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Member since: Sun Feb 16, 2014, 05:50 AM
Number of posts: 3,595

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Who's the guy with the iPods for dementia people.

He was featured on a couple of NPR shows. He brought iPods into dementia units and got the residents involved with recollections based on their songs from events in their lives.

I want to suggest he do a program on toys for dementia residents. I recall that one facility my mom was in had dolls for residents and several of the residents took pleasure in the dolls. There were no other toys. I suspect toys, dolls, model planes and such would go along way to improving the quality of lives of residents.

I would like to suggest this to him.

Monarch Butterflies -- Have you seen any this year?

So far, I haven't seen any in my travels in N.J.

When parents can't care for themselves...

My mother has been in assisted living (dementia, but not Alzheimers) for six years now, at a cost of $5,980. per month. So just a couple of things I have learned.

Visit an Elder Law attorney. Do this if possible while your parents still have their faculties.

If one of your parents were a veteran during war time, BOTH parents are eligible for aid if their income meets the V.A. guidelines. Each state has veteran assistance offices. The V.F.W. or Amer. Legion office can help you find your office.

If your town or county has a social services office, they also can be of help.

Dinesh D'Sousa's new movie-- who plans to see it?

War profiteer advertising on D.U. Yes, its true.

Boeing greeted me this morning with an image of "The Growler" and how I need to click to find out how to support this protector of my safety.

W.T.F, D.U. administrators?

Did "Joe the Plumber" just fuck over the N.R.A.?

Sammy was quoted on Talking Points Memo. "Guns are for hunting down politicians..."

Politicians are mostly selfish bastards, interested only in their own well being. If Simple Sam is correct, it would be in politician's interest to vote against the N.R.A.

I am watching the PBS documentary on the bombing of MOVE on Philadelphia

What a bunch of sick fucks.... and I don't mean the Move members.

To think, until he opened his mouth, Bundy could'a been the GOP nominee in '16.

Today was one shitty day.

Joyce died in June. We were together for 23 years. Her daughter came today to clean out her stuff -- clothing, jewelry toiletries and so forth. Daughter had been putting it off for the same reason I didn't look forward to it. Watching her stuff disappear.

Her daughter is great and we have been supportive of each other, thank goodness for her, my family and my friends.

Then came the photographs... places we had been together. London, Lands End, Oxford, San Francisco, Maine, Cape Cod... places I will likely never visit again because of the memories.

Included in the photos, of course were those of other people who are no longer with us..

I am typing here with tears in my eyes.

I am a 70 year old guy with not too much to look forward to.

Cherish the ones you are with.

It's 10:00 a.m. on Sunday.

Where's my fukin' L.O.L. Cats?
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