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Member since: Fri May 30, 2014, 03:30 PM
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This is just f**king disgusting, someone that was "tweeting" when this sh*t went down now does this

And has for blaming the past president----------------hey dickhead, your "team" drew you a big f**ing picture with crayons, and your team has blood on it's hands and are the most inept pieces of sh*t walking around the white house.

And then for these "fake news types to have Headline and a Chyron below-just f**king amazing, he killed people , that is not making America Strong Again dipsh*ts

So in essence you can F your self and the f***king horse you road in on, along with that lapel pin affixed to your left side and your bag of self righteous cronies supporting a sexual predator.

You are disgrace. And then to show a picture of Washington crossing the Delaware, hey guess what bozo, that it was a flat bottom boat like a barge, not a v-shaped one at that, that he used to cross the Delaware River into Trenton , so is the picture a "fake"

The Last Hours of Sacred Stone Camp (2/28/2017) Live From Standing Rock With Myron Dewey

We need a Pink Floyd Day, enjoy from 1980



The Dots may have been connected Wilbur Ross At Nexus Of Donald Trump Russian Deal Rachel Maddow"

There is a bag man doing this "stuff". And Maddow in my opinion has connected the dots.

And as a side note of importance. Guess what this "guy" was rushed through the Senate and confirmed to be the Commerce Sec and was voted 72 - 25 to confirm

And just to add to this remember those tax returns, if you sell a home or buy one you either pay a tax on that house as earned income, unless you purchase another "primary residence" that's how it works, so how much did he pay in taxes out of the 100 million

This segment aired on 2/27/2017

Protests on the Milan Runway

ALERT! Arrests At BIA Checkpoint! (2/25/2017) Live From Standing Rock

Police Rush and Arrest Protesters at Standing Rock Protest Camp

Americans Shame - Sad Day at Standing Rock as Protester Picked Off

This the faces of injustice and corporate protection

DAPL Says Drilling Is Complete (2/24/2017) Standing Rock Update With Chase Iron Eyes

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