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turbinetree's Journal
turbinetree's Journal
November 30, 2023

The below article is really scary.......and she sits on what committees....?

Marjorie Traitor Greene Admits She Works For The Russians
Greene has long been spouting Russian propaganda, even before the war in Ukraine began but now she's linking to it as well.


November 30, 2023

Senator Kennedy Gets His Dog Whistle Handed To Him

Senator Kennedy tried to play a game of Gotcha but he was the one that got got.

By Chris capper Liebenthal — November 29, 2023

Senator John Kennedy (NRA-LA) was questioning Dr. Megan Ranney of the Yale School of Public Health about the causes of shootings in Chicago. Kennedy thought he could play a little game of Gotcha with Ranney, but he grossly underestimated her caliber.

Kennedy started with asking Ranney if Chicago had become "America's largest outdoor shooting range" because of law-abiding people who had guns for self-protection and/or hunting or if it was because of a number of criminals with rap sheets "as long as King Kong's arm."

Ranney calmly replied by pointing out that Mississippi, Louisiana and Missouri had higher firearm death rates.


He really is a fucking idiot......

November 29, 2023

'Our eyes are open': Mary Trump calls out 'MAGA Mike Johnson' for alleged Russian ties

By M.L. Nestel
Published November 28, 2023 9:39 PM ET

Mary Trump is convinced newly minted House Speaker Mike Johnson is compromised by Russia.

"Despite the fact that Mike Johnson now holds a place of enormous power in the American government, he remains an elusive character whose perverted notions of American democracy and religious fanaticism still aren’t completely understood," she states on her Substack "The Good In Us."

She cites a Newsweek piece that breaks down Mother Russia's infiltration of U.S. politics by funneling money into a slate of MAGA-entrenched Congressmen.


And lets not forget that this "christian hypocrite" wants to get a bi-partisan commission together to gut and cut Social Security .......

House Republicans Want A 'Cut Social Security' Commission


November 29, 2023

House Republicans Want A 'Cut Social Security' Commission

"MAGA Mike Johnson and his fellow Republicans desperately want this commission to give bipartisan cover to benefit cuts," said Social Security Works. "Democrats must stand united against it."

By Jake Johnson — November 29, 2023

The Republican-controlled House Budget Committee is set to convene a hearing Wednesday to examine legislation that would establish a so-called fiscal commission for the U.S. debt, a proposal that critics have called a Trojan horse for Social Security and Medicare cuts.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), a longtime proponent of Social Security cuts, described such a commission as one of his top priorities after winning the gavel last month, and right-wing organizations such as the Koch-connected group FreedomWorks have endorsed the idea.

A fiscal commission of the kind backed by congressional Republicans and some conservative Democrats—including Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.)—would be tasked with analyzing Social Security, Medicare, and other U.S. trust fund programs and developing policy recommendations ostensibly aimed at improving the programs' finances. The policy proposals would then be put on a fast track in both the House and Senate.


Any Democratic person that sit on this commission should be asked how much did they pay into social security before they became a millionaire while in government, and why should they get a "taxpayer funded retirement" paid for by the apportions budget committee.......out of the general fund of the taxpayers money
My social security is paid into the "trust fund" that buys "treasury notes" by me and the company that I worked for end of story ..........again why should they take tax dollars from the "general funds of the treasury to pay for their retirement and then sit down in a room and attack me and millions of others that paid into a retirement plan called SOCIAL SECURITY" and to be denied to put my money in government backed treasury securities to help me later on in life earning interest that are guaranteed by the government over the life of those bonds ....instead of in worthless 401K programs that are NOT a defined retirement plan but a plan based on the whims of Wall Street and that ponzi scheme, that have usury fees to make wall street firms rich by two senators hypocrites that have vested interests in those firms like I don't know ........ oil and coal and other one that we called the Baine Company who was a hedge fund operator that went out to find companies to outsource and sell buildings and to take over companies over , to have jobs shipped out of the country so the workers could not put some of their and the company they worked for earnings into the social safety net......for later use when they retire......

Congressional offices......phone numbers and web addresses

'Contact Congress. U.S. House of Representatives: * Telephone: 202-225-3121 * Website: http://www.house.gov/. U.S. Senate: * Telephone: 202-224-3121

November 28, 2023

Knowledge Tracker Taking Control of the Vehicle

The National Transportation Safety Board wants to mandate anti-speeding technology. It sounds like a no-brainer, but the opportunities for cybersecurity breaches are greater.


On November 14, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) announced that it was calling on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to mandate anti-speeding technology, otherwise known as intelligent speed assistance (ISA) systems, in newer vehicles. The systems use GPS location data, speed limits, and onboard cameras to force cars to drive below the posted speed in particular areas.

This follows a trend of NTSB favoring technological interventions, such as their 2022 recommendation to equip all cars with breathalyzer devices, which block the ignition until the driver passes a blood alcohol test.

The NTSB is an investigatory agency that looks into significant accidents in aviation and on the highway. But the Board is charged with making safety recommendations, though it does not have regulatory authority of its own. The NTSB’s recommendation to NHTSA, which does have the ability to implement an ISA system, has an understandable appeal. As vehicles have become larger in size and greater in weight to accommodate consumer tastes, the laws of physics have turned them into far deadlier machines.


November 28, 2023

Tommy Tuberville: 'Admirals and generals' want me to keep blockading military promotions

BY Matthew Chapman
Published November 27, 2023 7:38 PM ET
Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) has no plans to let off his blockade of Senate approvals of military promotions following the Thanksgiving holidays, as his own party grows increasingly angry with him. Even Fox News reporters begin to criticize him.

In fact, Tuberville told CNN congressional reporter Manu Raju on Monday, the military is on his side.

"Nothing has changed," said Tuberville. "I've talked to admirals and generals, I've had people call me — I have had people call me over the holidays and say 'keep doing what you're doing, we're not having any problem.'"


Fuck you tubberville and your fucking horse .......as a taxpayer I am demanding that all NASA and Military Projects and training bases and ship building be moved from your state and that you be censored . DO you know how many men and woman that are gay and have had abortions that are buried at Arlington.....

November 28, 2023

Ukraine Unveils Monument To Soldier Executed By Russians

Oleksandr Matsievskiy's last words were "Slava Ukraini" before being shot to death. He's since become a symbol of Ukrainian resistance.


By Ed Scarce — November 27, 2023
Russia released the video of Oleksandr Matsievskiy's gruesome execution earlier this year thinking it would intimidate Ukrainians. Instead, it's done the opposite and only galvanized their resolve to rid themselves of the hated occupiers, with Matsievskiy's symbolic image of defiance now seen everywhere. They wanted him to beg for his life but instead, he said "Slava Ukraini," (or Glory to Ukraine) before they riddled his body with bullets.

Source: Reuters

NIZHYN, Ukraine, Nov 25 (Reuters) - A Ukrainian soldier who was posthumously awarded a medal after a widely shared video showed him declaring "Glory to Ukraine" before apparently being shot dead, was commemorated with a statue in his northern hometown on Saturday.

The video shared in March showed a man the military later named as Oleksandr Matsievskiy, a sniper with a unit from the region of Chernihiv, saying "Slava Ukraini," a phrase more than a century old that has become a popular expression of resistance to Russia's February 2022 invasion.


This shows that when you id a war crime.......all civility is now off the table......someone somewhere in Mar a Lago has this man blood on his hands... .

November 25, 2023

Report Confirms Major Newspapers Threaten Democracy: All Horse Race, No Policy

When historians set out to determine why Donald Trump happened, from initial campaign to attempted coup to authoritarianism-premised comeback, the role of this nation's press will be hard to overlook.

By HunterDK — November 25, 2023

When historians set out to determine why Donald Trump happened, from initial campaign to attempted coup to authoritarianism-premised comeback, the role of this nation's press will be hard to overlook. In a piece published for the Columbia Journalism Review, five researchers who examined The New York Times' campaign coverage leading up to the 2016 presidential election returned to similarly examine the 2022 race.

[W]e did expect, or at least hope, that in the years that followed, the Times would conduct a critical review of its editorial policies. Was an overwhelming focus on the election as a sporting contest the best way to serve readers? Was obsessive attention to Clinton’s email server really justified in light of the innumerable personal, ethical, and ultimately criminal failings of Trump? It seemed that editors had a responsibility to rethink both the volume of attention paid to certain subjects as well as their framing.

As any New York Times or Washington Post reader could likely tell you, the new results are just as dismal. Political coverage at even the largest and most consequential newspapers consists almost exclusively of horse race reporting and campaign gossip. Actual issue and policy examinations were nearly nonexistent.


I just would like to know if they, these newspapers, ever see autocrats dictate what they want said in the paper or any other news sources for the masses......look no fucking further than any authoritarian, dictatorship nation......did these newspapers not go back to this country's First Civil War....to understand what was being done.......Loyalists against Patriots.....this is why I get my information from the likes of Mother Jones, The Progressive, Harpers:................facepalm:

November 22, 2023

A twelve year old boy remembers what happened on Nov. 22, 1963

Living in Livingston California, (Castle Air Force Base) and preparing to eat my grade school meal, our principal came in to say that we were all allowed to go home and our buses were there there and that there had been a terrible tragedy concerning President Kennedy.

Being twelve year old boy and remembering what the meal was at school and leaving it at the table , and then going home to see my beloved mother crying, and her saying that her president was dead, and everyone on the base being on high alert because of the death.

For four days my entire family was transfixed to the TV, just like so many other families from that time, and watching the events unfold in real time, and watching Walter Cronkite wiping tears from his face and trying to keep his composure, said something to me as a young boy about this country and empathy and watching the movie with Cliff Robertson about President Kennedy's PT109 heroics.

For those of us that were in some ways joined in history from that time and place, I go back and see my beloved mother crying in my minds eye every year at this time ........as I do now and think what it could have been .........and then later in life as many of thousands have done .......gone to Arlington .......to pay my respects to a young president and what he could have done ,if had had not been killed.......

November 22, 2023

Wisconsin Kangaroos Are Hopping Mad Over Gerrymandering Case

Conservative Justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court went on the attack immediately during redistricting hearing.

By Chris capper Liebenthal — November 22, 2023

The fact that the election maps in Wisconsin are severely gerrymandered to heavily favor Republicans has been well known for over a decade. Even though Democrats earned 53% of the vote for Assembly races in 2018, they won only 36% of the districts. Then, when you thought it couldn't get worse, it did:

The current maps were instituted by the Supreme Court in 2022, which was then under a 4-3 conservative majority, after the Republican-held Legislature and Gov. Tony Evers were unable to reach a compromise on new maps. The conservative majority ruled in a series of decisions in Johnson v. Wisconsin Elections Commission that any proposed new maps must comply with a standard of “least change” from the gerrymandered 2011 maps. After the legal wrangling ended, the Court chose the exact maps that had been initially proposed by the Legislature, which closely followed the lines of the previous gerrymandered maps, although they had been vetoed by the governor.

After that debacle, the Republicans managed to achieve supermajorities in both houses despite not winning the majority of votes cast.


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