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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 09:20 PM
Number of posts: 5,957

Journal Archives

It's not 50 senators it's 50 REPUBLICAN SENATORS.

Why won't they say it ? Steve Kerry's righteous rant was great but it was 50 senators not 50 REPUBLICAN senators. I heard it many times since the killing of children and adults Monday. It's the REPUBLICANS the REPUBLICANS the REPUBLICANS damn it.

I hope when PRESIDENT Biden speaks about today's killing of young

children and adults he dispenses with the thoughts and prayers and lets the gun humpers and enablers to this killing have it with both barrels pun intended. They have to be called out for this and Abbott and others for these 2nd amendment laws for what they cause daily.

Reading my copy of the AARP Bulletin. There is a story

about what will sway the election aimed especially at seniors. I hope Democratic policy makers and strategists read this. More importantly they pound the Republicans who are working to eliminate senior needs especially the "sun setting " on Social Security and Medicare. People need to hear constantly voting Republican will hurt them.

President Biden and Congress need to

get in contact with the oil industry to apply pressure regarding high prices and even higher profits. They still receive massive subsidies from the government don't they. Drilling permits and leases etc. Gone unchecked they will continue thru summer and Republicans will have a field day pointing that out. Any industry that receives subsidies and is raising prices needlessly should also be reminded it would be a shame if something happened to them.

While Republicans are busy

beating up Mickey Mouse and lying about trying to overthrow the government how about Democrats put Elizabeth Warren in charge and put a bill forth to once and for all to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices. Not empty talk but a real bill. It would in my opinion be hard for either side to vote against ( even though many are taking huge money from drug co.) A lot of people feel the pain of ridiculous drug costs and a win may get people to vote that otherwise may not. We democrats need every vote come November. Maybe we could LOUDLY tout some of the other things the Biden administration has done to help people lately.

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. Does anyone know

anything about this group ? I just saw a 5 minute commercial for this group asking for 25 dollars a month for a food box to assist those in Ukraine. Then Mike Huckabee came on shilling for this effort. If he's involved I can't imagine there's not a scam in place.

I have a question, I hear that the United States and others

are going to impose further sanctions on Russia. My question is especially in light of the latest war crimes why haven't all sanctions been imposed already. Are we waiting for things to get Worse for Ukraine ?

I have an idea, since there will be no trials or convictions

of trump or those who conspired with him I suggest those running for office or re-election do this. Just act as if they he been found guilty and say as much. Call Republican the party of traitors who wanted to overthrow the government and disregard the constitution. Haters of law enforcement and supporters of despots who hate America. Criminals that steal from taxpayers and want to raise taxes on them at the same time. All of things are true of course but the crimes they have committed need to be attached to them as much as possible. What are they going to do? Sue for slander ? All of them, trump and his spawn and spawn in law, Barr, Rudy, Hawley, the two screaming monkeys from Congress, McCarthy, Cruz, et all. Come on it works for them let's fight fire with a Blowtorch.

Politician Willie Wilson gives away free gas in Chicago, chaos ensured.

Ten gas stations in Chicago are giving away a total of 200 thousand of free gas provided by Wilson. Traffic is backed up for miles around stations people can't get to work, lines around the block two deep in all directions. Even got a Breaking News report on local news. Nice idea but not thought out well. I suspect there will be a lot of pissed off people after the money runs out. Not the kind of publicity you really want.

I'm wondering, since holding trump and those

in his administration and Republicans to account for crimes committed are not going to be done any time soon why can't we see the full Mueller report ? Or the phone calls between trump and Russia/ China etc. How about those visitor logs to the white house. I get classified material is off limits but the amount of information we as Americans should know about trumps term is being withheld for what reason ? The midterm elections are coming if Garland is in no hurry maybe the Democratic party should be.
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