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Cheese Sandwich

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Member since: Fri Mar 27, 2015, 12:53 AM
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Video of Hillary Clinton snapping at environmental questioner goes viral across internet

Hillary Clinton lost composure and berated a young activist at a campaign event today in New York.

According to Greenpeace USA, Mrs. Clinton "lost her patience with a Greenpeace activist who thanked her for her commitment to climate change then asked her whether she'll reject fossil fuel money moving forward."

The former Secretary of State pointed her finger inches from the face of the questioner, Eva Resnick-Day, and accused her of being an agent of the Bernie Sanders campaign.

While Senator Sanders has widespread support among the grassroots environmental community, there is no evidence connecting this question with the Sanders campaign. Clinton supporters online struggled to defend their candidate's hostile and defensive reaction to a mildly challenging question from a concerned citizen.

Clinton said she only takes money from fossil fuel employees, not the actual companies. She shouted that the accusations were "lies".

Within hours the video was seen as going viral, receiving thousands of upvotes and likes on social media sites including:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=dC4Pvm6Oj4A

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greenpeaceusa/videos/vb.5435784683/10154151449454684/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/4crwv2/hillary_clinton_loses_patience_with_greenpeace/

and Twitter: https://twitter.com/greenpeaceusa/status/715630613651464192

Mrs. Clinton has not yet issued any statement or explanation for the incident.

Posted by Cheese Sandwich | Thu Mar 31, 2016, 06:22 PM (148 replies)

Hillary Clinton vs. Greenpeace Activist (3/31/2016)


From Greenpeace USA:

Published on Mar 31, 2016
At a Hillary Clinton rally at SUNY Purchase campus today, the presidential candidate lost her patience with a Greenpeace activist who thanked her for her commitment to climate change then asked her whether she'll reject fossil fuel money moving forward. Pointing her finger at activist Eva Resnick-Day, Clinton claimed she only takes money from people who work for fossil fuel companies and called the accusations lies.

- - - -

Edit to add, Collection of related links:

DU: Video of Hillary Clinton snapping at environmental questioner goes viral across internet

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=dC4Pvm6Oj4A

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greenpeaceusa/videos/vb.5435784683/10154151449454684/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/4crwv2/hillary_clinton_loses_patience_with_greenpeace/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/greenpeaceusa/status/715630613651464192
Posted by Cheese Sandwich | Thu Mar 31, 2016, 05:31 PM (69 replies)

Who really interrupted Hillary's speech today?

Hillary Clinton claimed it was Bernie supporters and MSNBC repeated that as if it were a fact, but with no evidence, no interview from the protesters.

Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't, but how can MSNBC just repeat that claim without showing evidence?


Posted by Cheese Sandwich | Thu Mar 31, 2016, 03:26 PM (157 replies)

Revealed: Associated Press cooperated with the Nazis, promised not to undermine strength of Hitler

German historian shows how news agency retained access in 1930s by promising not to undermine strength of Hitler regime

The Associated Press news agency entered a formal cooperation with the Hitler regime in the 1930s, supplying American newspapers with material directly produced and selected by the Nazi propaganda ministry, archive material unearthed by a German historian has revealed.

When the Nazi party seized power in Germany in 1933, one of its first objectives was to bring into line not just the national press, but international media too. The Guardian was banned within a year, and by 1935 even bigger British-American agencies such as Keystone and Wide World Photos were forced to close their bureaus after coming under attack for employing Jewish journalists.

Associated Press, which has described itself as the “marine corps of journalism” (“always the first in and the last out”) was the only western news agency able to stay open in Hitler’s Germany, continuing to operate until the US entered the war in 1941. It thus found itself in the presumably profitable situation of being the prime channel for news reports and pictures out of the totalitarian state.

In an article published in academic journal Studies in Contemporary History , historian Harriet Scharnberg shows that AP was only able to retain its access by entering into a mutually beneficial two-way cooperation with the Nazi regime.

The New York-based agency ceded control of its output by signing up to the so-called Schriftleitergesetz (editor’s law), promising not to publish any material “calculated to weaken the strength of the Reich abroad or at home”.
more: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/mar/30/associated-press-cooperation-nazis-revealed-germany-harriet-scharnberg
Posted by Cheese Sandwich | Thu Mar 31, 2016, 01:11 AM (2 replies)

Do Hillary supporters want to ban all guns?

I know some of them do because they post about it on the internet. Others don't say it outright but I get the impression they want to either ban all guns or make it so difficult that nobody can afford one.

Posted by Cheese Sandwich | Wed Mar 30, 2016, 12:26 PM (97 replies)

Hillary supporters have been talking about Susan Sarandon all day on the internet

That's because their candidate is horrible on a lot of major issues, so they can't talk about anything serious. Talking about any serious issue facing our country is horrible for them. So they dwell on these micro-drama political gaffes and blow them up into a major topic.

Check around the interwebs. Susan Sarandon is a huge story to nobody but Clintonites. I wonder how long it will be before they realize voters couldn't care less if she votes for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or writes in Fidel Castro for President.

I think she probably misspoke and just failed at trying to be too cute or witty. Asked if she would support Clinton, she didn't want to accept the terms of the question, so she tried to come up with a clever evasive answer. Obviously that didn't work out.
Posted by Cheese Sandwich | Wed Mar 30, 2016, 02:38 AM (55 replies)

McDonald's workers told to treat burns with condiments, survey shows

Among issues cited in 28 health and safety complaints filed against fast-food giant are understaffing and pressure to work fast without proper safety gear

McDonald’s workers who have suffered severe burns in their workplace filed 28 health and safety complaints against the company in 19 cities over the past two weeks, a labor group announced on Monday.

The complaints were filed with the assistance of labor organizing group Fight for $15, which is pushing for a higher minimum wage and union representation for fast-food workers. On Monday, Fight for $15 also launched a petition asking the US Department of Labor to investigate health and safety hazards in the fast-food industry.

“My managers kept pushing me to work faster, and while trying to meet their demands I slipped on a wet floor, catching my arm on a hot grill,” Brittney Berry said on a conference call on Monday. Berry has worked at McDonald’s in Chicago since 2011; when she slipped, she suffered a severe burn on her forearm and nerve damage from the accident. “The managers told me to put mustard on it, but I ended up having to get rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.”

Afterward, Berry missed three weeks of work without pay.

Using condiments to soothe workplace burns is more than just a one-time occurrence at McDonald’s. According to a survey by Hart Research Associates, 33% of fast-food workers who were burned at work were told by their manager to use condiments such mustard, butter or ketchup instead of burn cream.
Posted by Cheese Sandwich | Wed Mar 30, 2016, 12:27 AM (2 replies)

Tweet of the day winner: Senator Rand Paul

Posted by Cheese Sandwich | Tue Mar 29, 2016, 10:56 PM (13 replies)

116 Days: For the Clinton Campaign Press Corps, Formal Press Conferences Are a Foreign Concept


That’s the number of days since Hillary Clinton has held a formal press conference. And since it’s March Madness, here’s your context on just how long 116 days is: You can play the entire NCAA tournament — 68 teams down to one win winner — nearly six times in 116 days. Or… one could drive across the United States in 116 days. 29 times.

Mrs. Clinton did take questions in what can best be described as a pseudo-presser 28 days ago (March 1) at a coffee shop in Minnesota, but the session only consisted of a handful of questions and was relatively brief overall. Some may count that as a presser (or gaggle), but without a podium and at least five minutes of Q&A, it’s not what one could tout as an official press conference. So yes, it’s been quite awhile since the Democratic frontrunner (in some polls, but certainly not all) and superdelegate juggernaut has provided her traveling press corps true access. Here’s how Monica Alba of NBC News described her lack of openness on the trail on February 29th:

In the three months since (her last press conference), Clinton has held hundreds of events across more than 20 states. She did not formally answer questions from her traveling press corps once during that time.

As a result, reporters bombard Clinton on the rope line in the hopes of having a question acknowledged. That rarely happens amidst the incessant selfies and Secret Service officers keeping cameras at a distance. Organizers also tend to blast music after Clinton’s remarks so–in the rare event that she does answer a question–it’s hard to hear her response.

And that’s just the way it goes when attempting to coast to the nomination despite a relatively slim lead in the pledged delegate count (just 268 on that front) and losing the last three states that voted over the weekend (Washington, Alaska, Hawaii) by an average of more than 50 points. 50. The fear of Hillary’s handlers, of course, is that a majority of questions at such a presser will not focus on her plan to fight ISIS, fighting for the middle class or fighting a tireless Bernie Sanders in the primary, but instead on the FBI Primary. The L.A. Times reports that the bureau will be questioning Mrs. Clinton soon as sources tell the paper the bureau may be nearing the end of its investigation. Whether this will result in a recommendation for indictment is anyone’s guess…
Posted by Cheese Sandwich | Tue Mar 29, 2016, 05:20 PM (2 replies)

Former Wisconsin Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton Endorses Sanders for President

March 28
U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday welcomed an endorsement by former Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton.

“I have never before felt greater urgency in a political campaign,” Lawton said in a statement from her home in Green Bay, Wisconsin. “This election gives us the opportunity to rebuild America’s middle class and restore stability at the core of our democracy. We must to realize both economic and national security, for all. That is why I endorse Bernie Sanders for president of the United States.”

Lawton was the lieutenant governor of Wisconsin for two terms beginning in 2003. She will introduce Sanders at a rally on Wednesday in Appleton, Wis.

“Barbara Lawton is a progressive leader in the great progressive tradition of Wisconsin,” Sanders said. “She has been an outspoken voice for campaign finance reform and I look forward to working with her to create a government which represents all Americans and not just the billionaires.”

In endorsing Sanders’ candidacy for the Democratic Party nomination for president, Lawton said:

“We need a bold, experienced and visionary leader with judgment unfettered by big campaign donors. Someone who understands that incremental politics brought us to this moment where our economy has been reshaped to favor the wealthiest few, and locked us into inequality.

“We need someone who hears the clamor from business owners for a health care system that will free them to create jobs. We need a president who understands that there is no global security without human security, who repositions our nation on the center of a global stage with unimpeachable moral authority.

“We can have government we can afford and restore our faith in the process when we face the issue of money in politics head on. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate for president today committed and ready to face this biggest of threats to the world’s oldest democracy.”

Wisconsin is the next stop in the contest between Sanders and Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. Eighty-six pledged delegates will be at stake in next Tuesday’s primary election.
Posted by Cheese Sandwich | Tue Mar 29, 2016, 04:00 PM (5 replies)
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