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TheNutcracker's Journal
TheNutcracker's Journal
May 31, 2015

Bernie Sanders Busting through retail politics!

The venues are too small. The people trying to get in don't care. Those that do, and still cannot hear, do not care. They say they just had to be there!

The Bernie Store server is overloaded. People have to keep trying to get into the cue, to purchase.

Everything is up close and personal in IA, but for Bernie, there is not enough room!

BERNIE IS BIG! He is throwing off balance the way they are used to doing things. Too many are coming to see him.

Because it's a campaign, these types of growing pains are SUCCESS!

Hillary can still go into a diner and sit in a booth. Some here say soon she won't be able to either. Bernie just arrived. Iowa is there to greet him. I love it.


May 31, 2015

BERNIE SANDERS - Coming up on Meet the Press!

The last time I saw him on that show, he ate Chuck Toad for brunch!

Here it is.....and I can't wait to see todays!


May 29, 2015

MacDill AFB captain arrested in Brevard County during underage-sex sting

By Zack Peterson, Times Staff Writer
Thursday, May 28, 2015 5:30pm
Capt. Christopher Everding

TAMPA — A MacDill Air Force Base captain was arrested last week after authorities said he drove to Brevard County to have sex with an underage girl who turned out to be a Department of Homeland Security agent in disguise online.

Capt. Christopher Everding communicated with the agent for a week before he drove south, stopping to buy condoms along the way, according to a federal criminal complaint filed May 23. The agent posted an ad on a website in which he pretended to be the 13-year-old girl's father.

According to the complaint, Everding sent the agent a photograph of himself and asked for one of the girl in return. To conceal his identity, the agent sent back a photo of a Brevard County Sheriff's Office employee.

When Everding arrived at their meeting place on Friday, he admitted to explicit sexual comments he made during his correspondence with the agent, the complaint said. It said he also admitted to having online discussions about bestiality with a different teenager in 2012. He was arrested Friday at the meeting place.

MacDill officials released a statement saying they were aware of the allegations against Everding and were taking them seriously. They referred further questions to the U.S. Department of Justice.
Everding is being held in a federal facility in Seminole County, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

"He is charged with an attempt to entice a minor to engage in illicit sexual conduct," spokesperson Amy Filjone wrote in an email. "He is facing 10 years to life in prison."

Contact Zack Peterson at zpeterson@tampabay.com. Follow @zackpeterson918.

MacDill AFB captain arrested in Brevard County during underage-sex sting 05/28/15 [Last modified: Thursday, May 28, 2015 9:13pm]
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May 28, 2015

Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio open to more oil drilling as issue gains attention in Florida


Here we go again! Jebby pulled this crap in 2002 when he extended Area 181 outward towards Tampa Bay, calling it a "win-win" during the McBride vs. Bush campaign. The moratorium used to be 250 miles out, now it's closer and only until 2022! Read this all the way through....

By Alex Leary, Washington Bureau Chief

Efforts to open up oil drilling off both Florida coasts could inject the issue into the race for president, and home state contenders Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are supportive of more production.

Neither Republican appears receptive to legislation U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., filed last week to block a proposal from gulf state lawmakers that would end the ban on drilling within a certain distance of the coast.

The current prohibition, ranging from 125 miles to 235 miles, expires in 2022. It was established in 2006.
Proponents, led by Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., say more drilling would create jobs and they play down environmental impacts. The proposal would allow rigs as close as 50 miles.

Nelson last week declared that Florida is "under siege" and filed counter legislation that would extend the ban to 2027.

"We're still reviewing the bill, but Sen. Rubio supports developing our domestic energy resources responsibly and effectively, including offshore drilling and oil exploration," Rubio spokeswoman Brooke Sammon said.

As governor, Bush helped fight efforts to encroach on Florida's shores. (BS TIMES! they wanted to get rid of area 181 and Jeb said make it smaller for a win win.) But he too sounds more open to the idea now.

"Gov. Bush believes in opening up federal lands and water for drilling in a thoughtful way, in order to enhance America's energy security," spokeswoman Allie Brandenburger said.

"As governor, he worked to strike a balance between promoting and protecting different economic and state interests in Florida including tourism, energy development, and military readiness," she added.

"Expanding domestic energy production is key to ensuring America's energy security and with input from state leaders, we now have a chance to create a national energy plan to reform the leasing system to expand drilling in areas where it is safe."

Nelson also raised fears about the Atlantic coast, where the 2022 moratorium does not apply.
The Obama administration moved in 2014 to allow oil and gas explorers to conduct seismic tests off Florida's Atlantic coast.

"It would interfere with military operations off of Jacksonville and rocket launches from Kennedy Space Center and Patrick Air Force base, not to mention the environmental hazards it would pose," Nelson recently said. "If you're not going to drill there, then why do the seismic testing?"

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said in an interview that the Interior Department's procedures for giving out permits has "been informed by the need to put in place even more rigorous safety standards" since the 2010

Deepwater Horizon explosion spilled 200 million gallons into the Gulf of Mexico.

Oil drilling has long been a dicey political issue in Florida, a state highly dependent on its tourism economy. The 2010 spill is a fresh reminder of what can go wrong.

But the once unified stance by Florida officials against drilling has softened in recent years.

In 2008 then-candidate Barack Obama supported the ban but then shifted positions amid soaring gas prices.

The Tampa Bay Times asked for Hillary Clinton's views — she's attended fundraisers in Florida on Thursday and has more Friday — and her campaign declined to answer several requests for comment.
Contact Alex Leary at aleary@tampabay.com. Follow @learyreports.

Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio open to more oil drilling as issue gains attention in Florida 05/28/15 [Last modified: Thursday, May 28, 2015 5:28pm]
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Damn it again on another issue Hillary! Hey Times, go ask Bernie Sanders!!!!)

May 28, 2015

Sen Nelson & Sen Rubio Appointee Resigns, Admits He's UNFIT! - More 3rd way!

Outspoken Sam Rashid withdraws from post, acknowledging he wasn't fit for it

By William March, Times Columnist

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 6:14pm

Sam Rashid, east Hillsborough businessman and conservative political activist, saved face this week by doing something not many people would do. He withdrew from a prestigious political post to which he had been appointed by Florida's two senators, acknowledging that he wasn't fit for it.

Rashid is opinionated and outspoken — and that's how his friends would describe it. But he doesn't mind admitting it.

Sens. Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio jointly named Rashid to a committee that advises them on federal judgeship appointments, over which senators have strong influence. Spots on the committee are a plum for donors, and Rashid is a Rubio supporter.

But Rashid's immediate reaction was to post his nomination on Facebook along with gloating comments that some local judges were "dumb," and now had no hope of a federal appointment. The comments could have been embarrassing to Rubio.

The next day, realizing he'd made a dumb move of his own, Rashid sent a letter to Rubio's general counsel withdrawing from the committee, acknowledging that his comments meant he "won't be an impartial entity on this council."

He posted the letter on Facebook too, but then took the whole thing down.


Now, just how smart was it to appoint this activist to judge judges, because of his donations! Senator Nelson should be ashamed!

May 28, 2015

Complaints of Bernie Sanders Coverage to the Tampa Bay Times

These are similar complaints about this news institution. These are complaints from those who actually receive the paper on their doorstep. The story was put up online the night before at 9:38pm, and removed by morning. So if you read online which you must also PAY $$, you missed if you did not stay up late. If you read in the morning, it was removed. Gone from the current day online edition. Don't forget this is the paper who ignored Nan Rich, our Senate Leader, for republican turned Democrat Charlie Crist. He would not even debate her. Here are a couple of OTHER opinions, from today's letters.

cross thread topic here: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10026736028
Thursday's letters: Don't ignore promising candidate
Re: Wednesday, May 27, 2015 4:14pm

Sanders vows to fix what ails America | May 27
Don't ignore promising candidate

Finally, there is a candidate for president with a platform of ideas that are truly in the best interest of the majority of Americans. We can only hope the Tampa Bay Times and its editorial board, mainstream media and the Democratic Party will not disregard Bernie Sanders the way they did Nan Rich in her run for governor.

Rich offered the most promise for the people of Florida. But the Times, other in-state media and the DNC all but ignored her candidacy under the assumption that she could not win due to a lack of funding and name recognition. Instead, they got behind a mediocre alternative who failed to excite voters and lost to a highly unpopular incumbent.

Sanders is light-years behind Hillary Clinton in funding and name recognition. But his ideas and priorities are just what this country needs. And we know he, unlike Clinton (as well as all of the Republican candidates), is not under the thumb of big money.

It is easy to conclude a little-known candidate with low poll numbers and a small campaign chest "cannot win," especially in a national election. But the power of social media has never been greater and can go a long way in neutralizing gaps in funding and name recognition. Plus, the electorate has never been more turned off by the corporate-run, big-money politics that have taken over this country.

The media and DNC alone cannot put Sanders in the White House, but by ignoring his candidacy, they can prevent any chance of him getting there.

Chip Thomas, Tampa
(and.......another (multiple letters in a small space which means the Times received many)

Sanders vows to fix what ails America May 27

More coverage on policy

I was disappointed that your article about Bernie Sanders announcing his candidacy was not on the front page.

I am an avid hockey fan, but the outcome of the Lightning game has far less impact on us than Sanders' candidacy. The next president will have a lasting effect on the nation and the world. The Republican hopefuls have all had space on the front page at one time or another.
Please increase your coverage of the policy positions, agreements and disagreements among the candidates. We need more substantive discussion and less reporting of the candidate's daily micro gains and losses in the polls.

Guy Hancock, Largo


and so it goes......

May 27, 2015

Tampa Bay Times does not place Bernie Sanders Campaign Announcement Online! I called Media Matters

I just contacted Media Matters after speaking to the news room at the Tampa Bay Times. I called because I was told they carried the AP story in the actual rag today, that very few purchase. Most of their readers are online. This news source constantly lifts stories from other sources, because they are too lazy to actually do their own story. I have read that the political editor or the paper is in New Hampshire. My first thought was that he could have gone and wrote his own story, took his own pictures.

So I went looking for the AP story online. It was nowhere to be found. So I called the newsroom to ask as sometimes she'll tell me where to click, turn right, scroll to bottom and click again. In other words, it's well hidden, but it's there.

She put me on hold for quite a while and when she returned she said, "you're right! we did not put it online, and I have NO idea why". I then told her that we both know why, starting with Florida's older electorate, and knowledge for Bernie Sanders, to hide his campaign. It's also to stop any machine building with media support, as they reserve all of that for Hillary, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio. Jeb is not even a candidate, yet the Tampa Bay Times has a special tab/section dedicated to Jeb and Marco called, 'Jebio'.

I then told her there were three places online to see the same AP story of Rick Santorum getting into the race. I also told her the guy funding him right now, is the guy who said women only need to put an aspirin between their legs to prevent pregnancy. They did not print that about Rick. Anyway, it was an AP article for Santorum and it's placed in three places online at Tampa Bay Times. Bernie's should be in the AP section at the very least, but it's not. Not even in the political section!

I made the call to call them out! Then I contacted Media Matters to complain and she took all the info and put a flag on it. I had to take the time to do this. For you, me, Bernie, and the whole darn country!

This proves the Tampa Bay Times is a propaganda machine. Bernie's event was unprecedented!

Go Bernie!!! We have your back!

May 26, 2015

Will Bernie's campaign event be on Live Stream?

Anywhere else to watch except MSNBC.

Note to campaign: Learn to have your events streamed to reach the younger generation. Many cable cord cutters out here, we did not have a Bernie Sanders in our state to go after the cable companies!

So...we cord cutters are on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hulu.

May 25, 2015

How to Solve America's Biggest Problems with Bernie Sanders!

When you look at all those people listening, they are the faces of America!

Published on Apr 11, 2015

Watch Bernie Sanders and be inspired! Vermont's Independent U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders speaks on topics from climate change to income inequality in a Town Hall Meeting in Austin, Texas, on March 31st, 2015.

May 23, 2015

Twitter fire for Bernie: Combat Vets for Bernie, Woman4, Idaho, so many groups for Bernie!

Just wanted to pass this on....Bernie has a presence everywhere !

Go Bernie!

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