future?

When I no longer find a "conversation" productive, I generally leave, which I am now actually, completely doing.

I see I attracted a lot of replies. "Thank you" or "Dear Sir/Madam, you may be right," as applicable.

Sure do.

And what I am offering is my opinion on a topic, not direct advice to the person with whom I am conversing.

I don't believe I have offered you, or anyone here to my recollection, any advice that was not requested.

If I'm wrong about that, I apologize and retract any unsolicited advice I may have inadvertently offered.

Does this exist?

I recently got a network drive, and it's turned my Kindle Fire into a jukebox.

Needless to say, the sound is not that great.

Does there exist any kind of receiver/speaker that hooks into the network drive by WIFI? I've looked a bit and not yet seen anything.

"Why, he's monster!"

From A Face in the Crowd. (Charlatan exposed by open mic.)

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