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Member since: Fri Oct 31, 2014, 05:16 PM
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During the funeral of the late Nelson Mandela I clearly remember when our President walked over to

Mr. Castro and shook his hand. Castro looked at him, sort of smiled but looked quite surprised. I'm wondering if this was the beginning of the warming of relations with Cuba. Whether it was or not is not important, I'm so glad this is happening. Nelson Mandela, promoting peace even in death in a roundabout way...

President singing Amazing Grace acapella. They have all joined in. This is historic...n/t

Morning Joe is bringing Bernie Sanders on after the 8:00 segment. Don't want people to see or

hear him before they go to work nor have him on the "repeat" part of their show. It could be a scheduling conflict, I realize that, but they had Billy (I'm never right about anything) on for a long time this morning. It would have been nice if Bernie had had that time slot...

UP with Steve is all repub this morning. Had to turn him off. Nothing about Bernie

and his huge crowds in Denver....I'm so sick of this..

Just heard Tweety and Michael Steele discussing the RNC telling

the donald thanks but no thanks. Joan Walsh was on also and was aghast at Trump's egoist remarks...She says he is dangerous, I agree.

Tweety putting his all into his repub candidates in Iowa. He just loves talking about each of them

and points out their pluses and minuses. His republicanism is showing through tonight more than ever. Since I rarely watch him I was wondering if he does the same for Dems.

Harry Smith, long time no see or is it just me? He was just on Ed and was very interesting to

listen to. He said he was dumbfounded with the crowds Bernie is attracting and he and Ed had a productive conversation. Have I missed Harry Smith and what is his job now?
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