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TheNutcracker's Journal
TheNutcracker's Journal
May 27, 2015

Tampa Bay Times does not place Bernie Sanders Campaign Announcement Online! I called Media Matters

I just contacted Media Matters after speaking to the news room at the Tampa Bay Times. I called because I was told they carried the AP story in the actual rag today, that very few purchase. Most of their readers are online. This news source constantly lifts stories from other sources, because they are too lazy to actually do their own story. I have read that the political editor or the paper is in New Hampshire. My first thought was that he could have gone and wrote his own story, took his own pictures.

So I went looking for the AP story online. It was nowhere to be found. So I called the newsroom to ask as sometimes she'll tell me where to click, turn right, scroll to bottom and click again. In other words, it's well hidden, but it's there.

She put me on hold for quite a while and when she returned she said, "you're right! we did not put it online, and I have NO idea why". I then told her that we both know why, starting with Florida's older electorate, and knowledge for Bernie Sanders, to hide his campaign. It's also to stop any machine building with media support, as they reserve all of that for Hillary, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio. Jeb is not even a candidate, yet the Tampa Bay Times has a special tab/section dedicated to Jeb and Marco called, 'Jebio'.

I then told her there were three places online to see the same AP story of Rick Santorum getting into the race. I also told her the guy funding him right now, is the guy who said women only need to put an aspirin between their legs to prevent pregnancy. They did not print that about Rick. Anyway, it was an AP article for Santorum and it's placed in three places online at Tampa Bay Times. Bernie's should be in the AP section at the very least, but it's not. Not even in the political section!

I made the call to call them out! Then I contacted Media Matters to complain and she took all the info and put a flag on it. I had to take the time to do this. For you, me, Bernie, and the whole darn country!

This proves the Tampa Bay Times is a propaganda machine. Bernie's event was unprecedented!

Go Bernie!!! We have your back!

May 26, 2015

Will Bernie's campaign event be on Live Stream?

Anywhere else to watch except MSNBC.

Note to campaign: Learn to have your events streamed to reach the younger generation. Many cable cord cutters out here, we did not have a Bernie Sanders in our state to go after the cable companies!

So...we cord cutters are on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hulu.

May 25, 2015

How to Solve America's Biggest Problems with Bernie Sanders!

When you look at all those people listening, they are the faces of America!

Published on Apr 11, 2015

Watch Bernie Sanders and be inspired! Vermont's Independent U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders speaks on topics from climate change to income inequality in a Town Hall Meeting in Austin, Texas, on March 31st, 2015.

May 23, 2015

Twitter fire for Bernie: Combat Vets for Bernie, Woman4, Idaho, so many groups for Bernie!

Just wanted to pass this on....Bernie has a presence everywhere !

Go Bernie!

May 21, 2015

Hillary Clinton is Just Plain Wrong on GMOs and here's why


August 28, 2014

In her June 25 keynote address to the BIO International Convention in San Diego, Calif., Hillary Clinton voiced strong support for genetic engineering and genetically engineered crops. She earned a standing ovation that day by stating that the biotech industry suffers from a public perception problem and that it just needs “a better vocabulary” in order to persuade GMO skeptics who don’t understand “the facts” about genetic engineering.

And then Hillary proceeded to get the facts wrong.

Why does it matter what Hillary, who holds no public office and has not (yet) declared her candidacy for president, says or believes about genetic engineering and genetically modified crops and foods?

It doesn’t—unless she throws her hat in the ring for the Democratic nomination. And then it matters not just what her position is on GMOs, not just how deep her financial ties to the biotech industry run, not just how much she distorts the facts about the “promise” of biotech crops.

It matters, deeply, to more than 90 percent of Americans, what her position is on laws requiring mandatory labeling of GMOs in food and food products.

If elected, will Hillary support consumers’ right to know? Or will she support the DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Act, a bill introduced in Congress earlier this year, which if passed, will preempt state GMO labeling laws?

Hillary has been coy about announcing her candidacy. But when it comes to clarifying her position on GMO labeling laws, she’s been dead silent.

As she soon heads to Iowa—the testing ground for presidential candidates—Hillary’s presidential aspirations will no doubt become more clear. If she runs, as the pundits predict, it will be up to the GMO labeling movement to demand that she take a stand on GMO labeling laws.

Meanwhile, here’s why Hillary’s speech to the BIO convention was just plain wrong.

Wrong on the science of genetic engineering

Hillary brought the BIO convention-goers to their feet with her call for “a better vocabulary” to win over consumers.

No wonder. After all, that’s the line Monsanto has been feeding the public ever since the public became wise to the lies and false promises of an industry known for its reckless disregard for public health. It’s part of an aggressive, widespread public relations campaign to sugar-coat the facts about genetically engineered foods and the toxic chemicals required to produce them.

As scientists release studies, each one more alarming than the next, revealing the devastating health and environmental hazards of the herbicides required to grow GMO crops—toxic chemicals such as glyphosate, the key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, and Dow’s 2,4-D —consumers are connecting the dots between the rise of chronic illness and the unleashing of toxins into the environment (and onto our food).

No amount of “better vocabulary” will be able to counter the science behind the impact of toxic herbicides and pesticides on soil, on the environment, on human health.

But here’s where Hillary’s call for a “better vocabulary” really ran off the rails. Coverage of the convention included a video in which Hillary wrongly equated the age-old practice of seed hybridization with modern genetic engineering, in order to make the case that genetic engineering has been around since the beginning of farming.

Hillary would do well to go back to her science books. Here are the facts, as understood by every biologist. Seed hybridization occurs when the seeds of two compatible parent plants, within the same species, are crossed, either in a controlled environment or in nature. That process is in no way equivalent to genetic engineering, a process that requires human intervention, and consists of changing the genetic code of one organism by inserting into it the DNA from a completely different plant or animal.

Genetic engineering is an unnatural process that can take place only in a laboratory, aided by a human.

Wrong on genetic engineering and drought

In the same video from the June 25 conference, Hillary perpetuates industry claims that as global warming leads to more droughts, GMO crops will feed the world. She does this by focusing on GE drought-resistant seeds—as if engineering seeds for drought-resistance were a major focus on the biotech industry.

It’s not, of course. Drought-resistant seeds and crops make up a miniscule portion of the GMO crop market. Close to 98 percent of GE crops are corn, soy, alfalfa, canola and sugar beets, used to make biofuels, animal feed and processed food products, such as high fructose corn syrup. These crops are engineered to produce their own Bt toxins in every cell or else to withstand massive doses of herbicides, such as Monsanto’s Roundup, which are sold to farmers as companions to their GMO seeds. They have nothing to do with drought-resistance.

In fact, attempts to engineer seeds to thrive during droughts are still in the experimental stages and so far have largely failed. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, Monsanto’s DroughtGard, the only drought-resistant crop approved so far by the USDA, produces “only modest results, and only under moderate drought conditions.”

Yet to hear Hillary tell it, genetic engineering is all about saving farmers by providing them with magic seeds that thrive without water.

Wrong on genetic engineering and global warming

Toward the end of her video interview, Hillary switched gears to talk about climate change. She endorsed the Obama climate plan and called out the media for giving too much attention to climate-change skeptics.

Hillary believes we must address global warming. Good news.

But there’s just one problem.

A growing chorus of scientists warn that we cannot successfully address global warming unless we acknowledge the huge role that industrial agriculture, with its GMO mono-crop culture and massive use of chemicals, plays in cooking the planet.

If we’re truly serious about averting a global warming disaster, reducing carbon emissions isn’t enough. We have to acknowledge, and harness, potential of organic, regenerative agriculture to reverse global warming by sequestering carbon.

According to groups like the Rodale Institute, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, and the Alliance for Food Sovereignty, a transition to sustainable, regenerative agriculture—not genetic engineering—is not only the only way we will feed the world, but absolutely essential if we want to slow global warming.

Hillary is just plain wrong if she thinks we can solve global warming while simultaneously promoting GMO agriculture, here in the U.S. and abroad. That’s why the Organic Consumers Association has launched a petition asking her to rethink her support for biotech, and commit to supporting a transition to a sustainable, organic food and farming system.

As consumers grow more knowledgeable about the link between food produced using toxic chemicals and the declining health of the U.S. population, they are looking more closely at those politicians who side with, and take money from, the biotech industry. Clinton’s ties to the biotech industry date back to the 1970s, when she was a partner in the Rose Law Firm which represented Monsanto.

A recent ABC News poll revealed that 52 percent of Americans believe food containing GMOs are unsafe, while 13 percent are “unsure.”

On mandatory GMO labeling laws, Americans are clear: 93 percent want labels.

Hillary, where do you stand?

Katherine Paul is associate director of the Organic Consumers Association.

Ronnie Cummins is the international director of the Organic Consumers Association and its Mexico affiliate Via Organica.

Older article, but now that Iowan's are switching to Bernie, being widely reported, here is where it fell apart with GMO activists.

May 15, 2015

YAY! The foreclosure on our block finally sold!!!

The garage door collapsed just over a week ago, leaving the home open. It was owned by a couple who run a small hotel on the beach, and used this for 'evac' purposes. They rented for a few months to the same couple from Montreal every year. They could not buy it, so they bought a small condo nearby, and will continue to drive by and say 'hello'.

A really great guy, who rented one of the nicest homes on the block, came over to tell us, he likes living in our neighborhood, he likes all the people and the friends he's made, it feels like home. So, he just bought the foreclosure, right across the street from where he has rented for two years! First thing, a new garage door to lock the place up! He got it for 105K and needs a total overhaul, which we neighbors are so happy to see the work begin!

Right now, everything else here is 180K - 235K, so we're doing alright.

Just had to share the good news, as it's been an eyesore for over 20 yrs. while the owners actually lived on the beach island.

May 14, 2015

The Koch Brothers Lost More Than $1 Billion Yesterday. Each


That's about $3,400 for the rest of you

Billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch each lost $1.1 billion on Tuesday, a drop that might devastate even the wealthiest of the one percent. For the Kochs, the fifth- and sixth-richest people on earth, it represents just 2 percent of their individual fortunes.

Some perspective for the rest of us? That's akin to the average 60-year old American losing about $3,400, according to Dean Baker, of the Center for Economic And Policy Research, in an interview on Bloomberg Television.

Yesterday's fall is the third such swing in the past 12 months and the fifth in the past three years, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Because the drops represent a loss of paper value based on market conditions that affect assets in their closely held Koch Industries, they are not likely to alter the Kochs' plans to spend $900 million to elect a Republican president in next year's election.

The brothers each own 42 percent of Koch Industries, the second-largest closely held company in the U.S. The company owns Georgia-Pacific as well as oil refineries, fertilizer makers, financial services firms, and dozens of other businesses. Overall, the brothers, each worth $50.5 billion, have added about $190 million to their fortunes in 2015.

Research for the post is derived from Bloomberg Billionaires Index data. Get the latest intelligence about the world's biggest fortunes on Twitter @bbgbillionaires.

Peanuts to them, but since money is their God, to lose it we know they are miserable!!

May 14, 2015

Chinese Maternity Tourists and the Business of Being Born American


by hidden line after 'By'Susan Berfield

8:00 PM EDT
May 12, 2015

"You Win also drove the women to South Coast Plaza, which is filled with luxury boutiques. They bought classic saffiano purses at Prada, the sparkly Abel shoes at Jimmy Choo, lingerie with rhinestones at Victoria’s Secret. They were regulars at Chanel and Coach. All the shops employed Mandarin speakers."

Inside the Homeland Security crackdown on deluxe services helping Chinese women have American babies

Fiona He gave birth to her second child, a boy, on Jan. 24, 2015, at Pomona Valley Hospital in Southern California. The staff was friendly, the delivery uncomplicated, and the baby healthy. He, a citizen of China, left the hospital confident she had made the right decision to come to America to have her baby.

She’d arrived in November as a customer of USA Happy Baby, one of an increasing number of agencies that bring pregnant Chinese women to the States. Like most of them, Happy Baby is a deluxe service that ushers the women through the visa process and cares for them before and after delivery.

There are many reasons to have a baby in the U.S. The air is cleaner, the doctors generally are better, and pain medication is dispensed more readily. Couples can evade China’s one-child policy, because they don’t have to register the birth with local authorities. The main appeal of being a “birth tourist,” though, is that the newborn goes home with a U.S. passport. The 14th Amendment decrees that almost any child born on U.S. soil is automatically a citizen; the only exception is a child born to diplomats. He and her husband paid USA Happy Baby $50,000 to have an American son. If they had to, she says, they’d have paid more.

After the birth, He observed yuezi, the traditional month of recovery for new mothers. She, her mother, and her 2-year-old daughter stayed in Rancho Cucamonga, a city about 40 miles east of Los Angeles. Her apartment, in a complex with a pool, fitness center, and mountain views, was rented by USA Happy Baby. Her nanny was supplied by USA Happy Baby. She ate kidney soup and pork chops with green papaya prepared by a USA Happy Baby cook. She secured her son’s U.S. birth certificate, passport, and Social Security card with USA Happy Baby’s assistance.

He’s daughter was born in America as well. He and her husband, educated in Britain and from prosperous families, hoped to send their children to an international school in Shanghai that admits only foreign students. When the kids turn 21 they can petition for green cards for their parents, too.

It was all going well, until four men knocked on the door of He’s apartment on Feb. 23. They said they were fire department inspectors responding to a complaint about someone barbecuing on the balcony. She hadn’t been cooking outside. The men asked to see the adults’ identification. Then they asked the ages of her children. “I felt very weird then,” He says. “I wondered why they were asking me about my children when they came to ask about barbecue.” Afterward she called Phoebe Dong, who ran USA Happy Baby and lived nearby. “I said I didn’t feel safe. She said not to worry.”

A week later, five men from Homeland Security Investigations, the sheriff’s department, and the fire department arrived. At first He thought they’d come from the homeowners’ association. Then she saw the bulletproof vests and handguns. They showed her a search warrant. She recognized the translator from the previous visit. “Then they asked me a lot of questions, and I became nervous,” she says.

“We didn’t hurt anyone. We just found an easy way to stay here to give birth. Is that wrong?”

more at link above....
May 13, 2015

Hearse with veteran's flag-draped coffin left in parking lot outside Pasco Dunkin' Donuts


Associated Press
Tampa Bay Times
Wednesday, May 13, 2015 8:54am

NEW PORT RICHEY — Two Florida hearse drivers have been fired after they stopped at a doughnut shop with a flag-draped coffin in the vehicle on the way to a funeral and an outraged man sent a video to a local veterans group.

Multiple news outlets report Rob Carpenter spotted the hearse in the parking lot of a New Port Richey Dunkin' Donuts on Tuesday with its curtains open and the coffin visible.

In the coffin was the body of 84-year-old Lt. Col. Jesse Coleman, a decorated soldier who served in Korea and Vietnam. The hearse was transporting him from Clearwater's Veteran's Funeral Care to his funeral.
Carpenter confronted the driver and sent images to Veteran's Warriors. The group posted the images to Facebook.
Funeral home director Jim Rudolph says he has fired the men.

According to the funeral home's website, Coleman, of Beverly Hills, Fla., died Friday. He was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army in 1955 in the Quartermaster Corps. He served one tour in Korea and two tours in Vietnam.
Our society, is a lost one. For all this soldier gave, this driver could not wait for a donut until he delivered this soldier to the next point of his final journey. On the heels of Memorial Day. What happened to respect?
May 12, 2015

Where do Millennials want to work? Not at corporations

Source: CNN Money

Hey, Corporate America. It appears that many Millennials -- that tsunami of future workers -- don't really want to work for you. At least not the newest college graduates.

Only 15% of the class of 2015 said they would "prefer" to work for large corporations, according to a new survey by management consulting firm Accenture.
Medium-sized businesses got the most love (35%), while start-ups and government agencies were the expressed preference for just 10% of respondents.

Fun seems to be a deciding factor.

A full 60% of 2015 grads -- and 69% of 2013 and 2014 grads, who were also surveyed -- said they'd rather work for a company that has a "positive social atmosphere" even if it means lower pay.
Of course, they may think differently after a few years of working for the (low-paying) Man and after Mom and Dad stop subsidizing them.

Read more: http://money.cnn.com/2015/05/12/pf/millennials-work/index.html?source=zacks

The 'millennials' are those who have reached adulthood by 2000. They have only know the effects of Clinton policies, (NAFTA) and the breaking of America via illegal wars. No jobs and student debt. They get it more than anyone else.....I see this as an awakened group of voters!

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