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Panich52's Journal
Panich52's Journal
October 1, 2015

How journalism helps lunacy become reality

Al Jazeera

How journalism helps lunacy become reality

If the US is to return to a ‘fact-based world,’ reporters need to recommit to objective reality

by Larry Beinhart

After the second prime-time Republican presidential debate on Sept. 16, The New York Times published an astonishing editorial. It said the candidates must be “no longer living in a fact-based world” and described what they said as “a collection of assertions so untrue, so bizarre that they form a vision as surreal as the Ronald Reagan jet looming behind the candidates’ lecterns.”

It was about time that someone as authoritative as The New York Times editorial board said it as bluntly as that.

One of the things that made the editorial so striking is that the news coverage of the same events, in the same paper as well as in the rest of the media, treated what the candidates said as almost entirely unremarkable.

That prompts interesting questions. Why was this only an editorial? Why wasn’t it in the news? Shouldn’t it be newsworthy that the leading contenders for the Republican nomination are “no longer living in a fact-based world” and that what they say is “untrue … bizarre … surreal”?


September 30, 2015

Don Blankenship faces more prison time for lying to Wall Street than 29 deaths at Upper Big Branch

Daily Kos

Don Blankenship faces more prison time for lying to Wall Street than 29 deaths at Upper Big Branch

With Don Blankenship, the notorious former Massey Energy CEO, about to go on trial for multiple charges stemming from the Upper Big Branch Mine explosion that killed 29 miners in 2010, Mother Jones' Tim Murphy takes an in-depth look at Blankenship's brutal business practices and consolidation of political power in West Virginia. The whole thing is worth a read, but a couple points stand out for what they say about the state of workplace safety protections in this country:

All but one of the charges he faces, a pattern of violation that the UMWA dubbed "industrial homicide," carry light sentences, adding up to a maximum of six years in prison. What threatens to put the 65-year-old away for decades are two allegedly false statements Massey submitted in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission: "We do not condone any violation of MSHA regulations," and "we strive to be in compliance with all regulations at all times," Blankenship informed investors, even as his company was allegedly outflanking the regulatory system. It's the mining equivalent of busting Al Capone for tax evasion.

"I have all the respect in hell that at least somebody was able to say, 'Wait a minute, that isn't right,'" says Bruce Stanley, who represented Caperton in his suit against Massey. "But he's up for what, a possible 30-year sentence? Well, there's only one count that puts that kind of mileage on it. That's the one that says he lied to Wall Street. When it comes to human lives, he gets maybe a year."

Time and time again, we see how little the law values workers' lives. It's startlingly rare for an executive to face charges for worker deaths, no matter how gross the negligence and contempt for human life. And the laws aren't getting stronger any time soon:


xp WV
September 22, 2015

Elks on a trampoline

Discovery News video

Vid of elks on a trampoline: why animals play

(Couldn't link vid)

September 21, 2015

UPDATE X4: The Planned Parenthood Scandal - It's Acorn Part II

Daily Kos

UPDATE X4: The Planned Parenthood Scandal - It's Acorn Part II

I have bad news and good news. The bad news is that I've performed research which proves that the PLANNED PARENTHOOD scandal is just what we all thought it was - heavily edited video manipulated to give a FALSE IMPRESSION about Planned Parenthood. Since it worked so well the last time, certain SCOUNDRELS on the right are now trying to "pull an ACORN" on Planned Parenthood. Please recall that the ACORN VIDEO created by a certain James O'Keefe - you know the one - and which pretty much ran 24x7 on the FOX NEWS channel, was ultimately found by several STATE ATTORNEYS GENERAL to be heavily edited:

And yet, ACORN was DEFUNDED by Congress and is now part of Yesterland. -snip-

The good news is that ANYONE can perform my EASILY REPEATABLE research and see for themselves that "Carly" Fiorina (née Cara Carleton Sneed) is a tremendously capable ACTRESS and LIAR. -snip-

... THREE EASY STEPS to see that "Carly" made a BALDFACED lie about Planned Parenthood at the GOP DEBATE.
STEP 1) Visit Factcheck.org, and read what they have to say about Unspinning the Planned Parenthood Video ...


September 21, 2015

The Founders Disagree With Ben Carson

Daily Kos

Ben Carson is radically at odds in his view of a Muslim President from the Founders of this nation. This country was founded as a secular nation and the Founders specifically contemplated that a Muslim would be elected President some day.

This is not speculation or inference. The Founders views are explicitly memorialized from the debates that led to the adoption of the U.S. Constitution, the founding document for our government.

First a Little History

The Colonies declared their independence from England in 1776, but the country was not truly formed until the U.S. Constitution was drafted in 1787 and ratified in 1788. The original Constitution was a radical document. The Constitution invoked the "blessings of Liberty" not the "blessings of God," and formed a country based on the authority of "We the People" not the will of God.

The U.S. Constitution was drafted at a Constitutional convention, but it was not adopted until it was voted on separately by each State. The Founders of our country are the men who voted for its adoption in the States.

While transcripts of the debates surrounding the drafting of the Constitution were not preserved (if even made), most of the debates in the State ratification conventions were transcribed, and the public debate in the media of that time is also preserved. These documents reveal that the men who founded our country, who framed the Constitution and voted to ratify its adoption, firmly believed that the U.S. was founded as a secular country.


September 19, 2015

Chipping away at choice...

People for the American Way

Quiet Threats to Choice:
TRAP Laws: The Trojan Horse of the Anti-Choice Movement

Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Mandatory Waiting Periods

Genetic Anomaly, Race- or Sex-Selective Abortion Bans

Interference with Medical Providers: Legislators as OB/GYNs

Outdated Constraints on Early-term Abortions

Mandatory Counseling Laws

Mandatory Ultrasound Laws

20-Week Abortion Bans

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