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Updated: UP COMING SPECIAL ELECTIONS, if you live in any of these get out and vote, Please

March 6, 2018
See also: Massachusetts state legislative special elections, 2018
[show]☐ Massachusetts State Senate Third Essex District
See also: Oklahoma state legislative special elections, 2018
[show]☐ Oklahoma House of Representatives District 51

March 13, 2018
See also: Tennessee state legislative special elections, 2018
[show]☐ Tennessee State Senate District 14

March 24, 2018
See also: Louisiana state legislative special elections, 2018
[show]☐ Louisiana House of Representatives District 93

March 27, 2018
See also: Alabama state legislative special elections, 2018
[show]☐ Alabama House of Representatives District 21

April 3, 2018
See also: Massachusetts state legislative special elections, 2018
[show]☐ Massachusetts House of Representatives Second Bristol District

Rhode Island
See also: Rhode Island state legislative special elections, 2018
[show]☐ Rhode Island State Senate District 8

April 10, 2018
See also: Florida state legislative special elections, 2018
[show]☐ Florida State Senate District 31

April 24, 2018
New York
See also: New York state legislative special elections, 2018
[show]☐ New York State Senate District 32
[show]☐ New York State Senate District 37
[show]☐ New York State Assembly District 5
[show]☐ New York State Assembly District 10
[show]☐ New York State Assembly District 17
[show]☐ New York State Assembly District 39
[show]☐ New York State Assembly District 74
[show]☐ New York State Assembly District 80
[show]☐ New York State Assembly District 102
[show]☐ New York State Assembly District 107
[show]☐ New York State Assembly District 142

May 1, 2018
See also: Florida state legislative special elections, 2018
[show]☐ Florida House of Representatives District 39
[show]☐ Florida House of Representatives District 114

See also: Massachusetts state legislative special elections, 2018
[show]☐ Massachusetts State Senate First Suffolk District
South Carolina
See also: South Carolina state legislative special elections, 2018
[show]☐ South Carolina House of Representatives District 69

May 5, 2018
See also: Texas state legislative special elections, 2018
[show]☐ Texas House of Representatives District 13

May 15, 2018
See also: Alabama state legislative special elections, 2018
[show]☐ Alabama House of Representatives District 4
[show]☐ Alabama State Senate District 26
See also: Pennsylvania state legislative special elections, 2018
[show]☐ Pennsylvania House of Representatives District 48
[show]☐ Pennsylvania House of Representatives District 178

May 22, 2018
See also: Arkansas state legislative special elections, 2018
[show]☐ Arkansas State Senate District 16
[show]☐ Arkansas State Senate District 29
[show]☐ Arkansas House of Representatives District 83

June 5, 2018
See also: California state legislative special elections, 2018
[show]☐ California State Assembly District 39
[show]☐ California State Assembly District 45
[show]☐ California State Assembly District 54


November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

Will Pennsylvania provide the next election flop for Trumps Republicans?

His corner of Pennsylvania coal country was “an ocean of Trump signs in 2016”, Democratic activist Ben Bright said.

Today, all across the staunchly Republican area, there are Democratic yard signs backing Conor Lamb, a young ex-marine who is fighting for a seat in Congress.

The special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th district has become an important test of Donald Trump’s political potency. He won overwhelmingly here in 2016, in a district that includes Republican-leaning Pittsburgh suburbs and vast swaths of coal country that were ancestrally Democratic.

When he ran, Republican congressman Tim Murphy faced only token opposition. However, in October 2017 Murphy was forced to step down after it was revealed that he urged a woman with whom he was conducting an extramarital affair to have an abortion.


Please donate:

Blacktip sharks in sharp decline off Florida coast and Trump's not helping

Blacktip sharks that journey down the Florida coast have declined in number so sharplythat researchers warn one of the largest migrations in US waters could grind to a halt because of the rapidly warming ocean.

A stretch of coastal south-eastern Florida is usually thick with as many as 15,000 blacktip sharks on any given day in February and March as the animals forge southwards from the Carolinas region in search of agreeably warm waters in winter.

However, aerial surveys of the migration last year found this number had slumped by around two-thirds, to 4,000 sharks. Researchers are still collating the 2018 tally but warn it is likely to match or even fall below last year’s level.

“Last year we had very warm waters and very few sharks, and 2018 so far has been exceptionally warm,” said Dr Stephen Kajiura, a shark researcher at Florida Atlantic University. “We just aren’t seeing the numbers; there are remarkably few sharks. It really indicates that their migration is tied closely to temperature and if this trend continues we may not see sharks here any more.”


Exotic animals disappear from Florida wildlife sanctuary after fake ad

The advertisement on Craigslist was specific: “Free exotic animals. We’re a sanctuary going out of business. Go around back and help yourself.”

Early on Sunday morning, somebody did just that, driving a truck up to the rear gate of the We Care Wildlife Sanctuary in Miami and loading up seven ring-tailed lemurs, five marmosets, four monkeys, seven birds and 13 tortoises.

The internet posting, however, was a fake. Now the sanctuary owners want their animals back, fearing they could die in days without the specialist care they need.

“We’ve been violated,” a sanctuary volunteer, Cindy Robert, said of the disappearance of the valuable animals, which is being treated by the Miami-Dade police department as a theft.


This should land right on Craiglist lap of total incompetence to verify, if the zoo was doing this..................

World's oldest message in a bottle found by beachwalker in Australia

The world’s oldest message in a bottle has been found on a beach in Western Australia by a couple who thought it might “look good on a bookshelf”.

Tonya Illman found the 132-year-old gin bottle in the dunes near Wedge Island in January. Her husband, Kym Illman, told Guardian Australia she initially thought it was rubbish but picked it up because it had distinct, raised lettering and would be at home on their bookshelf.

Inside, she found a roll of paper printed in German and dated to 12 June 1886, which was authenticated by the Western Australian Museum.

“It was an absolute fluke. It won’t get better than than this,” said husband Kym Illman.


Environmental racism case: EPA rejects Alabama town's claim over toxic landfill

The US Environmental Protection Agency has dismissed a civil rights case brought by residents of a small, overwhelmingly African American town in Alabama who have spent much of the past decade battling a toxic landfill they blame for causing a myriad of physical and mental illnesses.

In a 28-page letter, the EPA said there was “insufficient evidence” that authorities in Alabama had breached the Civil Rights Act by allowing an enormous landfill site containing 4m tons of coal ash to operate near residents in Uniontown. A separate claim that the landfill operator retaliated against disgruntled residents was also turned down.

Uniontown has been framed by advocates as one the most egregious examples of environmental racism in the US, where a largely poor and black population has had a polluting facility foisted upon it with little redress.

“To say there is insufficient evidence is ludicrous; I just can’t take it seriously,” said Ben Eaton, who has lived in Uniontown for 33 years. Eaton blames regular headaches and burning eyes upon the landfill, which he said has an odor than can be smelled from several miles away.


Grand Jury 101

Let's have a crash course on "Grand Jury 101: What they are, what they do and what happens if you violate a subpoena?"

Only a Grand Jury can indict, meaning Robert Mueller cannot do it by himself. So the normal process is to conduct an informal interview, then request documents and potentially a Grand Jury hearing where a witness testifies (without the benefit of having an attorney in the room). The main reason a Grand Jury is assembled is to review evidence presented to determine if charges are probable. A grand jury has to power to secure a court order to subpoena evidence.

There are 2 kinds of Grand Jury subpoenas:

1. Subpoena ad testificandum – just testimony.
2. Subpoena duces tecum – testimony and evidence (ie documents)


Investigation Reveals Deadly Niger Mission Lacked Proper Approval

WASHINGTON (AP) — A military investigation into the Niger attack that killed four American service members concludes the team didn’t get required senior command approval for their risky mission to capture a high-level Islamic State militant, several U.S. officials familiar with the report said. It doesn’t point to that failure as a cause of the deadly ambush.

Initial information suggested the Army Special Forces team set out on its October mission to meet local Nigerien leaders, only to be redirected to assist a second unit hunting for Doundou Chefou, a militant suspected of involvement in the kidnapping of an American aid worker. Officials say it now appears the team went after Chefou from the onset, without outlining that intent to higher-level commanders.

As a result, commanders couldn’t accurately assess the mission’s risk, according to the officials who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the results of the investigation before they’re publicly released. The finding will likely increase scrutiny on U.S. military activity in Africa, particularly the role of special operations forces who’ve been advising and working with local troops on the continent for years.


Flynns Brother Confirms Hes Selling House To Pay Legal Bills In Russia Probe

Source: Talking Points Memo

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is selling his three-bedroom home just outside of Washington, D.C. in order to pay the legal bills associated with his guilty plea for lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russian officials, Flynn’s brother confirmed to ABC News Monday.

The house has been on the market since December, at an asking price of $895,000, ABC News reported. The house sale isn’t the first sign that Flynn is struggling to fund his own defense. Flynn’s siblings set up a legal defense fund in September and asked the public to donate to help pay his legal bills.

“I’m not going to sugarcoat it, this has been a trying experience” for Flynn and his family, Flynn’s brother Joe Flynn told ABC News Monday. “It has been a crucible and it’s not over.”

Flynn pleaded guilty in December for lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russian officials during the transition. The retired general was indicted as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and whether the Trump campaign colluded with the foreign power’s efforts to disrupt the election.

Read more: https://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/abc-flynn-selling-house-pay-legal-fees

You made your bed asshole........................

I think it's bull shit that we the taxpayers have to pay for your retirement..............I don't like traitors

Zinke Withdraws Area Of Montana From Oil And Gas Auction At Last Minute

Source: Talking Points Memo

A week before the Interior Department is set to auction off parcels of land in Montana for oil and gas leases, Secretary Ryan Zinke pulled a cluster of parcels from the auction on Monday evening.

Zinke, who used to represent Montana in Congress, first made the announcement on Twitter.


Zinke followed up in a statement to the Washington Post, saying that the department needed to study the area more before approving it for auction. Local environmental groups had protested the auction and warned that it could hurt the areas near the Yellowstone river, according to the Washington Post.

Read more: https://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/zinke-pulls-montana-land-oil-gas-auction

I want to buy your parcel of land that you own in Montana, where your house sits......................asshole

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

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