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Member since: Tue Feb 25, 2014, 09:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,836

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Just listened to Pelosi explain why SOTU should not be

Given due to security concerns. She is so on the money and so correct about the security issues. She is such a badass. I am continually in awe of her.

Why are the ICE guys all bald? Not one for

Superficial looks but this is weird!


Dang never listened to McCarthy speak false patronizing

Sanctimonious ugh

How long has it been since Trump last tweeted?

I keep up with his tweets through DU and I’m starting to get the feeling Trump is busy looking for the best escape route out of the White House. He equates tweeting with “presidenting” and seems he is somewhat speechless.

Very telling from the exchange today in the Oval Office that Trump has never

had to answer to a woman that he perceives as more powerful than himself. Nancy Pelosi is absolutely the correct person to represent us at this time. She has the strength and the smarts and the strategic thinking that progressives need to beat Trump and his ilk.

Consider that Speaker of the House is second in line

to succeed the President (after Pence). I can’t think of anyone more ready than Nancy Pelosi. I have tremendous respect for her. Smart and tough as nails. I support her 100%.

I have never felt such a feeling of revolting nausea

as I feel when passing over Trump’s name.... there’s never any good associated with news surrounding him. He has no redeeming qualities. Very difficult to stay on top of the news as he is unfortunately continually in the news. But.... I have faith we will vote in force in the midterms and our voices will be heard!

Hirono .... much respect for this impressive senator

Awesome in her questioning. Awesome in interviews after the fact. Love her.

Has Senator Harris questioner either Ford or Kav?nt

Sitting at a bar in Boston Logan Airport in walks a

woman with a “I really don’t care do U” jacket ugh.
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