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Member since: Fri Oct 31, 2014, 05:16 PM
Number of posts: 9,052

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Harlan County, Ky. documentary on the lives and struggles of the miners on TCM. Great show..n/t

CNN debate numbers are in. HRC between 12-15%, Bernie...80-85%. The rest single digit....n/t

Bernie coming up shortly on Morning Joe....n/t

President Obama giving a great speech at the UN. Quoting the Pope, Capitalism is great, etc. n/t

Kudos to MSNBC and their coverage of the Pope's visit. Of course we never see the nightmares

happening in the background, etc. but I will say their coverage was excellent. Also, thank you to Brian Williams, so nice to have you back and your intelligent and articulate reporting. Even Tweety was great in his beloved hometown of Philadelphia. I have enjoyed every moment of the Pope's visit and I think we left him with a good impression of us. God Bless.

The President personally greeting the Pope was oh so the right thing to do. It was spectacular and

with the Bidens there, it was just such a perfect welcoming. I hope he enjoys his stay...

Chris and Chuck think Rubio is the GOP future and is a front runner...OMG....n/t

Bernie was just on M$NBC with Rev. Al and they played a clip of Hillary when she was on Rev's radio

earlier. She was discussing various issues and said that when she is President, etc. and Rev. Al asked Bernie about that. Bernie with a smile on his face, confidently stated that she has to win the primaries first and get the nomination. I loved it, you go Bernie!

"The Happy Hour Debate" is what they're calling the second-tier debate on Fox ...I think

it starts around 5:00 p.m. I'm staying with Fox and going to watch all the way through. I am, of course, a glutton for punishment. I stayed with them last Presidential election and it gave me great joy to look at their sad faces...LOL..

Police car and motorist had a crash yesterday and believe it or not:

The officer said it was his fault. I'm going to save this, may be a long time before that happens again. Good on her!

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