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Member since: Tue Dec 30, 2014, 05:31 PM
Number of posts: 2,461

About Me

Let me get this out of the way first: I am a Canadian. Half Canadienne, Half Norwegian. I am a woman. I endeavor to keep my posts objective. My slant is definitely towards a democracy that works on a meritocracy that is based, ideally, on a starting point of a level playing ground and a fair kick at the can, no matter your passion, so long as it embodies fairness and justice to all the peoples of the earth, and of course, to mother earth herself. Thank you for helping me learn more through the dialogue here on DU.

Journal Archives

A fond adieu to Bernie supporters on DU

I'm quite sure to get myself into trouble, if not today, certainly tomorrow, or if I find my bigger self, I will be hiding till November. I found DU on google some years ago, lurking forever, not wanting to intrude as a foreigner. Someone had written a surprisingly non-msm progressive article that caught my eye.

It was so refreshing in contrast to the picture we Canadians are fed of RW, warmongering, Empire building, gun-tottin' Americans. Of course, I knew you were out there! I'd been following Democracy Now, The Real News, Thom Hartman, etc. that mirrored my world view of us all born as lovers, where false gods with false promises inevitably lead to mistrust and inequality.

Here at DU, I found that love that extends past borders and biospheres.

I've been waiting and advocating for a time like now since my youth - everything points to this revolution that Sanders has so selflessly championed. It's happening all over the world, and the challenges to change are becoming not only more insipiently dangerous, but simultaneously more transparent with citizen journalism. They can't keep it up. Keep strong!

I've come to recognize names here and happily read your posts. It gives me strength and hope.

Maybe its just this primary business, and November will bring back some democratic discussion here - but for now, or until the axe falls, a fond adieu. See you in JPR.

How to edit ignore list and edit/delete journal entries

Some things might be worthy of a journal, but not every post I make! How do I delete? Also, can't figure out how to edit ignore list.

Anyone trying to find Puerto Rico results?

I found msnbc, but I don't want to replace my computer. Hillary only needs 50 some delegates to win????

Here is Hillary in 2007, attacking Repubs for 'shredding the constitution' by using secret emails

Just came across this update from Oregon

from https://www.reddit.com/r/SandersForPresident/comments/4mjuih/whats_taking_oregon_so_long/


The CD based state delegates (41) get chosen today (June 4th). The State (PLEO/At Large - 20 in total) are on June 18th.

It looks like the latest counts have flipped a delegate in CD3 for Bernie.
The estimates are 36-25 for Bernie which would put the pledged delegate difference at 268 heading into today's VI primary.

40 people killed by Al-Nusra shelling in Aleppo Russian military

Source: RT America

The terrorist group Al Nusra Front has killed over 40 people in massive artillery shelling of the Syrian city of Aleppo, the Russian military reported.

The Al-Qaeda branch used rocket artillery, mortars and anti-aircraft cannons to attack several neighborhoods of the war-torn city, the Russian military mission in Syria reported on Saturday.

The attack devastated a police station and seriously damaged several residential buildings, the report said. Over 40 civilians, security officers and military troops were killed by the shelling while some 100 were injured.

Read more: https://www.rt.com/news/345415-nusra-front-syria-aleppo/

Enough of this 'rules' vs. 'legal requirements'!!!

The OIG conclusion says: "... the office of the Secretary ... been slow ... to manage effectively the legal requirements..."

If someone can explain to me why the OIG used this term 'legal requirements' instead of 'party rules' or 'department rules' , I will stop pushing this point.

When will Obama endorse Hillary?

Will it be June 7, or 14? or after the FBI has made its recommendation to the AG? I'm thinking unless he endorses her immediately after the PD threshold is met, the SD should really consider their decisions. My little prediction.

Math - Hillary will have a heck of a time winning the required PD#

And so, July is what everyone should be looking towards. What is the best scenario to beat Trump? Polls now are too early, but there is a whole other month and worlds of possibilities.

No one should get too comfortable.

Playing with math in New Jersey polls

I like math. I like puzzles. Here are the only 2 latest polls on RCP for New Jersey.
5/1 - 5/3 HRC +28
5/10 - 5/16 HRC +14
I especially like math when it's easy like this! So lets add more 10 day increments and continue a 7x4, 7x2 trend
5/20 - 5/24 HRC 0
5/30 - 6/7 SBS +14

Unless that 4/2 factor is exponential!

Just having fun - don't go all weird on me!

Unless something extraordinary happens, Clinton will need all the help she can get to keep Trump out, and you can bet I'll be playing with his numbers then too!
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