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Dolores O'Riordan: Cranberries singer dies aged 46

With tears in my eyes...............................this song is just beautiful.................

This is just sad..............................

Court battle brewing over work rules for Medicaid

Source: The Hill

A battle is brewing in the courts over the Trump administration's move to let states impose work requirements for recipients of Medicaid, the health insurance program for the poor.

Advocacy groups are gearing up to sue the administration, arguing that it doesn’t have the power to allow work requirements and other rules for Medicaid without action from Congress.

But the administration is defending the legality of the shift. When unveiling guidance Thursday on the work requirements, top Medicaid official Seema Verma said the administration has "broad authority” under current law to allow states to make changes through waivers.

On Friday, the administration quickly gave Kentucky the green light to implement work requirements for some beneficiaries, the first time such an approval has been given.

Shortly after, the National Health Law Program (NHeLP) issued a press release stating, “litigation is expected because the approval violates federal law.”

Read more: http://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/368818-court-battle-brewing-over-work-rules-for-medicaid

And if anyone thinks that "republican" controlled senate and congress, is just fine and dandy, and think that its just a okay, too pack the lower courts with hypocrites that side with lobbyists running a federal agency....................well one day, your parents or yourself may be in the position, where you need this programs, know matter how much money you have, health care can bankrupt you, and this lady should have never been confirmed to this position--------------------this is direct assault on legislation and an agency to help human beings out---------------it is the continued undermining of human decency and principles

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

Trump Avoiding Press Corps After Hawaii Nuke Alert

Reprinted with permission from Shareblue.com

Donald Trump’s press office came dangerously close to putting Trump in front of reporters during a disastrous weekend, but averted that catastrophe at the last second.

While Trump avoided the press following his despicable racist rant and played golf while Hawaii endured 38 minutes of terror, White House reporters were kept away from Trump all weekend.

But after declaring a “lunch lid” following his trip back from the golf course Sunday, meaning that Trump would not be traveling again, White House reporters were abruptly mobilized for a trip back to Mar-a-Lago (pool reports via email from The White House):


A "Lunch Lid".................................

A 24 Year-Old Is Running Drug Policy Because Experts Wont Work For Trump

Reprinted with permission from Shareblue.com

It is wholly understandable that no one wants to work for Donald Trump. But it is also potentially putting the nation in grave danger when it means that key positions are filled by people who lack any demonstrable qualifications.

The Washington Post reports that the latest troubling example is at the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), where a 24-year-old recent college graduate — whose professional experience includes little more than working on the Trump campaign — has been named deputy chief of staff.

Taylor Weyeneth, who just under one year ago was an undergraduate at St. John’s University in New York, quickly rose through the ranks to occupy a job recently held by a lawyer and a longtime government official. And because the ONDCP currently lacks a permanent director, Weyeneth is helping to fill that role alongside acting director Richard Baum.
As the Trump administration weakly attempts to address the growing opioid crisis, at least seven appointees to the ONDCP have left the agency, leaving much of the crucial duties that would be filled by a chief of staff and general counsel in the hands of Weyeneth.


So this follower of the kool aid, was some lackey on the campaign staff, and this lackey has no degree but he has "date of projections" to get one, and his "resume" is quite dubious to say the least, just like his boss, the sexual predator............. Traitor

Where is the "republican controlled congress on this matter....................no where, just like everything else......nowhere

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

This Is What The Planet Would Be Like Without Trees

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.

Forests account for nearly 30 percent of the world’s surface. That’s a staggering 3.04 trillion trees, each of which are continually remoistening our atmosphere, filtering the air we breathe and combating climate change by storing carbon and providing shelter for countless species of wildlife. But as the human population steadily increases, the world’s forests continue to shrink, cut for timber and converted to farms for soybean, palm oil and other food resources.

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, an estimated 18 million acres of forest—an area roughly the size of Panama—are lost each year. At the current rate of deforestation, the world’s rainforests will begin to disappear within the next 100 years.

To understand the ecological importance of trees to our planet, Alton Greenhouses, a greenhouse manufacturer based in the United Kingdom, analyzed various scientific studies and comments from environmentalists to imagine a world without trees. The results are alarming. In addition to flash floods and food shortages, humanity would also have to deal with widespread animal extinctions, accelerating climate change and the loss of materials.


Jamie Dimon: Dems don't have a strong candidate for 2020

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said in an interview on Friday that the Democratic Party does not have a strong candidate for the 2020 presidential election.

“The thing about the Democrats is they will not have a chance, in my opinion. They don’t have a strong centrist, pro-business, pro-free enterprise person," Dimon told Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business's "Wall Street Week."

"The American public is not clamoring for more government. They were angry about the Great Recession, they blamed banks, they blamed Washington, but they’re also angry about the bureaucracy,” he continued.


Hey Dimon, FUCK YOU, I really mean it FUCK YOU

"The American public is not clamoring for more government. They were angry about the Great Recession, they blamed banks, they blamed Washington, but they’re also angry about the bureaucracy,” he continued."

Do you realize asshole, that we the public saved your oligarchs ass, did the public get a thank you, FUCK NO, and then and your cronies went right after the CPFB and staring dismantling it, just to FUCK the public, because of your perception of entitlement,

And then to add more insult to your above last comment, I and millions of others are subsidizing your tax breaks, where-by millions of human beings may end up on the streets eating dog food, while you give out bonuses to people that support the ayn rand model of BS, by you and others going around, saying see the tax cuts, we can now gave bonuses because your ilk don't pay taxes, you off shore all the money we paid in credit card interest, that you get to write off as a business expense, which has corrupted the bureaucracy -------------FUCK YOU

Hey Dimon, November 2018 cannot get here fast enough, maybe you didn't understand what happened in Virginia or Alabama for starters, but we do under stand......................its about taking back the bureaucracy, our bureaucracy jerk

Janis Joplin ..........Cheap Thrills , she would have been 75 this month

Janis Joplin: the singer who screamed a very American pain

When did pop first show that it had the capacity to feel bad? Not bad in the sense of feeling blue or worried or cross or cray-zee, or bothered by intimations of existential dread, but bad in the sense of feeling disturbed. That pop, rock, soul or whatever had the potential to take both hands off the banisters and let itself fall backwards without thought into abysmal, chaotic feeling. When did rock first show signs that it had the power to express what we might now call, for want of a better expression, pathology?

My first encounter with extreme feeling in pop music came a couple of years before I was capable of registering any kind of extreme feeling myself. In 1971, Janis Joplin was the sound of approaching anguish for my generation of 11-year-olds. Her sandpaper howls were for us, I suppose, what we thought of when we thought of the existential scream of nature, as we often did: an auditory update of Edvard Munch for the post-hippy generation. When she let rip, the world formed its mouth into an O and put its hands up to the sides of its face.

But what did we know of her really? Very little. I remember registering at the time (probably from advertising copy, poster art and LP sleeves) her vivid personal iconography: round, tinted specs, feather boas in her hair and a hungry grin that opened her face to the sky. I also think I acquired the knowledge that she was Texan, that she was a roustabout and that she had expired only recently, as part of the same hippy decimation that had disposed of Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison, all of them victims of excess of one kind or another. Had she lived, she would have been 75 this month.


The Monterey Pop Festival, I can remember like it was yesterday 1967....................

Russian-trained mercenaries back Bosnia's Serb separatists

Russian-trained mercenaries are helping to establish a paramilitary unit serving the Serb separatist leader in Bosnia, it was reported in Sarajevo on Friday.

The report on the Žurnal news site, which was confirmed by the Bosnian security minister, comes at a time of mounting western anxiety about Russian efforts to destabilise the Balkans and resist Nato enlargement in the region.

On Tuesday, Milorad Dodik, the hardline leader of the Serb half of Bosnia, staged a military parade in Banja Luka in defiance of a ruling by the country’s constitutional court.

The Žurnal report said that a militia called “Serbian Honour” – which it said had been trained in a Russian-funded “humanitarian centre” in Serbia – was in the process of setting up a paramilitary group to be used against Dodik’s opponents.


What is the sexual predator state department going to do about this?


Trumps 2,000 Lies A Documentary

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