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Dems hit stock buybacks in tax law fight

Democrats are emphasizing companies' stock buybacks to help make their case against the GOP tax law ahead of the midterm elections.

The law is becoming more popular with the public and companies are touting employee bonuses, putting Democrats in a tough spot. That's led them to highlight stock repurchasing announcements, which they say show the law's benefits to wealthy shareholders and corporate executives dwarf any benefits to the middle class.

Republicans counter that stock buybacks also help middle-class Americans with retirement accounts and result in capital being reinvested in the economy.

The issue is quickly taking center stage in the election-year fight over the tax law.


I just wonder what Grover Norquist or Orrin "fucking" Hatch has to say to human beings that have 401(k;s) when a company goes bankrupt----------------------ask the TWA employees, or the Eastern airline employees, Continental employees, US Airways, Pacific Southwest Airlines, not the pension but the 401(k) 's they had ---------FUCK Him and the horse he rides in on.................asshole

Lawmakers call for withdrawal of Trump proposal that could impact 9/11 responders' health care

Source: The Hill

A bipartisan group of New York lawmakers called on White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney to scrap a proposal in President Trump's proposed budget plan they say could threaten the health treatment of 9/11 first responders.

New York Reps. Peter King (R), Jerry Nadler (D) and Carolyn Maloney (D) said they were "shocked and disturbed" by the proposal, which would see a realignment involving the World Trade Center Health Program.

That program is currently housed in the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), which is part of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Trump's 2019 budget proposal for NIOSH would move that agency into the National Institute for Health (NIH).

That move could result in the shifting of employees from NIOSH to the NIH, impacting the 83,000 9/11 first responders who receive treatment and care from the WTC Health program.

Read more: http://thehill.com/homenews/house/374488-lawmakers-call-for-withdrawall-of-proposal-in-trump-budget-plan-that-could

What a complete and total asshole.....................

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

Hey Fucking Deplorable's, and yes you are Fucking Deplorable's and supporters of a TRAITOR

This is what "your" fearless , malignant narcissistic, sexual predator leader said...................

Trump: FBI 'spending too much time' on Russia inquiry and missed Florida shooter signals

Donald Trump has criticized the FBI for missing the “many signals” about the Florida school shooter, saying the agency was spending “too much time” trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

The US president’s attempt to use the shooting to make a political point about the FBI’s Russia inquiries into the Trump campaign drew swift criticism, including from John Kasich, the Republican governor of Ohio, who called it an “absurd statement”.

Trump, who the National Rifle Association (NRA) helped elect, made the comments as he faced demands for action on gun control, including from the teenage survivors of America’s latest school massacre.

Thousands of protesters at state rallies this weekend demanded an immediate response from lawmakers in the wake of Wednesday’s attack that left 17 victims dead at a high school in Parkland, Florida on Wednesday.


Your "guy" is so mentality unfit to be in charge of anything including picking up dog shit, even that job has some responsibilities, for public safety

Go the fuck away...........................what a total walking cluster fuck with orange hair, and cluster fuck do nothing Congress, you are responsible for this situation, and now again, you own this blood money from the NRA and the gun manufactures .............................

November cannot get here fast enough

Our Sociopath Chief

This thing that calls itself 'President' just doesn't know how to act like a human being.

Source: Splinter

With Florida high school students practically begging politicians to do something about the gun violence that threatens their right to a decent education without fearing for their lives, the president of the United States appears to be most concerned about his own image.

And the image Donald Trump chooses to project to the world in the wake of the horrible massacre this week at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is one of smiles and a signature thumb’s up.



US tribe fights use of treated sewage to make snow on holy peaks

The Hopi tribe is taking on an Arizona ski resort over its use of artificial snow: ‘People compare it to baptizing a baby with reclaimed water’

To the Hopi tribe, the San Francisco Peaks are sacred. The cluster of mountains rise dramatically from grasslands and ponderosa forests in northern Arizona, and the Hopi say they are home to spiritual beings called kachinas, believed to bring the rain and snow to their reservation.

But the tribe has been allowed to move forward with a lawsuit against a local ski resort over what the tribe deems to be a desecration of the holy mountains: spraying artificial snow made from treated sewage.

“People compare it to baptizing a baby with reclaimed water,” said Ed Kabotie, a Hopi tribal member and artist. “Nobody would think about something like that.”

Signs around the Arizona Snowbowl resort, about 15 miles from Flagstaff, warn skiers not to drink the water used in making snow, but state regulations allow for its use in irrigating crops and watering parks. It has been found to contain trace amounts of substances such as Prozac, deet and ibuprofen. They occur on the order of a few dozen to a few hundred parts per trillion, which, for comparison, is far less than a grain of salt in an Olympic-sized swimming pool.


Steve Kerr frustrated over frequency of mass shootings ESPN

Brexit Hate Propaganda

Has Viktor Orban, the populist, Jew-baiting prime minister of Hungary, been invited by the proprietors of London isolationist anti-European press to be their guest editor?

In Poland, the ultra-Catholic rightist nationalist leader, Jarosław Kaczynski, is pushing through a law which will make it a crime, including fines and imprisonment, to state the historical truth that during the Nazi occupation of Poland, there were some Poles who committed anti-Semitic acts, denounced Polish Jews to the Gestapo, and in the village of Jedwabne, herded Jews into a building and set it alight.

These are well-documented facts and Princeton Professor Jan Gross, himself a victim of the last purge of Jews in Poland in 1968, when the communist regime expelled thousands of mainly young Jewish students as trouble-makers and subversives, has written magisterial books on this dark side of Polish history.

In Hungary, Viktor Orban has launched an extraordinary attacks on George Soros, the 87-year-old Hungarian-American Jew who became fabulously rich but since his retirement from active investing has poured millions into his Open Society Foundations. This, like any number of liberal endowments, supports freedom of speech, independent scholarship, universities free of state or big-business control, women’s rights, liberal market democratic ideas, free elections, and all the gamut of desirable end results that were meant to emerge after the end of communism nearly three decades ago.


The Brexit vote is generating considerable apprehension and anxiety in economic circles. British capitalism is now in undeclared conflict with ruling Tory circles as every sector of British business, from the City to key foreign investors, looks with fear at the idea of cutting access to the EU’s Single Market of 450 million middle class consumers.

Combined with the almost permanent incoherence and chaos in government on Brexit and the civil war in the Tory Party, one can sense all belief that Brexit is good for Britain ebbing away.

That does not translate automatically into a reversal of Brexit. It will take more time and a lot more evidence before anyone will risk a new referendum. But the tide is going out on the Tory-UKIP lies that won the June 2016 plebiscite.


Steve Bannon and Katie Roiphe Are Very Worried. So Is Donald Trump

Eerybody’s worried about the men. Steve Bannon. Katie Roiphe. Donald J. Trump. Whether in response to the generalized fury of the #MeToo movement, or allegations of intimate-partner violence against a key White House official, the presumed vulnerability of men to charges of sexual harassment or outright violence has drawn the sympathies of a self-described pussy-grabber, an enabler of the racist alt-right, and the feminist movement’s foremost concern troll.

While the White House is having trouble getting its story straight about just when it learned that former staff secretary Rob Porter had been subject to a restraining order requested by one of his two ex-wives, or the claim of the other that he punched her in the face (including photographic evidence of a black eye), one thing is certain: The president’s sympathies lie with Porter, and perhaps all men accused of misdeeds done against women.


Fear of female power is the thing that prompted the creation of the patriarchy in the first place. As the historian Nancy Hatch Dupree explained to me during a discussion of the Taliban’s oppression of women, the need to control women stems from the fact that women are the transmitters of culture. Which means they can change society at a cultural level, if only they can manage to marshal collective power—no small task in a world run by men.

Should the patriarchy come to an end, Bannon and Trump will be toast, of course. And Katie Roiphe will be out of a gig, with no one left to serve.

Alas, we have a way to go before that happens.


Reforming Welfare and Controlling the Poor

Ater handing out $1.5 trillion in tax breaks to the wealthy, President Trump has followed up with a budget that eviscerates the social safety net. Though the budget only outlines the Trump administration’s priorities, and is unlikely to be largely implemented, it’s clear that the administration would like to further eviscerate the nation’s skimpy excuse for an economic security policy. The budget, after all, represents the administration’s ideal world.

And what’s in this world? Little help for the poor with food, health care, and housing—and more poverty, disease, homelessness, and hunger.

The budget proposes gutting the country’s largest anti-hunger program, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (commonly known as food stamps), cutting spending by $213.5 billion over ten years. This would be achieved not only by limiting who is eligible for assistance, but by altering the most basic part of the program, which allows low-income families to purchase food using an Electronic Benefit Transfer card (similar to a debit card). Instead, the government would deliver (Blue Apron-style, according to budget director Mick Mulvaney, who was actually serious) boxes of government commodity food to most SNAP recipients for the value of about half of their benefits. Stacy Dean of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities writes that such a proposal, “would require operational capacity and infrastructure that neither USDA [the Department of Agriculture] nor states now have … [and] puts access to food at risk for one in ten Americans on the faulty assumption that government can buy and provide food more efficiently than millions of American households.”


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