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TheNutcracker's Journal
TheNutcracker's Journal
November 1, 2014

My friend asks Bernie Sanders to comment on 'small hydro'


Published on Oct 31, 2014

Senator Sanders at a Oct. 26, 2014 Hinesburg Vt. forum with Gov. Shumlin and other Vermont Representatives and State Senators, was asked to comment on Barton Vermont's exploration of small hydro at Crystal Lake Falls (www.Bartonhydro.org). This is his response.

K&R for Bernie to the greatest page!!!

PS: Coming soon, another interview that is almost 14 minutes long!

October 30, 2014

Danny Burgess, FLA (R) “Duke Energy Did Not Buy My Vote… Honest!”


Really the candidate Danny Burgess would “love to answer THAT question…” THREE Times but alas he never does. There is nothing more entertaining than watching a candidate squirm about campaign CA$H and the wink and a nod “obligations” that are always attached to it.

Danny, what turnip truck do you think that the voters fell off of to believe the malarkey that you are attempting to feed us. The mere ca$hing of THE CHECK represents tacit agreement with the benefactor. Watch in this short video as Danny denies this repeatedly.
October 29, 2014

FLA Candidate Contrast: Ledbetter Mature Responsive, Burgess Immature, Phony and Not to be Trusted!

Should anyone expect Danny Burgess to actually answer ANY questions either about his positions on important issues or concerning his hyper-inflated resume upon which he stakes his candidacy? Why of course not! Why would the next "young gun" Republican Shill for Corporate America ala the American Legislative Exchange Council, have to answer any questions about ANYTHING?

Danny Burgess is taking $MONEY$ from all sorts of insider benefactors, most prominent in his case is the CA$H he has taken indicating his willingness to "Play Ball" as a legislator with Duke Energy, formerly Progress Energy. Danny... Thou doth protest too much! LOL!!!

Danny "Age is JUST a Number" Burgess of course cannot respond to questions about his outrageous claims concerning his personal history because those claims are as hollow as they are ludicrous, and in the case of his carefully planned military experience, insulting to those who actually have put their lives on the line for their country. Sounds as if Danny is a Lindsey Graham wannabe.

In fact, young Danny is hesitant to even give you a straight answer as to what he had for breakfast, much less answer questions concerning his campaign finance situation! Ya gotta like his wife running interference for him...

Compare the two candidates here as you watch this video. Danny MUST run away because he is bright enough to understand that he will dissemble himself by merely answering reasonable questions about his "advertised" personal history which to the discerning eye is all show and entirely without foundation...

Danny Burgess, just a kid willing to say and do ANYTHING... in order to move forward in his chosen "profession" as a "CAREER POLITICIAN" no matter what he says in the Tribune...
October 22, 2014

Florida house candidate (R) Danny Burgess - In pocket of Duke Energy,Rude, Evasive, and Disingenuous


This is unbelievable to watch! He won't take the questions on the dollars from Duke, he runs away and has his wife field the tough questions. Just look how he treats someone who came out to learn about his candidacy!

We MUST keep pols out of the pockets of Duke Energy in Florida! Enough!

K&R to the greatest. He needs to feel the heat from the voters, not from coal and from charging customers for nuke plants that will never be built. Keep him out of the house!
October 18, 2014

Retreat from the Water's Edge - New York After Sandy


October 16, 2014
Retreat from the Water’s Edge

By Nate Lavey

Nearly two years after Hurricane Sandy, New York has begun a “managed retreat” from some low-lying areas that are vulnerable to flooding and storm surges. Many residents of the Oakwood Beach section of Staten Island have opted into a program that allows them to sell their homes at pre-Sandy value, to the State of New York, which intends to return hundreds of parcels of land to nature. The cleared neighborhood will then serve as a buffer zone to protect other parts of the island. The program has been extended to other areas of Staten Island and Long Island that are at continued risk of flooding in the face of climate-change-related events. In this video, residents describe their experiences with the buyout program, and urban planners explain why communities along the East Coast need to consider moving away from the water’s edge.

Watch people continue to build, especially on the water in the NY, NJ area. What are they thinking???? Hopefully this example of "retreat" will catch on.

October 9, 2014

Adrian Wyllie files suit to participate in Fla. governor's race debate with Gov. Rick Scott, Charlie

Adrian Wyllie files suit to participate in Fla. governor's race debate with Gov. Rick Scott, Charlie Crist


Here we go again. He has the numbers required. Why do they continue to do this. Another reason for apathy, or disenchantment.

Max Linn won this fight in court against the NBC affiliate, I hope this candidate does too regardless of who you support. We are American's first, and we can handle democracy!

October 9, 2014

Safety advocates seek stronger warnings on Chantix

Posted: Wednesday, October 8, 2014 10:44 am

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Public safety advocates are asking the federal government to strengthen warnings on Pfizer's anti-smoking drug Chantix, even as the drugmaker prepares to argue that a bold-letter warning about psychiatric problems should be removed from its medicine's label.

Five advocacy groups petitioned the Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday to expand Chantix's boxed warning, which currently warns of potential side effects like mood changes, depression, hostility and suicidal behavior. The groups say the label should also include risks of blackouts, convulsions and other problems reported in some patients.

The groups urge the FDA to revisit the boxed warning, first added in 2009, arguing that it "substantially underestimated the psychiatric adverse effects and accident risks of Chantix." They also argue that Chantix should be contraindicated for people working in critical or hazardous occupations, like pilots, air traffic controllers, police and military personnel. The petition notes that the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Defense already restrict the use of Chantix.

A spokesman for Pfizer Inc. said the company is reviewing the petition.

The move by safety advocates comes just over a week before the FDA meets publicly to review Chantix's risks. Pfizer has conducted several studies showing no link between its drug and suicidal behavior and the FDA added information from those studies to the drug label last month. Company executives say they plan to use next Thursday's FDA advisory panel meeting to argue that the boxed warning is no longer warranted.

The New York-based company paid more than $275 million last year to settle some 2,500 lawsuits alleging Chantix caused various psychiatric problems, injuries and suicides.

The FDA first began investigating potential side effects with Chantix in 2007, the year after it hit the market.

The drug's labeling tells patients to stop taking Chantix immediately if they experience agitation, depressed mood, suicidal thinking and other behavioral changes. Doctors are advised to weigh the drug's risks against its potential benefit of helping patients quit smoking.

Pfizer's drug works by binding to the same spots in the brain that are activated by nicotine when people smoke. The drug, known chemically as varenicline, blocks nicotine from binding to those spots and prevents the release of "feel-good" brain chemicals that make smoking so addictive.

Chantix had global sales of $648 million last year. That was down about 26 percent from the drug's peak sales of $883 million in 2007.

Pfizer shares slipped 5 cents to $28.74 in morning trading Wednesday. Its shares are down almost 5 percent over the past three months.


I must add, I 'had' a beautiful friend, who used this drug several times to quit smoking. It was hard to believe her doctor would prescribe it again, and again, as they say not to use it that way. This most beautiful spirit turned into a psychotic monster, more hostile than anyone I have ever known. Then became hurtful in so many ways, I almost contacted her family. I decided not to. I quit smoking after starting as a kid. It's now been 19 yrs. Not once was I asked how I did it. I even mentioned that to total silence. One thing that is known, is that you must want to quit. No 'medicine' will just do this for you, unless it's Chantix, that actually changes your brain and creates psychotic episodes that I have witnessed. When you use drugs that work in this way, psychotropic drugs, they deposit into your brain, and change the chemistry of the brain. You don't 'pee' them out like other drugs. They stay there. This new behavior was very noticeable, and intolerable. It ended badly. One of the saddest situations that I have ever known.

October 9, 2014

Florida's hangup: High cell phone fees and taxes

Source: Miami Herald

Florida's hangup: High cell phone fees and taxes
If you think you're forking over too much of your paycheck to pay your cell phone bill, you're not imagining things. Florida has the fourth highest average state-local cell phone tax and fee rate in the country at 16.55 percent, according to a study by the Washington-D.C.-based Tax Foundation.

"If you add in the 5.82% federal rate, Floridians are actually paying 22.38% of their wireless bill in taxes fees on average. The U.S. average combined federal, state, and local rate is 17.05%," according to the group's press release.

Gov. Rick Scott is now promising that he will give Florida voters a $120 million annual reduction in the communications services tax, which collects revenue from a variety of sources, including cell phones. Lowering cell phone fees has been a state budgetary consideration in the past, but the effort hasn't gone anywhere.

The Tax Foundation reports the following highlights of its study:

* The five states with the highest state-local rates are: Washington State (18.6 percent), Nebraska (18.48 percent), New York (17.74 percent), Florida (16.55 percent), and Illinois (15.81 percent).

* The five states with the lowest state-local rates are: Oregon (1.76 percent), Nevada (1.86 percent), Idaho (2.62 percent), Montana (6.00 percent), and West Virginia (6.15 percent).

* Americans pay an average of 17.05 percent in combined federal, state, and local tax and fees on wireless service. This is comprised of a 5.82 percent federal rate and an average 11.23 percent state-local tax rate.

* Four cities - Chicago, Baltimore, Omaha, and New York City - have effective tax rates in excess of 25 percent of the customer bill.

* The average rates of taxes and fees on wireless telephone services are more than two times higher than the average sales tax rates that apply to most other taxable goods and services.

* Excessive taxes on wireless consumers disproportionately impacts poorer families.

In its report, the group also states:

Wireless consumers continue to face excessive tax burdens when compared to the tax burden on other goods and services purchased in the competitive marketplace. The average rates of taxes and fees on wireless telephone services are more than two times higher than the average sales tax rates that apply to most other taxable goods and services. Consumers in seven states-Washington, Nebraska, New York, Florida, Illinois, Rhode Island, and Missouri-pay total taxes and fees in excess of 20 percent of their bills.

The Tax Foundation, launched in 1937, describes itself as a nonpartisan research organization that monitors fiscal policy at the federal, state and local levels.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/2014/10/floridas-hangup-high-cell-phone-fees-and-taxes.html

Shortened it to the four allowed paragraphs, no including 'bullet points'
October 6, 2014

Harrisburg porn email scandal spreads - Out of Sandusky investigation


By ‚‚The Associated Press
Posted Oct. 4, 2014 @ 2:00 am

HARRISBURG — Gov. Tom Corbett on Friday called on one of his political appointees to step down because of his role in the scandal over pornography exchanges in the state attorney general’s office.

Corbett’s office asked Randy Feathers to give up his seat on the state Board of Probation and Parole, but received no immediate response from Feathers, said governor’s spokesman Jay Pagni.

Feathers is one of four men who followed Corbett from the attorney general’s office nearly four years ago to new jobs in his administration. Two other top state officials resigned Thursday. Corbett said he decided that the fourth man, state police Commissioner Frank Noonan, did not actively participate in the exchanges.

Corbett could seek to remove Feathers from the board for cause, but it would require the consent of a two-thirds majority of the state Senate, Pagni said. Attempts to reach Feathers, who formerly served as a regional director of the attorney general’s narcotics bureau and has been on the board since October 2012, were unsuccessful Friday night. Board spokeswoman Sherry Tate declined to comment.

Feathers’ annual salary on the board is $115,932.

Corbett’s unusual request came as his office wrapped up two days of reviewing emails that are at the center of the scandal, including more than 400 emails Feathers received and dozens that he sent while working for then-Attorney General Corbett. Heavily redacted copies of emails revealed some dirty jokes and at least one insensitive remark about people of Arab descent.

Last week, Attorney General Kathleen Kane identified eight former office employees who sent or received hundreds of pornographic images or videos in emails that were discovered during her review of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse prosecution.

Corbett requested the emails, and Kane’s office delivered the last of them Friday.

The scandal has forced the Republican governor to defend his management of the agency he headed from 2005 to 2011 even as he fights for his political survival one month before the Nov. 4 election.

Corbett is locked in an uphill campaign for re-election against Democratic challenger Tom Wolf. Kane took office last year, after becoming the first Democrat and the first woman to be elected attorney general. All eight men worked under Corbett while he was attorney general. Most of them went to work for Corbett as governor and four still did as of Wednesday.

Corbett requested details from Kane’s office as he weighed whether the four should keep their jobs. He said he was unaware of the pornography exchanges and called such activity “inexcusable.”

The two who resigned Thursday — Environmental Protection Secretary Christopher Abruzzo and Glenn Parno, a top lawyer in the Department of Environmental Protection — did so as Kane’s office delivered the first batch of emails Corbett requested.

Corbett said Noonan did not open, originate, forward or reply to any of the emails.

“The information we have indicates that Noonan was not an active participant in this at all,” Pagni said Friday.

Noonan, who has not commented, is directing the 3-week-old manhunt for Eric Frein, suspected of killing one state trooper and wounding another in an ambush at a state police barracks in Blooming Grove.

Kane’s office has said that a larger number of current and former employees were involved in the exchanges, including about 30 current employees. Kane spokeswoman Renee Martin claimed union contracts and other restrictions prevent the disclosure of information about those employees but said the current employees are being disciplined. Concerns about inappropriate office emails also have been raised in the state’s court system. State Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald Castille demanded information on whether any judges were involved, warning that such exchanges could create a conflict of interest.

The emails released late Friday afternoon, like the first batch Thursday, are bound in thick volumes. Most of the text has been heavily redacted, but includes sexually suggestive comments about photographs that were originally attached to the emails but not released.
October 1, 2014

Secret Service director resigns after security lapses

Source: Washington Post

News Alert
Wed., Oct. 1, 2014 3:27 pm

Secret Service director resigns after security lapses

Julia Pierson, the director of the Secret Service, resigned Wednesday in the wake of a series of security breaches at the White House. Joseph Clancy, formerly Special Agent in Charge of the Presidential Protective Division of the Secret Service, was named as interim acting director.

Read more

Read more: http://www.washingtonpost.com/?reload=true?wpisrc=al_comboPN_p

Good riddance!

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