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KT McFarland's Ludicrous Claim: Flynn Was Targeted For Wanting To 'Reform' Intelligence Agencies

Politics 5/10/20 8:51 am
Read time: 3 minutes

Fox "news" is gearing up to try to criminalize and politicize the entire Mueller investigation following William Barr's unprecedented and dangerous interference in the Michael Flynn case.
By Heather

As CNN's legal analyst Jeff Toobin pointed out the other day, Barr's shocking interference in the Michael Flynn case proves Trump is desperate to erase the Mueller investigation, and as Media Matters has reported, Fox has been laying the groundwork for the DOJ's actions for months on end now, lying about why Flynn was charged and claiming that the FBI was trying to entrap Flynn, when the truth of the matter is there was more than enough evidence that Flynn was compromised and acting on behalf of the Russians.

Trump and his allies next move is going to be to try to weaponize the Flynn case, and his propaganda network is happily helping them in that endeavor in segments such as the one above with former Deputy National Security Advisor KT McFarland, who served under Flynn. She did her best to give cover to Barr by claiming that the Obama administration "wanted to get Flynn" because he supposedly "knew where all the bodies were buried" and the only reason they had it out for him is because he wanted to "reform, streamline and reorganize" our intelligence agencies, and, of course, they just had it out for Trump as well, and were trying to undermine his national security team.

Here's more from the Media Matters article on what's actually going on, as opposed to the alternate reality being pushed by Fox:


And people are wondering how and why the country is in the shape its in............since................October 7, 1996; 23 years ago...................when propaganda thing started operating ....................

'Cheap talk': CNN guest slams Fox News 'elites' in home studios who push everybody

else to go back to work

Published 5 mins ago on May 10, 2020
By David Edwards

Dartmouth Professor Brendan Nyhan suggested that Fox News hosts broadcasting from their home studios are hypocrites if they are also urging viewers to go back to work.

“I wonder what you make of Fox News stars who are out there encouraging people resume their normal lives, get back to work while broadcasting from their homes, staying at home?” host Brian Stelter asked Nyhan on CNN’s Reliable Sources program on Sunday.

“I think you should watch what people do and not what they say,” Nyhan advised. “There are a lot of people sitting in their houses on webcams telling everyone they should go back out and resume their lives.”

“That’s cheap talk from elites who aren’t frontline workers,” he continued, “who aren’t in essential roles that put them at risk. And I think it’s really being tossed out casually, in an irresponsible manner.”


From a network that encourages and gloats about pushing people over the cliff, so in essence while they sit at home broadcasting to there masses of stupid...............they also have Blood On There Hands .................

Bill Madden: Baseball's only coronavirus certainty is the destruction of the minor leagues

2020/5/10 05:36 (EDT)
©New York Daily News

NEW YORK — As baseball sits idle, we still don’t know if there will be any MLB season at all, or what it will look like if there is one. The most prevalent scenario is an 82-game schedule with a July 4-5-6 start-up and teams playing in their own ballparks, at first with no fans. But any projected restart is subject to change, just like the coronavirus models. With so many uncertainties, nobody — not the scientists, the politicians or the MLB poohbahs — can predict what the pandemic landscape will be two months from now.

About all we do know is that there is almost certainly going to be no minor league baseball at all this year. That’s an even bigger tragedy than the cancellation of the major league season would be. At least the major league owners will have the benefit of TV money to help recoup some of their losses whenever play resumes. Many minor league owners are not independently wealthy and rely on their teams for their livelihood; they’re totally screwed.

That’s why the minor leagues finally capitulated to MLB’s contraction plan to cut the number of their teams from 160 to 120: The number of minor league teams going out of business may well be far greater than the designated 40 on MLB’s hit list. Even before a single game is played, minor league owners are responsible for the rent payments and maintenance on their ballparks. Those costs are considerable and they are not refundable if there is no baseball all summer in those stadiums. In addition, the minor league operators spend their entire offseasons lining up sponsorships, ballpark signage and promotional events. All of that money they will now have to refund unless they can work out deals to transfer it to the 2021 season. Regardless, it’s lost revenue. And when it comes to the teams being contracted, or simply going out of business, there are no deals to be made.

Early on, there had been talk about the minor leagues following the major leagues’ lead of having abbreviated seasons without fans in the ballpark. But as one minor league owner told me recently: “As bad as it will be to have no season this year, an even worse case scenario for us would be to have a season with no fans. What would be the point? There would still be no revenue and we would still have to pay all our employees.”


What is truly remarkable is that the contracts with the media and the billion's of broadcast rights wasn't even thought of.............for the minor leagues..............or it was they just didn't care...............

This says everything about corporate america.........and the psychopaths of greed ................

Pence had CEOs remove masks before meeting with him — hours after his press secretary tested positive for COVID-19
Published 1 min ago on May 10, 2020

By David Badash, The New Civil Rights Movement

The Trump administration is not only ignoring CDC and medical experts’ guidelines it is actively working to make Americans less safe.

On Friday Vice President Mike Pence flew aboard Air Force Two to Des Moines, Iowa, to meet with food industry CEOs. His flight was delayed after his press secretary, Katie Miller, tested positive for coronavirus. Several staffers were forced to exit the plane before it took off. Also board were Iowa Republican Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst, and Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue.

Pence held a roundtable discussion at the headquarters of the Hy-Vee supermarket chain. As The Intercept reports, five industry executives, seated at the table, all wearing masks, were approached by a staffer who asked them to remove their masks before the Vice President would come to the table (video below.)

Let's think about this .........they are in charge of companies, and not one of them said no.....
........it was all about the photo op, so that it reinforces the
fucking "truthers" to go around doing there shit show..........just imagine what they (CEO's) are doing to the employees that have to go home to there families......I just wonder if they have health care where there employees work.....doubt it.......

To show how twisted his thinking is................that is just dangerously irresponsible..........

Fact check: Trump is lying about kids being safe from virus

By Associated Press -May 9, 2020 1:00 PM

His statement that "the children aren't affected" is dangerous.

Donald Trump is falsely suggesting that children are safe from the coronavirus as he pushes to reopen the country now and schools in the summer or fall.

Although Trump is broadly correct that the disease is most deadly to the elderly and to people with existing health problems, his statement that "the children aren't affected" is heedless. Some have died from it. His recent comments also skirt the threat to healthy adults in their 50s and younger.

A look at his statements on the subject:

TRUMP: "With young children and children, we'd like to see the schools open early next season and on time. It's incredible how the — it's very unique how the children aren't affected, but people that have problems and older people are — can be very badly hurt, injured, or die from this problem." — remarks with Native leaders Tuesday in Phoenix, Arizona.

TRUMP: "You see how well children seem to do. It's incredible. We realize how strong children are, right?" — remarks with nurses Wednesday.



And the picture says everything about that glazed look in his eyes..........

Coronavirus is forcing people to get creative this Mother's Day

By Associated Press -May 10, 2020 10:00 AM

As the pandemic persists, more people are searching for creative ways to make moms feel special — from a safe distance.

Treats made and delivered by neighbors. Fresh garden plantings dug from a safe 6 feet away. Trips around the world set up room-to-room at home.

Mother's Day this year is a mix of love and extra imagination as families do without their usual brunches and huggy meet-ups.

As the pandemic persists in keeping families indoors or a safe social distance apart, online searches have increased for creative ways to still make moms feel special.

Absent help from schools and babysitters, uninitiated dads are on homemade craft duty with the kids. Other loved ones are navigating around no-visitor rules at hospitals and senior-living facilities.

Some medical facilities are pitching in by collecting voice and video recordings from locked-out relatives when patients are unable to manage the technology on their own.


There is also Blue Mountain.com to send a virtual card to mothers............

Trump On Pence Staffer That Tested Positive For COVID19: 'I Don't Know What Happened'

Politics 5/09/20 6:01am Read time: 1 minute

Katie Miller tested positive, you numbskull, that's what happened.
By John Amato

After it was revealed Friday that Mike Pence's spokesperson, who is Stephen Miller's wife, Katie Miller, tested positive, Trump gave an illogical and moronic response to the media about her and coronavirus testing in general.

Trump said, "She tested very good for a long period of time, and then all of a sudden today, she tested positive."

That's the way any virus spreads, especially one as infectious as COVID-19. One day you don't have it, and the next, if you're not protecting yourself, you've got it.

Trump said he and Pence tested negative after her results came back.

"So she tested positive out of the blue," he said.


Those remark's remind me of a commercial.............his brain is absolutely fried...........and people are dying based on dangerous all about me ego stupidity and being a lunatic

McSally Says Next COVID Bill Shouldn't Be 'Cash Cow' For Cities As Arizona Suffers

As Arizona's cities are laying off and furloughing workers because of cratering revenues as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, their Republican senator is telling them to toughen up.
By Joan McCarter

As Arizona's cities are laying off and furloughing workers because of cratering revenues as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, their Republican senator is telling them to toughen up. She isn't going to help them by voting for any financial support for state local government, citing that "blue state bailout" bullshit.

"I'm just going to be frank with you guys, okay," she said in a virtual town meeting in Arizona. "This is not the time for states and cities—unlike Arizona, unlike Surprise—who have mismanaged their budgets over the course of many decades, for them to use this as an opportunity to see you, as a taxpayer in Arizona, as a cash cow for them in whatever city you want to talk about, whether it's Chicago or New York or whatever." Or Tempe, or Mesa, or Kingman, or Page, or Prescott, Arizona. Or Phoenix, which is a projecting a $26 million shortfall. Is she lumping all those towns in with the "cities that have nothing to do with coronavirus" but failed at budgeting and managing debt, and thus need to be bailed out? "This is not the time for us in Arizona and you in Surprise to be paying for mismanagement in Chicago," McSally continued. "That's what, actually, the left is advocating for right now. What we're advocating for is we provide specific relief."

McSally might have heard from some of those cities, because her office immediately issued a statement saying that those remarks that she made on a recorded public meeting "were not intended to be made public." Oh. Okay. Her office also said that "she was working hard to make sure towns and cities have the money and support they need during the pandemic." Uh-huh. Sure she is. If she can keep that funding from going to any of the states and communities hardest hit by the pandemic, so far.

In case you're wondering, Arizona was ranked in the top 10 most federally dependent states in 2019 by Wallethub. In fact, it was number 6 overall, rated at number 4 for the state government's dependency on the feds, and number 11 for state residents' dependency. "Arizona ranked sixth in terms of one of the most federally dependent states because right now its residents are receiving more money than they are paying to the government, which if you're a resident is more bang for your buck—it's not necessarily a bad thing," Wallethub analyst Jill Gonzalez explained.



For every $1 paid in federal taxes by residents as of last year, Arizona got back $1.72. Which would make them moochers, were Democratic officials as inclined to write off whole states as Republicans. There was a warning from Gonalez a year ago. "But essentially if anything were to happen with federal government, another recession, etc., Arizona would probably be in hot water." Just like New York or Illinois or California or Washington.

Posted with permission from Daily Kos.



Access Journalism Is Killing Us

Media Bites 5/09/20 5:00 am Read time: 4 minutes

News consumers deserves real answers, especially from the President of the United States.
By Eric Boehlert

Finally emerging from his pandemic-era Fox News bunker, Trump sat for an interview with ABC News this week. For weeks as the U.S. death toll skyrocketed and tens of millions of people lost their jobs, Trump had agreed only to answer pleasing, one-on-one questions from Fox News. He did his best to create an alternate universe, where the deadly cornonavirus would soon "wash away."

Agreeing to be interviewed by ABC, Trump appeared to be taking a risk by exposing himself to tougher questions about his historically incompetent response to the public health crisis, and a mountain of evidence that he personally chose to do nothing to protect the country from a virus invasion. In the end, the soft-as-a-pillow interview on ABC proved to be no risk. And Trump probably knew that going in, because TV journalists, perhaps more concerned about access than answers, simply refuse to hold him accountable in-person.

Accustomed to blustering his way through TV Q&A's and facing minimal pushback, Trump once again delivered an often-incoherent session with ABC, while lying relentlessly. Yet Trump was never closely questioned by "ABC World News Tonight" anchor David Muir, even when the issues of the day include more than 70,000 dead Americans and 30 million lost jobs. Incredibly, Muir failed to call Trump out on the pandemic-related lies he had been telling for weeks during his White House briefings. Meaning, Muir likely knew in advance what Trump's falsehoods would be, yet the anchor did nothing.

Content with the TV "get" (i.e. landing a interview with Trump), Muir did his minimal best to hold the president accountable for what some experts see as the greatest single failure of leadership in the history of the United States presidents. Muir did what so many journalists before him have done over the last five years — he let Trump get away with it. And Muir did it at a time when America is so desperate for answers and accountability.



Afraid of curtailing future access, and afraid of offending red state viewers, the TV questioners are content to let Trump spout nonsense. That's not journalism. When the United States is facing a once-in-century health crisis and being crippled by a pandemic, news consumers deserve to get answers from the President of the United States.

The same style of access journalism plagues most of the Sunday morning talk shows, where booking the Republican administration’s guests now seems to be the paramount act of journalism. That means Trump surrogates appear on the shows to promote his nonstop lies and are met with, at best, timid pushback. Hosts seem to think their job in the Trump era is to provide the president and his top officials with comfortable forum to tell more blatant untruths.

Now as the pandemic spreads, access journalism is killing us.

Entitled White Man, Todd Starnes, Whines About Wearing A Mask When He Went To Buy A Toaster

Politics 5/09/20 10:18 am Read time: 1 minute

Todd Starnes is really upset that he was asked to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer when he went to a store to buy a toaster — during a global pandemic that has killed almost 80,000 people.
By Red Painter

We all know that the most oppressed group in all of history is (checks notes) White Christian Republican Men. They were sold into slavery, forbidden from drinking at certain water fountains or from riding in the front of the bus. They didn't get the right to vote until the last century. They have never won the Presidency. Hell, they don't even get to control their own bodies.

Wait. Wrong groups.

White men control pretty much EVERYTHING.

So, imagine Todd Starnes frustration when he was told by the mean store person that he had to not only wear a mask — but he had to use hand sanitizer — DURING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC. Yes, to put others' safety before your own convenience is hard for the White Christian Republican Man. After all, he has been raised to expect everyone else to bend to his will, not the other way around.

Here is Todd's super whiny tweet:


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