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Member since: Fri May 30, 2014, 03:30 PM
Number of posts: 16,820

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Watch a Hypocrite justify his BS and then have raffles to screen the questions FU

Carter Page trying to explain his meeting with a SVR intelligence officer

Nice try Page no cigar, you were selected as Trump's foreign policy "adviser" or did you forget this big fact

Devin Nunes "owes" an apology too Susan Rice

J. Geils a true music legend has died


Joe Wilson at his town hall, "You Lie"

Karen Handel / Planned Parenthood / and her History

and she is trying to be the republican to replace Tom Price's seat and who was the former congressman, and now his seat was vacated from the 6th district outside Atlanta who is now the current HHS, when he accepted.

April 23, 2013

Trump Caught Using Government Built Infrastructure For Personal Use (DETAILS)

Donald and Melania Trumpís frequent Mar-a-Lago getaways have quickly become a source of contention for many U.S. citizens. This is especially true for the residents of Palm Beach, FL who now face possible tax increases, regular traffic and other inconveniences when the Trumps come to town.

Now, in the true spirit of bow down and cater to Trump, that one can reasonably expect from any narcissist, Donald Trump is bypassing traditional means of transportation to get to his taxpayer funded destination that funnels money back into his pockets. As evidenced by the tweet below, Trumpís private helipad is complete and his private helicopter will likely soon begin direct flights to Mar-a-Lago:


Smerconish and Simpson forgot in their gabfest one important item

a former sitting president (Obama) did not, and I repeat did not get the Article II Section 3 of the Constitution on his nominee, so for these two right wing hypocrites trying to paint a picture of kumbaya on the old days is BS and amazing.

And then Smerconish and this former senator thinks that Turtle was going to play nice-------------FU

And lets not forget Simpson, (the Equality State Jerk) thinks people on Social Circuitry should still eat cat food , anyone remember the Simpson / Bowles, lets go back and enjoy what this hypocrite wanted to do:


Hey right winger Smerconish, have you look at O' Reilly's entire history Media Matters has

you really are a Troll there Smerconish

Congratulation to Angelo Carusone, to basically tell Smerconish, I am doing my job, why aren't you

Republicans Go Nuclear, Change Senate Rules to Approve Neil Gorsuch

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