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Warren pushes back on critics of her health care plan

By ALEXANDRA JAFFE 44 minutes ago

WAVERLY, Iowa (AP) — Elizabeth Warren pushed back against critics of her newly-released plan to phase in implementation of a single-payer health care system, insisting Saturday that she is “fully committed” to Medicare for All and that she plans to first build on existing health care programs because “people need help right now.”

“My commitment to Medicare for All is all the way,” Warren told reporters, responding to critics who’ve questioned the timing behind the release of her implementation plan.

On Friday, the Massachusetts Democrat released a plan outlining how she would transition to a full Medicare for All program, first by using executive action to bring down drug and health care prices and by pushing Congress to pass a bill giving Americans the option to buy in to an expanded government-run Medicare plan. Warren says she’ll then work with Congress to pass pieces of a universal coverage proposal more gradually, with the whole thing being ready “no later than” her third year in office.

The transition plan drew criticism from opposing campaigns, with a spokeswoman for Joe Biden accusing Warren of “muddying the waters” on health care and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s campaign calling it “transparently political.”


Rush-Dreamline Live from Frankfurt

And while at a Federalist Society dinner we have a whiner about subpoenas......................

The Latest: Ousted Ukraine ambassador has her say in hearing

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on President Donald Trump and House impeachment hearings (all times local):

7:10 p.m.

Attorney General William Barr says congressional Democrats are drowning government agencies with an “avalanche of subpoenas” in order to “incapacitate” the executive branch.

Barr spoke Friday at the Federalist Society’s dinner in Washington. His comments came as Congress held a second public hearing in the House impeachment inquiry.

Barr says the “cost of this constant harassment is real.”


Hey Barr, did you and others from your right wing gathering of fucking tory gathering hear the chants about the main speaker you know Brett, and how fucking "Facebook" sponsored the event............and has for drowning with the cost of constant harassment..........................I got an answer for your Federalist Society ass........................fucking resign, and enforce the contempt citations if you can't do your job while your gallivanting all over the world trying to make up some sham conspiracy theory with you and your attorney guy in Connecticut, trying to cut the rule of law at its knees, but I forget you have a contempt of Congress doing there duty to defend and protect the Constitution which you use as toilet paper..........and you fucking whine...........


Photo breakdown of Myles Garrett using helmet as a weapon

By The Associated Press 23 minutes ago

Myles Garrett used an opponent’s helmet as a weapon to hit Pittsburgh quarterback Mason Rudolph in the head, an attack played over and over on TV and social media. He was swiftly suspended by the NFL.

The violence unfolded with shocking clarity with seconds remaining in Cleveland’s 21-7 win over the Steelers on Thursday night.

After Garrett wrapped up Rudolph and took him down with a late, hard tackle, the players tussled on the ground, with Rudolph tugging at Garrett’s helmet.

Garrett, the massive defensive end, then grabbed Rudolph’s black helmet by the facemask and yanked it off while lifting the rookie quarterback off the turf.


Marie Yovanovitch bashes The Hill's faulty reporting that led to Trump's smear campaign --

— and impeachment

Published 6 hours ago
on November 15, 2019

By Travis Gettys

Marie Yovanovitch knocked down the false claims peddled by The Hill’s John Solomon that underpinned President Donald Trump’s smear campaign against her.

The website published a Solomon interview in March with Yuriy Vitaliyovych, now the former prosecutor general in Ukraine, who said the then-ambassador had given him a “do not prosecute” list — a claim pushed by the president, Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani and Fox News broadcasters.

Yovanovitch and the State Department denied the allegation at the time, and she flatly — and repeatedly — denied The Hill’s reporting as inaccurate during her testimony before the House impeachment inquiry, and told lawmakers why they were so damaging.

“I was worried,” she said. “These attacks were, you know, being repeated by the president himself and his son.”


FAA administrator tells team to 'take whatever time needed' on 737 MAX: memo

Source: Reuters

Business News
November 15, 2019 / 1:43 PM / Updated an hour ago

David Shepardson, Eric M. Johnson

3 Min Read

WASHINGTON/SEATTLE (Reuters) - U.S. Federal Aviation Administrator Steve Dickson told his team to “take whatever time is needed” in their review of Boeing Co’s (BA.N) 737 MAX, reiterating that the path to approval is “not guided by a calendar or schedule,” according to a Nov. 14 memo and video message reviewed by Reuters.

The comments came days after Boeing said it expected the FAA certify the 737 MAX, issue an airworthiness directive and unground the plane in mid-December - a timetable that sent the planemaker’s stock price soaring on Monday.

Boeing also acknowledged on Monday that it would not win approval for training changes until January, pushing back the return of flights. Just three days earlier, Boeing abruptly scrapped the announcement it had planned on the MAX.

U.S. officials have privately said this week that Boeing’s timetable was aggressive - if not unrealistic - and was not cleared in advance by regulators.

Read more: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-boeing-737max/faa-administrator-tells-team-to-take-whatever-time-needed-on-737-max-memo-idUSKBN1XP22U?il=0

Note: Video feed will not operate properly

Man arrested for slashing Baby Trump balloon said it was matter of 'good versus evil'

Associated Press -
November 12, 2019

The man was charged with criminal mischief for slashing the baby Trump blimp protesters were holding outside of the University of Alabama football game.

An Alabama man charged with criminal mischief in the slashing of a towering "Baby Trump" balloon has defended his actions, saying it was a matter of good versus evil.

Al.com reports Hoyt Deau Hutchinson called the syndicated radio show "Rick & Bubba Show" on Monday to describe what happened.

Hutchinson said he was shaking in anger when he drove past the balloon and its handlers Saturday during Donald Trump's visit to see Louisiana State play against the University of Alabama.

He yelled at the protesters, but then realized they might have seen him, so he bought a University of Alabama shirt to better blend into the crowd and get close to the balloon, he said. Pretending he wanted a picture with the balloon, Hutchinson said he used a material cutter with a sharp razor to slice the symbol open.


So in other words......................he has no respect for someone else's property..................................his logic is to do violence against those that don't see things his way...............................and this guy is walking around, driving around on the streets of America calling in to Rick and Bubba, oh fucking boy...............admitting to "criminal intent" to do harm personnel property........................I guess that's not a felony in that state...........................go fucking figure............

Amazon's $1.5 million political gambit backfires in Seattle City Council election

November 10, 2019 / 10:08 PM / Updated 28 minutes ago

Gregory Scruggs 4 Min Read

SEATTLE (Reuters) - Seattle voters, in a rebuke to heavy corporate campaign spending by Amazon.com, have kept progressives firmly in control of their city council, reviving chances for a tax on big businesses that the tech giant helped fend off last year.

Amazon poured a record $1.5 million into a Super PAC run by the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce to back a slate of candidates in the Nov. 5 council elections viewed as pro-business, or at least more corporate friendly than the incumbent council majority.

Amazon, the world’s leading online retailer whose chief executive is billionaire entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, accounted for more than half of nearly $2.7 million raised by the Super PAC, a group allowed to accept unlimited sums from wealthy donors in support of their favorite candidates. Four years ago, Amazon donated $25,000.

By comparison, labor unions spent more than $1 million on the council race.


'Pam, pam, pam': Hong Kong police open fire, wounding protester

Source: Reuters

World News
November 10, 2019 / 7:26 PM / Updated 13 minutes ago

Kate Lamb, Jessie Pang 4 Min Read

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hong Kong police opened fire and hit at least one protester on Monday, witnesses and media reports said, as chaos erupted across the city a day after officers fired tear gas to break up demonstrations that are entering their sixth month.

Police fired live rounds at protesters on the eastern side of Hong Kong island, Cable TV and other Hong Kong media reported. Cable TV said one protester was wounded when police opened fire.

Video footage showed a protester lying in a pool of blood with his eyes wide open. Police also pepper-sprayed and subdued a woman nearby as plastic crates were thrown at officers, the video shared on social media showed.

Reuters could not immediately authenticate the footage.

Read more: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-hongkong-protests/pam-pam-pam-hong-kong-police-open-fire-wounding-protester-idUSKBN1XL00W?il=0

And why exactly do corporations do business with China.....................

Trump is saying 'I am above the law' and 'nobody can control me': Harvard Law's Laurence Tribe

Published 1 min ago
on November 10, 2019

By Sarah K. Burris

Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe explained that it has become obvious that President Donald Trump is using the Office of the Presidency for his own purposes.

Speaking to MSNBC host Ari Melber on his impeachment special, Tribe explained that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) refused to authorize an impeachment inquiry until it became clear that Trump was using his office for political purposes.

“He was taking hundreds of millions of dollars voted by Congress and withholding them from the Ukraine in an act of sheer extortion and soliciting what amounted to a bribe because he wanted Ukraine’s help, help against Joe Biden for 2020 and help in clearing him of colluding with Russia in 2016,” Tribe said.

Ironically, Trump made that notorious July 25 call just as Robert Mueller had finished testifying before Congress about his investigation into the last time Trump asked a foreign power to help him during an election.

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