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Member since: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 05:59 PM
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suffering olympics champion

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visited our new super-walmart today.

if I had to choose one word, it would be, "creepy". the place was huge and dirty and disinterestedly stocked. the employees didn't look quite as half-dead as I had anticipated, but decidedly fatigued and depressed.

there are to be strike and protests this black friday, but not in my town. I feel obliged to pitch in somehow. the low wage movement seems like a crucial priority right now.

not sure why are town planners okay'd the expansion. walmart doesn't bring wealth to the community, in fact, quite the opposite.

shea-porter is down in the polls

while hassan seems likely to win by a healthy margin.

such a shame as she (shea-porter) is such a good candidate. why people would vote for guinta I can't imagine. his webpage reads like a sorry rehash of failed republican policies.

still too close to call but crossing our fingers b/c a lot of people have worked really hard for this one.

wikipedia says that shaheen has raised more money than brown 3:1

can anyone confirm or deny this statistic? my impression of the matter was that democrats were not getting the $$ from koch et al.
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