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Member since: Tue Jan 28, 2014, 11:49 AM
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The America of my parents (baby boomer)

was where it was at.

Yeah, it needed serious tweaking with regard to women and minorities. But it was definitely proceeding in the right direction until Reagan ran it off the rails.

If you're sharing funny kid's names,

You are at least indirectly making fun of the kids, or at least not seeing them for themselves.

Whoosh yourself.

And I think your teacher friend should find a new profession.



Oh, thank you for the pic.

Brought tears to my eyes and gratitude to my heart.

On edit - about the third guy:

Again on edit.

Those people in the photo are not "them"! They are US!

When I saw the end of Colbert tonight,

(think he needs to loosen up, think that he will), all I could think of, when I saw Paul Simon being cut off on one of his most famous songs was this:


Um, all-female combat units?

We live in the real world here.

All I'm arguing for is for every individual to be given a fair chance according to the rules, and that the rules be reasonable according to the circumstances.

What that appears to show

Is that they're accepting women who don't meet standards, or the standards are too low.

I certainly don't think every woman is qualified to perform every job, any more than a man is.

But I do want everyone to be eligible to hold jobs for which they qualify, and I'm sure there are at least some women who would qualify for any given job.

I love seeing photos of the young Bernie.

Speak your truth and stick to it. Your time will come.

Why in the hell

Don't people masturbate, instead of involving non-consenting beings in whatever fantasies they have? Jocelyn Elders was right.

Help with t-shirt?

I'm looking for a Bernie shirt that's printed front *and* back, and I'm not having much luck. I'm hoping perhaps someone else has already located some and might give me some links.

I did find one that was OK ("Talk Bernie to Me" on the front, and 11 points on the back), but a) it won't be shipped until their "campaign" gets enough orders and b) I really want glasses or hair under the front slogan. I found another shirt with the slogan and glasses, but it doesn't have anything on the back.

Most shirts don't have anything on the back. That's just wasting real estate!

I also like anything that includes "political revolution," but, again, I really want content on the back as well.

Don't knock yourself out trying to help me (not that I particularly expect anyone would), but if you already know of something, thank you very much!

Edited to fix inevitable stupid typo.
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